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Turned Down Job as Purser on Carnival Cruise Line -- Was it the Right Decision
January 2006

I’m very glad I found this page. Just a moment ago a manager of a firm that searches for a “new blood” for cruise ship companies called me whether I will take the job or not. Well, I said no. It was the position of international purser for 1200$ per month.

I did the interview here in Prague the Czech Republic with a representative of Carnival Cruise Lines and he offered me this job. I had one week to decide. After many days of thinking I hope that my NO was a right decision. I think that this job is “too little music for too little money”. The only attractive thing for me was the fact of traveling and getting some money for my studies.

But what I read was the opposite. Just to board on the ship I was told to pay round 1300$. For air fare and I guess some provision for the recruiting firm. I was searching the web quite carefully and besides your page I didn’t find anything like your page. Do you think that those rich cruise companies “censorship” the Internet? And the last question, do those workers on cruise ships have Internet access to write “bad experiences” on the net? I never saw any negative comments. Do you think that those big cruise line companies pay a lot of money to local “recruiters” for “new blood” for their cruise ships?