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Events at Sea by Costa Cruises

The events listed have been reported in the public domain or to cruisejunkie by passengers or crew members onboard.  The list is by no means comprehensive.  For that reason it is necessary to be cautious in drawing conclusions from the potentially limited data.  Keep in mind that some companies may be more transparent than others about things that go wrong; conversely, some companies may be better at concealing events and thereby project an appearance that is inaccurate.  With that said, the following list is still interesting, as are the patterns seen viewed separately by ship.

January 20 Costa Serena Cruise Law News reports the death this week of a crew member aboard the ship. The incident involved a 47-year-old Indonesian crew member, identified as Sahid Bin Fauzi, who worked as a mechanic on the Costa Serena. He reportedly died after falling into a ventilation duct of one of the ship's engines, apparently while working on the maintenance of fan grids. The cruise ship was off the coast of Argentina. Other crew members reported Mr. Fauzi's "disappearance," following which the ship's chief engineer searched and located the crew member's lifeless body in the vertical ventilation shaft.
Crew member accidental death
December 11 Costa Pacifica Econostrum reports the ship is in trouble in the Port of Marseille after hitting a dock at 8:15 am. It has been damaged above the waterline with a gap of nearly 8 meters long. According to a passenger, the ship docked at the rear and the maneuver was quite normal. The passengers did not feel any particular shock.(See the URL for the article for a picture) Econostrum subsequently reported that steel plates were welded over the gash (hole) and the ship would likely resume the cruise tonight. UPDATE FROM A PASSENGER:I was aboard when the buoy gave us a French kiss in Marseille on December 11. It was a buoy just outside the outer wall of the port, we experienced very strong and gusty winds and the buoy broke from its chains and pranged us quite nicely. Subsequently we had to stay in Marseille overnight - meant to leave at 6pm on the 11th, actually left at 1030am on the 12th following repairs and RINA inspections. We were due into Barcelona at 8am on the 12th, actually arriving at 7pm and left at 4am on the 13th which was a sea day anyway. Arrived an hour late in Palermo and stayed til 11pm instead of 2pm for more repairs, arrived a couple hours late in Civitavecchia and left at 11pm for Savona. Everyone on board received €150 per cabin for the inconvenience and free shuttles laid on in Marseille, Barcelona and Palermo for those wanting to escape for a while. Anyone needing to be in Barcelona early for flights etc were given the option to be bussed from Marseille at 4am on the 12th, they filled 3 buses, again free of charge. Pacifica will require drydocking just as soon as Carnival Corp give Costa the go ahead...she was very badly damaged internally on deck zero...crew offices and mess damaged and at least one bow thruster was affected too.
Collision with pier
August 31 Costa Favolosa From a crew member: A South African dancer jumped overboard in the Aegean Sea. The ship after six hours of search continued the course toword Venice, without the port call at Dubrovnik.
Crew member overboard
June 3 Costa Magica Globo (Brazil) reports a Brazilian woman working as an Assistant Waiter has disappeared from the ship -- she was last see on June 1 at 18:00h; authorities were notified of her disappearance yesterday at 15:00h. According to Italian news site "IlMattino", the ship had sailed from Malta towards Catania, and was about 30 km from the Sicilian coast when she disappeared. In a phone interview, the woman's brother confirmed the disappearance. "The Infinity Brazil, the company responsible for the recruitment of my sister called us yesterday. They said on Friday she usually worked in the morning, but appeared to shift from 18h. They searched the entire ship, but she not founf. The case was passed to the police and the coastguard. But so far nothing went for us. The only thing we know is that she's missing," he says. UPDATE: Globo reports (June 5) the company says video cameras show the woman jumping overboard at 2:00 AM on Saturday morning.
Crew member overboard
June 3 Costa Glory The US Coast Guard reports the ship experienced "material failure."
Material failure
February 27 Costa Allegra The BBC reports the ship is adrift in the dark more than 200 miles southwest of the Seychelles, near Alphonse Island. Costa Cruises said in a statement that the fire broke out in the electric generators' room. It did not spread and there were no injuries or casualties. Inspections of the state of the engine room are on-going, the company says. Tugs and "other naval and aerial units" will reach the ship, which has sent out a distress signal, Costa Cruises says. It took the crew a few hours to extinguish the fire. The ship probably needs to be towed to a Seychelles port. There are no electric lights on board the ship as the batteries are being used to keep essential machinery going. The Italian authorities have directed three merchant ships and two fishing vessels towards the stricken liner; authorities in the Seychelles say they have sent two tug boats, a coastguard ship and an aircraft to the scene. There are 636 passengers and 413 crew on board the Costa Allegra, which left Madagascar on Saturday. It was due to arrive in the Seychelles on Tuesday. UPDATE: France 24 reports passengers on a stricken Italian liner used mineral water to wash and fight sweltering heat Wednesday as the ship was slowly towed to port in the Seychelles.Towed by a French tuna fishing boat and accompanied by coast guard vessel, passengers are spending a third night on the vessel since an engine fire knocked out power on Monday. With no electricity and no air conditioning, the passengers are crowded on decks in baking temperatures. "The bathrooms on the ship have not been working since the fire," Italian coast guard spokesman Cosimo Nicastro told AFP. Emergency supplies, food and electric torches have been airlifted by helicopter onto the vessel. The liner was expected to arrive into port in Mahe, the main island of the Seychelles archipelago, by 0500 GMT on Thursday depending on weather conditions.
Fire - Power loss
February 22 Costa Concordia The Telegraph reports a five-year-old girl was among eight bodies found inside the crippled cruise ship. The bodies were found by Italian fire service divers on the fourth deck of the giant ship. The first four bodies were found in the morning, with another four located in the flooded hull later in the day. Aside from the little girl, rescue officials said the dead included a man and a woman. It was not known whether they were passengers or crew members.
8 more bodies found
January 30 Costa Concordia

See here for a video of the ship's AIS tracking. The "uncharted rock" is clearly charted.

Ship tracking video
January 29 Costa Deliziosa ABC News reports there is an ongoing strike aboard the ship, which is docked in San Francisco this weekend. Some 40 waiters walked off their jobs; they were angry at being paid in dollars instead of the Euros they were promised in their contracts, and other working conditions aboard the ship. "Sue this company, because they are taking lots of money from us, not only for the salary, even the food they give us is for a pig or dog," waiter Eduardo Garcia told ABC7. Costa North America, says it is trying to resolve the issue.
Workers strike
January 13 Costa Concordia There are many media reports, details still emerging that the ship struck a rock, took on water, listed 20 degrees, and subsequently went on its side and partially submerged off the Italian Tuscan coast in the Mediterranean. As of January 15th, six people (5 pax, 1 crew) were confirmed dead from among the 4200 passengers and crew. The ship had embarked on a seven day cruise, leaving from Civitavecchia several hours before the accident occured. Evacuation of the ship was disorganized; the Captain has been charged with manslaughter, in part because he had left the ship before all passengers and crew had been cleared from the vessel. As of January 16th, 15 persons remain missing and details continue to be released. Links to accurate information will be posted in due time.UPDATE January 17: The death toll is now 11 and 28 people remain missing (24 pax, 4 crew).
Grounded - Partially Sunk
December 14 Costa Cruises (Ship unknown) From a reader: A media outlet in Brazil reports a huge bed bug infection on Costa Cruises, from Italy to Brazil. No further details are available, other than the online video.
Bed bugs
May 23 Costa Deliziosa BT.No reports on Saturday at 16.30 the ship ran from the dock, even though it was still moored. No people were injured, but the ship pulled 50 feet of the pier into the sea. The consequences are large. Now the Port Authority must find other berths to many of the cruise ships coming to Bergen this summer.
Damage to pier
May 13 Costa Fortuna From a passenger: The ship was unable to dock in Katakolon (11 may) due to high winds so we tendered but delayed the vist by an hour. On the 12th in santorini strong winds delayed tendering for hours and was stopped many times. Some people were not able to get off until 1600 with a ships departure if 1800. This is the cruise that left Venice in the 9th.
Itinerary changes
May 4 Costa Concordia French media report a 30 year old Russian male passenger went missing from the ship in the Mediterranean near Toulon. The ship was transitting between Barcelona and Savona when the man disappeared Monday (May 2) night. A search was undertaken but with no results.
Passeger overboard
January 8 Costa Fortuna A reader reports his brother, a worker on the ship, was reported by the cruise line to have committed suicide. However, he subsequently reported that a person on board said the man's brother had been murdered by another worker (following an argument with another worker) and it was made to appear to be a suicide. NOTE: I initially had a more detailed account of this incident, but I was subsequently asked to remove it from this web page.
Cew member death - suicide or murder?
