I seen your reports for the Norwegian Star for May 14-22 -- It's as false as they get. I am one of the family members of the seven that were disembarked in Skagway. This is the real story:

Just about everyone we talked to had been ill or part of their parties were still ill. Most of them didn't go to doctor because they were concerned about being quarantined. Those seven that were ordered off the ship by the captian were not sick nor were they quarantined.  My mother and I were ill and the only reason we were not ordered off too was because we were so sick -- the doctor refused the captians order.   Our mother had to be hospitalized that evening to get fluids and antibiotics. My husband and father were able to stay aboard with us.  Which of course they came down with it to.

When the seven returned from Skayway excursions, and found out about how sick we were they were a little upset because they too would have to stay in the rooms with the sick. They tried to get another room; no go. The captain was called, they had a meeting, and they were ordered off the ship so there wouldn't be a panic.

The crew upon that ship where the rudest group I ever encountered on a vacation. Furthermore, Sunday when my husband came down with virus full board, we went to medical -- they gave him pills and told him to disembark as scheduled. Yeah, just walk about the ship and into Seattle, blah, blah, blah.  They did a very poor job of sanitizing, everyone touched food,. tables were not washed during dinner at buffe  (except the day we were in Seattle ... all crew members had on gloves and handed out food, and there were crew members walking around wiping down tables.  But the medical team where very nice.  Apparently the virus was picked up 3 weeks prior to our cruise in Skagway and there had been thousands of cases. Why were we not approached on this?  Vacation is not for illness.  I pay to feel safe and to have a wonderful time.