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The events listed have been reported in the public domain or to cruisejunkie by passengers or crew members onboard.  The list is by no means comprehensive.  For that reason it is necessary to be cautious in drawing conclusions from the potentially limited data.  Keep in mind that some companies may be more transparent than others about things that go wrong; conversely, some companies may be better at concealing events and thereby project an appearance that is inaccurate.  With that said, the following list is still interesting, as are the patterns seen viewed separately by ship.

29.12.10 The Baltimore Sun reports three crew members who worked in the galley attempted to smuggle 700 grams of heroin and 300 grams of cocaine into Baltimore from the Dominican Republic. The three men were were indicted by a grand jury on charges of conspiring to import drugs into the country. Customs officials were tipped off by a ship security officer.
Drug bust
30.9.09 USA Today reports thetwo ships collided in an incident that has left both vessels damaged. Carnival says the 2,124-passenger Carnival Legend had just untied from its berth at the popular Mexican resort town when it was caught by heavy winds and pushed into the 2,446-passenger Enchantment of the Seas. "Extremely strong winds pushed the vessel up against the side of Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas," the line says in a statement to USA TODAY. "The (Royal Caribbean) ship was at dock when the incident occurred. The Carnival Legend sustained broken glass and other minor damage to some open deck areas." A Royal Caribbean spokeswoman said the Enchantment suffered what appears to be minor damage to the stern of the ship and some railings. Spokespeople for both lines say they have received no reports of injuries on board their respective ships resulting from the incident, which occurred at about 6:15 pm central time. Both lines say the damage to the ships is not serious and the vessels will proceed with their current itineraries. The Enchantment of the Seas is on a five-night Caribbean cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale. The Carnival Legend is on a seven-night Caribbean cruise out of Tampa. NOTE: Click here for two pictures of Enchantment of the Seas sent by a reader. Collision
11.6.09 News7 Belize reports that disembarakation was delayed for more than four hours because of a swine flu scare. Six of the ship's crew had flu symptoms and were quarantined on the ship. As a precaution, passengers weren’t allowed to de-board until a Ministry of Health team checked out the ship. The okay was given at mid-day and the passengers filed off the ship. The TV station reported that most passengers were unaware that there was an onboard H1N1 scare. Swine flu
8.5.09 Two passengers apparently had an altercation during the muster drill at the start of the cruise -- enough to draw blood. Both were offloaded from the ship when it arrived at Nassau. The incident was taped and available on You Tube (but has since been taken offline). Pax on pax assault
Disembarkation at Fort Lauderdale was halted for about an hour  after a suspicious package was found bobbing near the ship. The Broward County Sheriff's Office bomb squad was called and dertimined and determined the package was harmless -- a one foot by six inches plastic container.
Disembarkation halted
From a passenger: Another couple, my husband, and I were on the cave tubing excursion in Belize booked through onboard.  The wife of the couple with us was pulled under a wall in the cave. We frantically kept yelling for help because we couldn't find her and last saw her go under the water right as we made impact with the wall.  Other people were crashing into the wall behind us and as we were yelling for help they kept telling us to keep going.  We refused to leave her and risked our lives in the current trying to find where she had disapeared to.  After about 5 minutes someone finally pulled her from the hole in the wall.  She had managed to hold on to the grooves in the cave to keep from being sucked deeper into the cave. She had also pulled herself up one time for air.  No one checked on us. The excursion manager blew us off as if we were exagerating about the dangerous conditions in the cave.  They refunded our money because 2 other people (whom we didn't know but were in our excursion group) had also been sucked into the cave wall and managed to escape on their own, demanded their money refunded. Nothing was done.  We wrote a letter to Miami headquarters, and not so much as a call from them has been received.  It was a very tragic experience and my last excursion I will ever take and maybe my last cruise.  I later found out that just one hour before our tubing started, they had rescued 6 other people, but yet they continued to load people into the river.
