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  Shipboard Fires, 1990 - 2013 (N=139 incidents; 101 since 2005)

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2013 - First 6 months(9 incidents)


Cruise Law News reports early this morning a fire broke out in the engine room of the Zenith cruise ship, formerly operated by Royal Caribbean Cruises and now operated by Royal Caribbean owned Pullmantur Cruises. The fire started at approximately 03:48 AM today while the cruise ship sailed from Ravenna to Venice with 1672 passengers on board. The engine room was damaged to the point that the ship was disabled and had to anchor 17 miles off Venice.  The ship had to be towed by 4 tugs to Venice this afternoon.  Fire
Hapag Lloyd
Cruise Critic reports a fire while the ship was in dry dock has forced the cancellation of two upcoming cruises. The ship, located at the Bredo shipyard in Bremerhaven, Germany was in dry dock for its triennial upgrades. According to the cruise line, the fire occurred in the engine room. "The additional and necessary repairs to eliminate the damage cannot be completed within the scheduled time at the shipyard," the line said. In order for all repairs to be made the line has canceled the June 17 and July 4 sailings, from Bremerhaven and Tromso respectively. Fire in drydock / cancelation
Holland America Line
From a passenger: I sailed from Dover on 1st June 2013 to Norweigian Fjords for seven days. On the evening of 7th June we put our cases outside the room as it was our last night and retired to bed around 11.30pm. Around 12.20am the alarm sounded and woke us all up, the officer of the watch came on the tannoy and said Fire in area ABC (exact numbers and letters we cant remember as half asleep) fire crews to that area. Then he announced that a fire indicator had been triggered and crew were investigating. After a few minutes the Captain came on and said we were to be alert and follow safety instructions. Then another nail biting wait of around five to ten minutes. Captain then said fire had been located in the exhaust of the funnel and flames had been extinguished but further checks were being made. Then after another short wait the Captain said fire was out, possibly soot ignited, they were continuing to check the areas pipes etc. but we could all relax and go back to sleep. The incident was only about 40mins long, and the Captain and officers seemed to deal with the incident very efficiently and kept us up to date constantly. Fire
Grandeur of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International

ABC News reports passengers were awakened and sent to their muster stations after a fire on one of the cruise ship's decks early Monday morning. The fire was categorized as a “Class A” fire, meaning it broke out in solid combustible materials such as wood or plastic and did not involve fuel or other flammable liquids. No injuries were reported. The fire was discovered at 2:50 a.m. ET on the mooring area on deck three of its 11 decks. The company said the fire was extinguished and the affected area was cordoned off. Guests were allowed to return to their staterooms, the company said, at 7:15 a.m. ET (that's more than 4 hours at their muster stations). The extent of the fire was not immediately clear but RCI said all systems were still operating on the ship. UPDATE: Photos indicate the fire was in the mooring area of deck 3 and affected neighbouring cabins and both floors of the main dining room. This cruise has been canceled, as has the cruise scheduled for May 31 and those until mid-July.

Coral Princess
Princess Cruises
Citing Cruise Critic, Cruise Law News reports there was a fire aboard the ship last night. Comments indicate that there was a great deal of smoke but the fire was extinguished without injury to passengers or crew. There is conflicting information regarding exactly where the fire occurred. There is a mention of the fire being on deck 9, although the heading to the comments refers to what is described as an "engine room fire. (See Cruise Critic) Fire
Nile Festival Egyptian Riverboat Al-Ahram reports a Nile cruise ship went up in flames near the Upper Egyptian city of Aswan on Wednesday. There were no casualties reported among the 84 guests and 79 crew on board. The floating hotel run by a UK based company, was stationed at Edfu near Aswan when a short-circuit in the ship's kitchens sparked the fire. The tourists were visiting the temple of the ancient Egyptian site of Edfu when the fire occurred, and were relocated to nearby cruise ships, according to Al-Ahram, which also reported that there were no injuries or casualties among the 79 crew members. Firefighters managed to save the belongings of the guests before the fire reached their rooms. Fire
True North
North Star Cruising
Expedition Cruising reports passengers and crew have escaped unharmed after a luxury cruise vessel caught fire off Munster (Australia) this evening. The fire started while the boat was moored at about 5.15pm. Fire crews from Fremantle, Hope Valley, Murdoch and Success were called to the vessel after a report of a blaze on the third level. The passengers and crew were safely evacuated from the ship and the fire was contained within about 30 minutes. It is not known how many were on board the vessel or what caused the fire. According to owner, Craig Howson, who is travelling aboard the vessel, all passengers are safe and well. "Everyone's fine and we intend to resume this voyage and the rest of the season."
