This was received from a crew member in April 2007.  It is posted here for the information of readers.  The events reported are from the worker's perspective and viewpoint, and should be treated as such.  To some, it may be viewed as an honest depiction; to others it may be viewed as an editorial.  Cruise Junkie makes no judgement either way ... however, the incident does elucidate the event posted on October 19, 2006.

To whom it may concern,

I worked on board M/S INSPIRATION operated by CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES,  during the “extraordinary” voyage (ISO5101406) where most of the crew was victims of sex harassment from very free minded group of people.

As you have been informed but maybe you have not been fully aware of the situation.  So let me explain what was happening on board of M/s INSPIRATION that time. On the 14th of October 2006 we got on board a group of 450 “Swingers” calling them self "LG Playful Group". This group of people was cruising on board with regular passengers and their children and I believe it was not the family cruise that they expected. Simply the people of the LG group didn’t respect other passengers or crew on board the ship. Many of regular passengers complain about  behaviors/walking topless on lido, eating on lido deck ladies only in t-shirt with no panties, cabin door were open while sexual activities going on in this room. Some of these regular passengers with families left the ship in Grand Cayman.

From the management nobody informs crew what kind of group are we going to have on the ship and they didn’t ask if we agree to work while the LG group is on board M/S INSPIRATION. On the first party they have in the Candlelight bar LG group  people perform sexual activities, including oral sex, masturbation and many others that regular people see only in porno movies while all the crew working observe their action.  Nobody from management on the ship took action to stop that.

Next two parties were even wilder than the first people. As I worked in my scheduled bar, Avant-garde bar, one woman was dancing and shoving her genitals to people around and the people around had fun on it. Bartenders working in this bar brought to my attention what’s going on because they ware standing right next to the bar. When this group was leaving the bar she as the last person of this group came to me while I was standing with my back to bar waiter station. She pulled up her skirt and tod me, “don’t look; touch it,” then I was shocked and before I reacted she grabbed my hand and placed on her genitals.  I immediately withdrew my hand utterly embarrassed and told her that she can get me in trouble because of this and I went to the pantry. In couple of minutes assistant bar manager came along and I told him about this incident. I have done what CCL asked from crew and informed him what happened.

Assistant told me that he will write a report about this. I told about this to bartender assistant bar manager as well as to my wife who also worked on the ship. My situation was just as many others during this cruise. I’d like to remark that I was not the only one sexually embarrass, many more crew reported to their supervisors different situations in which they’ve been sexually embarrass by this particular group of people. But it was not reported to security. Even my case will be as many others, if this lady of course from guest’s position didn’t make up this story to cover up her action. Everything will be covered up as many other incidents happened on board which I observe not only this contract -- galley steward attacked and injured assistant F&B manager with the knife and nobody investigated and reported nothing to police ... Excuse me???  In that case CCL just sent the crew home without any investigation.

Instead of investigating my complaint on the 16th of October 2006, 2 days later the assistant bar manager came to pick me up in Carnival dinning room around 7:00pm while I was working. I find out that the same passenger complained about having been sexually harassed by me.

The discriminatory way in which I was treated next days by security personal and management of the ship really surprised me. First of all, they took me of duty for the rest of the cruise, then Chief of security kept calling me several times to their office to interrogate me like if I killed somebody; he even came at 11:00pm to my cabin and called me from my cabin to infirmary where they asked me to put my fingers in to some plastic “thing” which I found very embarrassing. I could not believe what was happening. Because I did everything what CCL wanted from their employee in this kind of situation and I feel discriminated against in this case. Why there are double standards in this serious incident. On the 19th of October I was questioned by FBI agent James  in the hotel manager office. As I came back on duty on the 19th of October myself and my wife was the center of the fun and discussion around the ship. The situation was uncomfortable for us. After my Evaluation was made in which was mentioned that I have to be more careful in the future when dealing with guest, especially in this incident.

I saw there is no chance to continuously work for CCL because even I am not guilty this incident will always be recorded in my “employee file” which I find unacceptable, especially after they told me, "everything will be ok”.

So after we discussed this situation with my wife we decided to resign. On the 5th of December I told about our decision to F&B Luis, he told me to pick up the resignation form in MSA office fill it up and bring it to him. On the 6th of December I bring our resignations letters to F&B office and gave them to F&B manager Luis. I told him that I cancel my fly ticket and that I want CCL provide us with new tickets. Next cruise I’ve been three times in MSA asking if they have anything new about fly tickets, because I need to make arrangements to travel home.

Finally on the 12 th of December 2006 I went to Hotel Director offices and ask him for helping me out in this situation. Hotel Director Andrew is the only highlight on board and he was truly very helpful.  Hotel director was very surprised because he didn’t even know about our resignation.

In twenty five minutes discussion he asked me if I don’t want some management position, which I find interesting to ask someone who has resigned. On the 16th of December after I saw my wife crying and shaking in the dining room right after opening -- she had met F&B Luis and pleaded with him for information about the progress in our resignation and he just looked at her blankly.  She became emotional as she could not continue in this situation. He still failed to either communicate or try to comfort her. She left him to return to her duties but because of her emotional condition she did not feel emotionally capable to serve the guests. In the best interest of the passengers I escorted her from dining room.   While leaving the dining room I spot F&B in service bar I told him that we are not going to continue to work any more in this current situation as I felt this would be the best for all “parties”.  

On the 17th of December I asked from F&B Manager our reference letters that we been working for CCL and he told that he will not give me any. I told him that I will write an E-mail to Miami office about his unprofessional attitude. On 18th of December while waiting for emigration in crew lounge assistant F&B Ganesh approached us and told us to follow him to the hotel director office. I thought  we will get our reference letters. Instead that hotel director told us that captain and F&B they change our resignation to termination for both of us!? This only confirms our resignation reasons!!!

Why nobody starts to investigate this case after I reported, only after the guest complain??? 
Why CCL has double standard and don’t protect crew same way as they protect guest??? /or I forgot guests are always right/? 
Why nobody questioned other passengers in this bar there was around twenty five guests that night?
What kind of education does the security have to investigate people? 
What kind of rights do we as crew have on CCL ships?
Why you bring so open-minded people along with regular passengers and children if you can’t handle the situation?  / Charter will be much better solution!
Who protect regular guest and crew that have to suffer behavior of this group?
Why the security and ship command didn’t handle the situation turn the ship back and disembark this group?

We were ready to stay with CCL for longer term but after this incident and after my Evaluation we lost the trust in this company, and we feel sorry in what way they using the crew which often don’t have other choice and they keep quiet because they are afraid to lose their jobs.  We are disgusted along with fellow crew members how far CCL can go in order to increase their revenues!