Near fatal accident on shore excursion
The ships was unable to make our port call in Grand Cayman due to rough seas.  Shore excursion fees were refunded however no credits or allowances were provided. The ship arrived at the next port, Ocho Rios, the following morning Canceled port call (Rough seas)
Passengers returning from the most recent cruises say the ship continues to have electrical problems and is cruising at reduced speeds which is causing itinerary changes. (See November 15 below)
Electrical problems
The ship apparently had a power failure in the early morning and was assisted by a tug into Fort Lauderdale at the cruise's end. Departure of the next cruise, a 4 night cruise with scheduled stops in Key West and Cozumel, was delayed until midnight and Key West was dropped from the itinerary.  Also, rooms mid-ship reportedly do not have air conditioning.  UPDATE November 17 from a passenger: We made it to Cozumel. Ship has 50% propulsion. They gave each cabin $200 shipboard credit, and 25% of current fare off for future cruise. A lot of upset people, not only at itinerary change but sporadic A/C. Of the 2,300 cruising, 2,000 are first time Royal Caribbean cruisers.
Electrical problems
Itinerary change
A half dozen passengers have independently reported that an older male passenger was pulled out of the water after going overboard while the ship sailed from Cozumel toward its return to Fort Lauderdale.  Reports indicate the man did not survive.  There are no news reports or press releases regarding this indicent.
Person overboard
A strong squall of wind caused the ship to drag its anchor 300 metres before it ran into a moored barge off Pageant Beach (Georgetown, Cayman Islands).  The ship had been anchored off shore from the WHarf Restauarnt area,  Other than two dents in the port side and a long 100-foot scrape, there was no damage to the ship.  Most passengers were ashore when the incident occured.  Here's a picture from a passenger.
A passenger returning from the four day cruise ending today posted a message at Cruise Critic detailing their experience with bed bugs on the ship (Stateroom 7094), and the less-than-attentive response on the part of onboard staff.  They report that when they left the ship, the room had been made up for the next passengers and it had not been fumigated.  Further passenger statement here.
Bed Bugs
Novedades (local newspaper) in Cancun reports that a short circuit caused a fire on a life boat while it was being lower from the ship while in Cozumel.  The fire was quickly extinguished and there were no injuries.  Click here for a picture of the ship.
From a passenger: On Saturday 7/15 there was a midnight buffet on the pool deck ... somewhere between 1 am and 4 am, my son heard that someone had fallen overboard or committed suicide. He said the ship stopped for approx. 1 half hour, and a lifeboat was put into the water. He asked several of the deck crew about it, and got the same response every time, "we aren't allowed to talk about it."
??Person overboard??
Heavy seas did some damage as the ship was heading to Rotterdam where it is scheduled to undergo a drydock lengthening at Keppel Verolme Shipyard.  Five stateroom windows were broken, causing some water damage on decks two and three. No one was injured and there was no significant damage to the ship which was carrying workers but no revenue passengers. Minor damage
2004 and earlier
While docked at Key West, the ship was struck by a barge leaving a 8 foot hole in the vessel's hull.  There is a 50 foot long mark down the side of the ship.  No one was injured and the ship is expected to be repaired and depart from Key West as scheduled.
A 40 year old woman from Fort Lauderdale vanished while the ship cruised 140 miles off Fort Lauderdale.  She was last seen in a ship hallway.
The ship limped back to Miami after a connector rod failed.  The ship had been without power for several hours before beginning its return to Miami.
Engine failure
There is a problem with one of the four engines which causes the ship to cruise 10% slower.  Itineraries will be changed accordingly.
Engine problems

Illness Outbreaks at Sea by Enchantment of the Seas

Reported Illness Outbreaks
8.1.05 The ship returned to Port Everglades from a 5-day cruise on which 103 of 2,136 passengers (4.82%) and 8 of 756 crew (1.06%) reported illness from a Norwalk-like virus.

Illness Outbreaks by Ship: