Carnival Triumph -- Fire Exit Blocked

I, too, saw potential safety violations outside the Paris Dining Room of the Carnival Triumph during a November 18th 2006 cruise. Both Grand Staircases to the Lobby were blocked by photographic set-ups on several occasions which could have interfered with passenger's egress in the event of an emergency.

UPDATE JULY 1, 2006: 
I just got off the Triumph today. I did notice the barricades around the photo areas. I never thought of the fire hazard but it is of great concern. I found the entire photo area too congested and dangerous even without barriers.

March 2006

The attached photo shows the blocked emergency exits on Carnival  Triumph 3/25/2006.  The exits in question were on the port side of Deck #3.  When you leave the Paris dining room you are forced to walk through the overcrowded photo display area to get to the elevator lobby from the starboard side of the ship.  The closing off of these exits was to "protect the photos from being pilfered".  I asked an employee to open the area, he refused and told us to walk around to the other side.

Imagine an emergency with a dining room crowd in panic forced to run around looking for an emergency exit.  I immediately complained to the purser's desk and was met with a condescending attitude that defended the photo employees. I asked for a meeting with the fire control officer.  12 hours later I received a call in my stateroom from the photo manager. We arranged a meeting at the point of the fire violation.  He insisted it was a one time thing to stop shoplifting the photos from the display. As I have no way of checking his claim I contacted Carnival and the US Coast Guard and as of this date have no replies. I'd be interested to know if other Carnival passengers have experienced a similar problem.

I am shocked that Carvival Triumph's Fire Safety officer never responded to my complaint.  I'm further disturbed by the fact that the 24/7 fire patrol never noted the violation on their tours.  As most of the cruising public knows, the photographers have taken over the ships. They are everywhere, blocking passageways and delaying boarding or leaving the ship. It seems that Carnival is more interested in protecting their photo revenue than their passengers.