January 4 Costa Atlantica The Sun Sentinel reports a cruise ship worker who drowned at Port Everglades earlier this week committed suicide, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office. Ramakrishan Balasubramanian, 25, of India, was found unresponsive in the water along the left side of the docked Costa Atlantica at about 8 p.m. Sunday. He was an assistant waiter on the ship. A uniform keeper on the ship told police he was on the third deck when he heard a splashing noise. He said he looked over the rail, saw Balasubramanian in the water, and threw a floatable life ring. Balasubramanian seemed unable to put on the floatation device, the uniform keeper said, according to the report. Coast Guard rescuers arrived soon after and found Balasubramanian face down in the water. He was rushed to Broward General Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Balasubramanian was the subject of an internal investigation following an allegation he had sexually harassed someone.

Crew overboard

4.11.10 Costa Atlantica The Bermuda Sun reports the ship experienced steering problems minutes after leaving Bermuda this afternoon. It departed Dockyard at 1pm and just a few minutes later, the Bermuda Maritime Operations received a distress call. The duty officer said: “The ship departed Dockyard at 1:10pm. She reported problems with her steering. The pilot immediately stopped the ship and ordered two tugs to come out to assist. The tugs came alongside and took her to an area with more sea room and then the engineers were able to fix the problem. The vessel is under her own power and making her way round to the east end, and is being escorted by two Bermuda Maritime tugs.” The ship arrived in Bermuda yesterday morning and is now on its way to Port Canaveral, Florida.
Steering problems
18.10.10 Costa Classica The ship collided with a cargo ship near the deep water channel of the Yangtze River early this morning on its return to Shanghai from Cheju, Korea. The ship is alongside, and today’s cruise has been canceled. Immediately after the incident, several passengers reported to the infirmary with minor injuries, and three were sent ashore for further medical checks. News images show a scrape or gash stretching about 20 meters along the starboard side of Deck 5 midships, one deck above the lowest level of cabins and well above the waterline. The accident occurred at 4:46 a.m. when the ship collided with the Belgian-flag cargo vessel Lowlands Longevity. Passengers were summoned to their emergency muster stations. The ship docked at 10 a.m. The passengers, mainly Asians, and some Americans and Canadians, were disembarked.
18.10.10 Costa Classica Arirang reports more than 30 Chinese tourists remain missing in Korea's southern resort island of Jeju after 44 of them who arrived on the ship on Sunday abandoned the tour group en masse. According to the Justice Ministry's Jeju immigration office the group of Chinese tourists entered the country on an Italian cruise ship early Sunday morning went off to visit tourist sites on the island and did not return for the 3 P.M. departure. Eleven of them have been found and are currently being questioned by the local police, but the other 33 remain unaccounted for. Jeju has been a frequent stopover for illegal immigrants from China seeking employment in Korea as the island is permitted for most nationals to enter and stay up to 30 days without a visa.
Pax missing
13.5.10 Costa Atlantica The Chronicle Herald reports a 23-year-old assistant waiter was arrested Tuesday as he was getting off the ship in Halifax. He pleaded guilty Thursday in Halifax provincial court to charges of possessing and importing child pornography and was sentenced to four months in jail on each count, to be served concurrently. Canada Border Services Agency officers were inspecting crew members leaving the Italian-registered ship when Trilles admitted having child pornography consisting of two sexually explicit videos of children on both a USB flash drive and a laptop computer. The crew member had worked with Costa Cruises for three years. Last year, border agents on the Halifax waterfront charged two cruise ship employees for having child pornography.
Child pornography siezed
2.3.10 Costa Serena A reader reports there was a person overboard on the ship on Saturday while in the Atlantic between the Canary Islands and Malaga. The news was confirmed by the Company; the man overboard is a 34 year old French man.
Person overboard
26.2.10 Costa Europa Alarabiya reports the ship crashed into a pier in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh, killing three crew members (from India, Honduras, and Brazil -- all worked in the galley and were asleep in their beds at the time of the accident) and injuring four tourists. The four tourists, three British women (passengers) and an Italian man (crew), were taken to hospital in stable condition. The ship had arrived in Sharm el-Sheikh from the Red Sea port town of Safaga when it smashed into the pier. It was not immediately clear what caused the accident. The Sun (UK) includes pictures of the damage with its story. It was subsequently announced that the cruise, which began at Dubai and was scheduled to end at Savona was terminated; passengers were disembarked and will be flown back to their destinations. UPDATE: The cruises scheduled for March 4 and 22 have been canceled.
Collision with pier - 3 Deaths and 4 injured
22.2.10 Costa Marina It has been reported that because of mudslides & floods in Madeira, the ship has cancelled her call into Funchal tomorrow. She is to remain at sea and make her way to Tangiers for Wednesday.
