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Letter from a Spa Manager, Carita Spa of Paris, Radisson Seven Seas Cruise
January 2006

Have you ever heard of Carita Spa of Paris?  It is the Spa onboard Radisson Seven Seas Cruises.

I was offered a position of Spa Manager and signed the contract.  I was so excited.  I was to go on the Voyager but first train on the Mariner.  The owners of the spa were also on onboard starting Dec 27.

I arrived Dec 22.  A girl I just met said 'good luck.'  Well it started from the Doctor, Engineers, Officers, other concessions, Computer Teacher, DTP --  it didn't matter the position of the various crew members they all said the same negative things about the spa owners.  Sure to form I found out the hard way.  One day I was told I was not a strong manager because I did not know their products.  That's neither here nor there, because I told the person who frist contacted me about the position that I had never heard of them nor did I know the products.  I was told, "That's okay, you will learn." 

I was to leave for the Voyager on Jan 10.  The day before, I was informed by the spa's owner how much he was paying me for the three weeks onboard and then proceeded to offer me a different position -- one on land -- told me the money and shook my hand.

My staff had nothing but complaints about working for Carita Spa.  Their base wages has been cut from $800 to $500, and there is fear they may be cut even further to $300 or $200.  Rest of their income is commissions and tips, but their quote for sales (before commissions kicked in) were so high that commissions were unattainable for most.  As well, therapists who had busy sea days were often expected to massage the owners at the end of their day.  The owners have a house in Tahiti and according to several workers, since the Paul Gaugan goes back and forth, the girls who finish their contract are expected to get off and go to the owner's home for months at a time to massage them as well as their business.  One girl says she was to pack Mrs.' suitcases because her maid left the day before.

One girl resigned when I was first came onboard.  They sent a girl to replace her with no experience, she got seasick from  day one and had to be disembarked.  The passengers were outraged because her column was full.  I was instructed to tell people who called to make manicure/pedicure appointments that it was completely booked.  The list goes on.

So now not only did he break my contract, I am fighting to get my money.