Norwegian Getaway
Norwegian Cruise Line
Cruise Industry News reports a fire leading to significant smoke formation broke out on the cruise ship newbuilding in the covered building dock II at the Meyer Werft shipyard, according to a prepared statement from the yard. At present the shipyard’s fire brigade and members of the Papenburg fire department are still in operation at the yard. The affected production areas and the shipyard’s visitors center were evacuated As of now there are no detailed indications as the reason for the fire. “In general we install large-size safety and detection systems on our ships as early as in the construction period. Hence we could react very quickly,” explained the yard’s safety manager, Markus Wähler. As it stands at present nobody was injured. In the current situation nothing can be said in regard to material damage. Completion of the newbuilding in 2014 is not at risk according to information currently available.
Carnival Triumph
Carnival Cruise Lines
AL.Com reports more than 4,000 people are stuck in the Gulf of Mexico after a fire stopped the vessel's propulsion. The fire was contained to the engine room by the ship's automatic extinguishing system, but it appears to have damaged the ship's power supply. No injuries were reported in the fire. A tug boat has been dispatched to the cruise liner, which was stopped in its tracks 150 miles off the coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. The ship's technical crew is assessing damage and trying to restore power, according to officials. In the meantime, the ship is operating on power from an emergency generator. The U.S. Coast Guard has been advised of the situation. Guests will be given a full refund. The ship was finishing up a four-day cruise that left Galveston, Tex. on Thursday. It was supposed to leave Galveston again Monday with a new batch of guests, but the trip has been cancelled, according to the company. UPDATE Feb 12:CNN reports the first of two tugboats that will tow the ship to Mobile, Alabama, arrived on Monday evening. The ship should arrive in the Gulf city some time Thursday (turned out to be late that night). Not being able to sail, though, is just one of the problems. Issues with running water, scarce electricity and more contributed to headaches big and small, according to passengers and their loved ones. Toby Barlow's wife Ann told him there was "sewage running down the walls and floors" with passengers being asked to defecate in bags and urinate in showers due to a lack of functioning toilets. Food lines ran 3½ hours long and some, like herself, slept outside to keep cool. "Elderly and handicap(ped people) are struggling," she texted her husband. "The smells are gross." All cruises canceled through April 13. This video may be of interest.
Fire - Dead in the water
2012 (20 incidents)
Kriti II
Anek Lines
Cruise Law News reports a fire erupted on the cruise ferry (ro-ro) off the coast of Greece earlier this week. On November 19th, a blaze started on the car deck of the Kriti II (built 1979) while the ferry approached Patras after sailing from Venice, Italy. There were around 113 passengers on board, plus a crew of 87. The vessel was brought into port with black smoke billowing from it, with cars and trucks aboard the vessel catching fire. No casualties or injures were reported. states that the ferry "suffered severe damage to its interior. The fire had been slowly burning already hours before the ship reached the port of Patras and it was purely a matter of luck that the open fire did not emerge on open sea where winds had been blowing . . . " The video shows firefighters trying to extinguish vehicles which were driven out of the ferry on fire.
Adventure of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Cruise Law News reports a passenger states that an engine room fire broke out ten days ago. According to a comment on the Cruise Critic message board, the incident occurred on November 13th while the Adventure of the Seas was making the crossing across the Atlantic. A fire on board caused the cruise ship to lose power and electricity for about two minutes. Alarms sounded intermittently. Some passengers smelled or observed smoke. Later, some passengers were later told that a "power surge" caused an engine fire while others said the captain mentioned switching over to a second set of engines. Apparently no one was injured and the ship continued on its way.
Unnamed The Australian reports afire probably caused by a short-circuit aboard an Egyptian cruise ship forced 77 tourists to be evacuated until the blaze was put out, state-run news agency MENA reported, adding that no one was hurt. The fire broke out at near the stern of the Nile cruise ship between the pharaonic hub of Luxor and the town of Esna, also home to archaeological sites, in southern Egypt. MENA said that some of the 77 tourists refused to re-embark after the fire was extinguished. It did not give the nationalities of those on board.
Celebrity Century
Celebrity Cruises
The US Coast Guard reports the ship experienced a fire. Fire
Didim Mavisi Hurriyet Daily News reports the cruise ship transporting 100 passengers was reduced to ashes after a fire ravaged the vessel off Turkey's Aegean coast today.The ship conducts tours of the Aegean islands, departed from the Aegean district of Ayvalik today, but a fire soon broke out in the boat's galley section as it cruised near the coast of Sarimsakli. The fire quickly spread as the captain directed the vessel to a nearby cove. All passengers and crew were safely evacuated as other boats came to the distressed vessel's aid. Some passengers jumped from the deck and swam ashore. The ship was damaged beyond use before the flames could be doused in a joint effort between the ship's crew and rescue teams from the Turkish coast guard. 
Fire - Total loss
Crown Princess
Princess Cruises
Cruise Critic reports a small electrical fire broke out in passenger cabin. "There were no injuries and we're currently investigating the cause," Princess said in a statement sent to Cruise Critic. The ship, carrying 2,948 passengers on a 12-day Eastern Mediterranean cruise, is sailing on schedule. The voyage ends in Rome on July 23. Cruise Critic member MSH from Norway, who was onboard, posted that the fire occurred on the Emerald Deck (Deck 8) and that several cabins filled with smoke. Some cabins were also waterlogged MSH from Norway wrote. While Princess did not comment on the damage to the ship, the line did tell Cruise Critic that the passengers in the affected cabin, as well as those in the cabin next to it, were moved -- both cabins were left without electricity.