Canceled port call
7.2.10 Costa Victoria Terra reports an Argentine tourist liner passenger died on Saturday during a tour of the schooner in Ilha Grande, Angra dos Reis, south coast of Rio de Janeiro. The woman was found by other passengers floating in a place known as Blue Lagoon. The passenger was removed by the Fire Brigade and sent to the Forensic Institute. Will open an administrative inquiry to investigate the causes and circumstances of death. The name and age of the woman was not disclosed.
Death on shore
26.9.09 Costa Allegra It appears the ship's port call tomorrow at Manila has been cancelled because of Ketsama. The ship is travelling out into the sea to the west of the Philippines to cross the forecast track of Ketsama in calm seas. As to whether the rest of her itinerary will be affected remains to be seen. She is due into Kotakinabalu on Tuesday, Bandar Seri Begawan on Wednesday & Singapore on Friday. A couple of weeks ago the ship was hit by tropical storm Mujigae off Hainan Island and had some internal damage- ceiling in casino came down and minor damage elsewhere. Tropical storm
17.9.09 Costa Atlantica Il Messaggero reports on November 5 that a 28 year old man, a second engineer, disappeared from the ship while enroute to Barcelona. His body was found the next day at dawn. "His death is a tragedy but it is also a mystery. He had just been promoted, was happy, the family rules out suicide. But how is it possible that an experienced sailor from falling into the sea from his ship and drown? A mystery for all, a tragedy for the parents and friends. And mysteries and tragedies of the cruise ships they could tell many, too many." Officer overboard
3.9.09 Costa Crociere According to US Department of Transportation Order 2009-9-3, the crusie line was fined $35,000 and odered to cease and desist from advertising that failed to state the entire price to be paid be a passenger for certain air transportation. Fine for Deceptive Adverstising
24.8.09 Costa Classica Shanghai Daily reports four Chinese tourists suffered cash thefts on the high seas - and there is little, if anything, they can do about it. As the crimes happened on a cruise ship, they come under international public law, a notorious legal minefield. One victim phoned Shanghai marine police early on Saturday as soon as the ship docked at Shanghai to end a week-long tour from China to Japan and South Korea. One passenger had US$700 and 10,000 yen (US$106) stolen from their cabin safe. He was the first victim to alert the ship's management and soon after two Beijing tourists and another from southern Guangdong Province also reported losses of cash. One Beijing tourist said US$300 was missing from his safe, while the others lost about 2,000 yuan (US$293) in cash from wallets left behind on their beds. The victims suspected a middle-aged Filipino, the cleaner of all four rooms hit by the thefts. Ship officials searched the man and his cabin but told the tourists they only found a small amount of cash. Shanghai marine police spent nearly four hours completing Customs steps before they were able to board the vessel about noon on Saturday. Not surprisingly, the marine police found inquiries difficult as the ship, packed with new tourists, set off on Saturday afternoon on a new cruise. NOTE: Carnival Cruise Lines reported to the FBI 76 onboard thefts between October 1, 2007 and September 30, 2008. About 75% of the thefts were involved passenger property taken from their in-room safe or from their cabin. Thefts
July 18 Costa Classica Earth Times reports a Hong Kong mother and son disappeared while traveling between Hong Kong and Taijin, China. The pair were reported missing July 7. They apparently went missing the fourth day of the cruise while the ship was visiting ports in Japan. A source quoted in the Hong Kong Standard newspaper said three letters were found in their cabin outlining how their assets should be distributed in the event of their deaths. Investigators also found several plates of fruit indicating the pair might have conducted a ceremony. Missing Pax
12.3.09 Costa Victoria The National (United Arab Emerites) reports a French tourist was run down and killed today while on a pedestrian crossing in the capital just 90 minutes after disembarking from his cruise ship. Witnesses said the man was hit and killed instantly in front of the Marina Cafe about 11.30am, as he crossed the street with his wife and a friend. The victim’s wife and the friend managed to jump out of the way, as the driver sped off. The driver, an Emirati, had abandoned his car, a BMW sports model, behind Marina Mall and fled on foot, but was arrested a short time later. A spokesman for Costa tours said it had arranged for a bus to take tourists to Marina Mall but why the victim, his wife and friend decided to walk was unknown. Pax death onshore
Costa Europa The Telegraph reports angry passengers confronted the captain in protest at what they felt was an "unacceptable" offer of compensation after the ship became beset by engine problems. The two-week "Jewels of the Indian Ocean" cruise ending February 28 was beset with propulsion problems. The ship underwent repairs in the Kenyan port of Mombasa, before sailing towards Renunion, but passengers said the vessel’s speed remained "erratic," while others noticed black smoke coming from the engines. A scheduled stop on Reunion was then reduced to a short "technical stop," sparking further outrage before another confrontation allegedly took place between the crew and passengers. Passengers at one point staged a sit-in protest and began chanting for the captain, who finally showed up and apologised (according to passengers, admitting the cruise had been ‘ruined’. The company initially offered compensation of either an on-board credit of 300 euros or a 600-euro discount; it later offered both the on-board credit and discount. Some of the ship’s passengers have since set up a blog at to catalogue the alleged problems that occurred during the voyage.
