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From a passenger:

Cruise:  Brilliance of the Seas, Fort Lauderdale -> Barcelona (April 29, 2005)
Our cruise on the Brilliance of the Sea was routine until 2 1/2 days out of Madeira when we ran into 36 hours of hurricane winds.  No damage to ship or passengers.  Some passengers reported difficulty of remaining in bed due to rolling and pitching.
The seas became calm again two days before Madeira.  I had previously checked out the mountain climbing rock, going to the outside deck through the Starlight lounge on the 13th deck.  As Mrs. A said that she would be interested in seeing this attraction we proceeded to the Starlight Lounge around noon.  We found that it was locked with a sign stating that due to winds no access to outer deck through the door.  Evidentially crew had forgotten to take the sign down as we could see people on the deck and the sea was smooth.  We found that there was another lounge named Hollywood Odyssey across the foyer. A couple went through the door and on out to the deck before us.
We we entered the room we saw a pianist at a grand piano on the dance floor playing classical music. Several people were sitting in chairs listening.  As Mrs. A. is very interested in music, she walked down a ramp to the wood dance floor to take a seat. Unfortunately there was a 6 1/2 inch dropoff and she fell to the floor.  I noted that while there appeared to be light bulbs at the end of the ramp they were not lit.  I took her to the doctor on board when the office was opened around 5pm.  The doctor took X-ray's and advised that while there was no breaks, her left knee was severely bruised.  He told her to remain in bed as much as possible till the end of the trip.  A wheelchair was requested and I wheeled her throughout the ship during remainder of the cruise.  Of course she was in some pain and could not walk.
The safety officer came to the doctor's office and filled out several forms.  I suggested that lights - similar to those in airliners - be placed at end of ramps.  The next day at noon I went to the Hollywood Odyssey and found that the lights were out.  I then went to all other public rooms that had dance floors and found that each had lights lit at the entrance to the dance floors!  The Starlight Lounge even had a sign stating there was a dropoff.  I then called the safety office to accompany me to the lounge.  He told me that after our meeting in the doctor's office he had requested a crew member to check the lights and that they were on. They were not on when we arrived at the Hollywood Odyssey lounge.  An electrician and then a computer technician were called to check.  The computer technician found that there was a switch that turned the lights on at 3pm.  The safety officer was surprised and said he would correct the problem.
At the end of June we sent a letter to Royal Caribbean detailing the incident.  We received a letter stating that the fall was due to Mrs. A.'s failure to exercise due diligence and that the room should not have been entered.
While this fall happened on her 86th birthday she was in good health and passed a required vision test for her driver's license 6 weeks after arrival home.
I replied to her letter stating the following:
 Unfortunately due to Hurricane Wilma arrival and damage to my condo, I was preoccupied with repairs till too late to file a law suit.  Mrs. A., while able to recuperate and walk, is still bothered by occasional discomfort.  We did feel that an acknowledgement of lack of safety measures be recognized and that her inability to go on booked tours and enjoy the cruise would be compensated.  But  no answer.

Received July 24, 2006