Bed Bugs on Enchantment of the Seas -- July 31, 2006

From passenger:

As a passanger on Enchantment of the Seas, I was in cabin 7094. My bed was infested with bed bugs and the crew came and yellow bagged the linen after I complained about 80 plus bug bites. They said they had no new mattress to replace it with and I was forced to sleep with my daughter on her sofa bed.

They stated they would fumigate the cabin on turn around day.  But I went back up to the room prior to  disembarkation as I forgot something on my balcony -- the room had been totally cleaned and beds made for next passanger. I told the cabin steward that the bed needed fumigation and he said he was told to make up the room as normal. Now I am feeling sorry for the next guest sleeping in that room, after I reported this to several people with complete documentation of names and events as well as having pics to vaildate the concern. The ship did nothing to make this right and furthermore, never sprayed the cabin either.  I faxed the medical report and supporting docs to RCCL and am waiting for a response as the ships logs will not be in until Thursday.


Received: 1 August 2006