Propulsion problems
Near mutiny
Costa Romatica
Merco Press reports the ship is anchored seven miles off the Uruguayan sea resort of Punta del Este after having suffered last night a brief blackout caused by a fire in the generators room. It was traveling from Rio do Janeiro where it left February 23 and was expected to reach Buenos Aires early morning today. According to a release from Costa Cruises the blaze was rapidly contained with no risk for passengers, crew or the vessel. Travelers were immediately informed of the incident and electricity was immediately restored with emergency equipment. A team of Uruguayan experts with the support from the local Coast Guard are currently assessing the extent of the damages and helping with the repairs. The vessel is expected to resume its schedule this evening. Most passengers on board are Brazilian, Argentines, Chileans and Mexicans. Update: The Earth Times reports  1,429 passengers and 590 crew members were evacuated after efforts to repair the generator were unsuccessful. Those on board were evacuated in boats to the resort town of Punta del Esta about 13 kilometres from where the ship had anchored and about 120 kilometres east of Uruguayan capital Montevideo. They were then transferred to Buenos Aires for flights home. Update: The cruise scheduled to depart February 26 has been canaceled given the need for repairs. As reported at Cruising Talk, passengers on that cruise were put up in hotels paid for by Costa which is in the process of arranging an alternate vacation at a land-based resort through March 12, when the cruise would have ended. Those who do not want to take the resort option will receive a refund of the amount paid and full assistance with their onward travels, whether they booked their original air arrangements on their own or with Costa. All guests on the canceled sailing will also receive a credit equivalent to 50 percent of the fare paid (for the cruise only) valid toward a future Costa cruise through December 31, 2010.
Fire -- Ship evacuated
Costa Concordia The Malta Independent and Times of Malta report the ship hit the dock in Palermo harbour as a result of a storm that has hit the central Mediterranean over the past 24 hours. The bow was damaged, some passengers were shaken, but no injuries were registered among the passengers and crew. Repairs were undertaken after the ship was firmly docked. Here are some pics of the damage.
Collision with pier
Costa Atlantica The UK Marine Accident Investigation Bureau issued a report today regarding a near-missed collision between the cruise ship and a car carrier (Grand Neptune) on May 15, 2008 in the Dover Strait. The investigation identified a number of factors related to the decisions and actions taken by the bridge team on board Costa Atlantica which contributed to the development of the close quarters situation. The full report is available online.
Near collision
Costa Atlantica
From a passenger: After leaving Tromso on 17th of june, the captain announced he was obliged to reduce the speed . A fishing net was in the propeller and we have to wait the next harbour (Honningsvag) to verify the propeller. Everything was ok after this incident. The cruise was : 12 june 2008 Amsterdam, 13 june at sea, 14 june Geiranger, 15 june Trondheim, 16 june Gravdal (Lofoten), 17 june Tromso, 18 june Honningsvag, 19 june at sea, 20 june Andaslnes, 21 june Bergen, 22 june at sea, 23 june Amsterdam.
Engine problem
Costa Classica &
MSC Cruises
The two cruise ships collided in the Adriatic Sea near the Croatian tourist town of Dubrovnik, but no one was injured. According to Croatian media, "Two cruisers collided in the old town harbour. One of them had to make a full circle around the isle of Locrum before returning for the passengers waiting in boats." According to the first assessments, the damage was minimal and the accident occurred when cruiser Poesia's anchor loosened and caused her to hit cruiser Costa Classica. Both continued their scheduled itinerary with no delays. See here for a picture. Collision
Costa Mediterranea A 39-year-old woman who became angry with her boyfriend reportedly jumped off the ship at 11:56 PM Saturday night. The ship had left Port everglades earlier on a 7 day cruise of the western Caribbean. The Coast Guard was notified at 1:18AM on Sunday, prompting a search for her in the Florida Keys. The unnamed woman jumped overboard about 20 miles southeast of Key Largo. The ship's port call at Key West for the day was cancelled.
