On January 9, 2010 my wife and I began a cruise on the Carnival Liberty from Miami. On the first morning at sea we were notified that the plumbing on our deck required that the water be shut off that day for an eight hour period. This was repeated two days later. I contacted Customer Service and supervisor Creg Szabo expressing concern for possible toxicity once water was restored because of my immune system as a cancer survivor and our ages in the late sixties. I showed him the attached photos (see below) we took of the water in our sink and toilet. He offered no solutions. I have written Carnival Cruise Lines asking why this problem couldn't have been fixed in port or during the night hours. I also asked why bottled water was not offered for personal hygiene and why qualified personnel did not ascertain the origin of the problem and communicate such to passengers. My request was denied. On February 22 Susan Cohn of their Guest Care office sent a nonsensical letter beginning with "Designing memorable trips is the heart of our business...Great food and service...will create wonderful memories..." She apologized "...that you felt let down." I have since contacted Affordable Tours through whom we booked the cruise, The Florida Division of Consumer Services, The US Public Health Service, and The Federal Maritime Commission. None has any regulatory authority over the cruise line industry. My advice: avoid Carnival Cruise Lines and understand that once at sea you're on your own. In retrospect, I think I should have screamed like hell at the Customer Service counter as some passengers were doing to get attention for their problems.