Person overboard
Costa Atlantica A man reported his 40-year-old wife missing overnight.  An onboard search, and of surrounding waters, was unsuccessful.  The Eastern Mediterranean cruise was between Santorini and Katakolon (Olympia), Greece.  More details as they become available.
Person missing
Costa Allegra
The ship's maiden voyage (July 8 -12) from Shanghai (as a home port) received widespread passenger copmplaints.  The ship twice lost power for 30 minutes or so (shortly after leaving Shanghai and again on its return).  It also was scheduled to visit Jeju Island of South Korea but bad weather caused Jeju to be replaced by Okinawa.  According to Shanghai Daily, the company agreed to pay each passenger US$30 but nnearly 100 refused to accept the compensation.  The 5 day cruise cost US$375 and up.
Power loss
Itinerary change
Costa Mediterranea
In Grand Cayman:  Kirk Sea Tours’ Sun Runner capsized near a reef in the sandbar area of the ocean.  Passengers said the boat had been taking in some water on one side, and when everyone moved to the other side of the boat it fell on its side, plunging passengers into the water.  There were 54 cruise tourists, a cruise ship escort, and three crew members -- all were rescued with no serious injuries. Accident on Shore Excursion
Costa Atlantica
A lawsuit was filed against Costa alleging a 13 year old learning diabled boy was sexually assaulted by a crew member during a weeklong cruise out of Port Evergalds in March 2005.  The teen's father learned of the assault from one of the boy's teachers to whom it had been reported.
Sexual assault
Costa Magica
A 15 year old female passenger from Ireland was reported to have jumped overboard at 2:10AM as the ship was making its way toward Cozumel. A passenger wrote:  The young girl was extremely drunk.  We (and others around us) called security many times because of the noise…they even came up at least 3 times to her room.  She was partying with other kids in her family in that room. She jumped overboard (or fell when she bent over the rail to vomit).  We know this because ser sister came screaming down the hall: “My sister jumped overboard!  Help!”   I thought it was more drunken antics until security got there and she started talking with them. My two-door-down neighbor heard her tell security that she got in a fight with her boyfriend earlier and also that the bar cut her off.  Here are several photos of the search -- there's not much to see -- they can be viewed by clicking here. Suicide or Accidental Fall?
2005 and earlier
Costa Classica
Five passengers died when the coach they were travelling in overturned on the road to Sao Vicente in the north of Madeira. Forty-three people were injured in the accident, one of them a nine-month-old baby.  All five people killed were of Italian nationality.  Police are still investigating the cause of the tragedy, but it is believed the coach was speeding. Unconfirmed reports have indicated that the driver tested positive for alcohol. Deaths on Shore Excursion
Costa Classica
The ship was escorted back to Athen's main harbour after a fire broke out as it sailed through the western Aegean Sea off the island of Poros.  The fire broke out in a mooring area on the aft side of the ship at 9:30 a.m. and extingusihed 35 minutes later.  There were no injuries but a kitchen area was damaged so the cruise was canceled.  Passengers received a full refund plus a 25% discount on future cruise to be used within a year. The ship had left Venice on August 21.
Costa Fortuna
A fire broke out while the Costa Fortuna was being fitted out at Fincantieri's Sestri Cantiere Navale in Genoa.  The fire took about three and an half hours to be extinguished. Deck 8, fitted with cabins, was heavily damaged for 'more than half of its length, from aft to bow.'  Damage was also reported on decks 7 and 9. However, Fincantieri confimed that the ship will be delivered on schedule this November.
Costa Tropicale
Six Argentinian passengers were arrested at Santos, Brazil, suspected of attempting to smuggle cocaine into Europe on this transatlantic cruise.  Fifty kilos of cocaine were found on board.
Drug smuggling
Costa Tropicale
Claimed by passengers (but disputed by company) that 30 people had suffered symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea caused by food poisoning while off the coast of Brazil.  One passenger died of a heart attack, but had suffered stomach complaints before his death; family members as asking for an autopsy
Costa Tropicale
The ship's initiation into service with Costa has been delayed (refurbishment work is behind sechdeule), causing cancellation of two cruises.  The ship was switched from Carnival to Costa as part of a plan to reinforce the Italian company's presence in Europe.
Delay - Cancellations