Regina Rheni
Saga Holidays
Seatrade Insider reports four people were sent to hospital ashore after fire broke out in the galley section of the Dutch river cruise vessel early Friday while the ship was sailing the Rhine near Düsseldorf. All 102 passengers and some 30 crew were evacuated to a passing river vessel, and the fire was put out after about three hours with the help of a local firefighting brigade. According to the Duisburg Police, the fire was discovered at around 3:15 a.m. Passengers and crew were assembled on the forward part of the vessel with life jackets, where they were evacuated to the passing river vessel that transferred them first to the nearby Himmelgeist ferry landing and then on to Düsseldorf. An emergency physician and firemen examined the 134 evacuees during the 45-minute transit to Düsseldorf. Apart from the four sent to hospital, the other passengers, reportedly of British nationality, were taken to a Dusseldorf hotel. Several crew remained on Regina Rheni, which was boarded by local fire brigade teams to help contain the blaze. The blaze was contained to a storage room in the galley section, and the fire was put out at about 6:30 a.m. while the vessel was anchored off Düsseldorf-Himmelgeist. The storage room was destroyed. The cause of the fire and the full extent of the damage are under investigation.
Fire - evacuation
Carnival Breeze
Carnival Cruise Lines
Travel Agent Central reports a fan belt inside an AC unit in a crew area overheated and started generating smoke. There was not an actual fire and no smoke entered guest areas; the ship's crew responded immediately and all is well. Earlier, had reported on an announcement by the cruise director and then the ship's captain about the situation. Here's that earlier report, based on what both individuals told the passengers onboard. Shortly after 8 a.m. Eastern time, or 2 p.m. ship's time, crew members from Alpha team, a special fire squadron onboard the new ship, Carnival Breeze, were summoned via the ship's public address system to a forward portion of the crew area on Deck O. Firescreen doors in the forward section of the ship closed as a precaution after smoke was discovered in the crew area, which caused an alarm to sound on the bridge. The Captain had explained to guests that the alarm had indicated the possibility of a fire in the forward crew area. He said that when the fire team arrived they found a rubber belt within the electrical system smoking.  He said the team "extinguished it immediately" and the "ship is now continuing on as normal" and also told guests that the fire doors in the forward part of the ship would reopen soon. The ship is on a 12-night Mediterranean cruise roundtrip from Barcelona.
Smoke but no fire?
Gerard Schmitter
Cruise Critic reports a fire broke out onboard the ship on Saturday, 16 June as it was preparing to dock around 9:00 p.m. local time Saturday evening in the German port of Krefeld, when a cable caught fire in a technical room of the ship's engine department, producing heavy, billowing smoke. Two response groups from the fire brigade for the city of Krefeld, which lies northwest of Dusseldorf on the Rhine, were able to quickly extinguish the blaze, said the report. And passengers, who had been evacuated to a nearby restaurant and two waiting buses, were allowed to reboard the vessel shortly after operations completed at 10:30 p.m. There were no serious injuries among the 154 passengers and 34 crew onboard, although a German police spokesman reported that one woman, being treated for shock, required a hospital visit, and that one crewmember sustained minor injuries during the ship's evacuation. Reportedly, the ship will remain in Krefeld until Monday, although it is as yet unclear whether the ship's French owners will continue the cruise. The ship is on an Amsterdam to Strasbourg Rhine river cruise. The 176-passenger, 88-cabin vessel was launched in April of this year
Carnival Sensation
Carnival Cruise Lines
The US Coast Guard reports the ship experienced a fire.
Safari Spirit
American Safari Cruises
KIRO-TV reports an early-morning fire swallowed a 105-foot luxury touring vessel at Fisherman’s Terminal. The ship was fully engulfed in flames when the Seattle Fire Department arrived at the terminal around 1 a.m. on Friday. Owner Dan Blanchard was on the boat with an engineer when the fire broke out. He told KIRO 7 News reporter Rick Price that he and the engineer had to shimmy down a mooring line to reach the dock and get away from the fire. “It’s just starting to set in. I'm just thankful that Steve and I made it off the boat OK,” said Blanchard. Firefighters boarded the boat for a brief time before being forced out to fire defensively, Seattle Fire Department spokesman Kyle Moore said. Crews set up a perimeter around the vessel. Blanchard said he heard a strange pop, and in the minutes the boat was filled with smoke and flames were shooting up its sides. “We couldn't even get back to get our phones. It moved so fast that we actually had to go over the side to get to the dock. We shimmied down the lines and fell in,” said Blanchard. A Seattle-based Coast Guard boat enforced a safety zone around the terminal and deployed a containment and absorbent boom to reduce potential environmental damage. The fire burned for hours into the morning. Nine hours after the fire erupted, the hulk was still smoking. Moore said the fire was under investigation. No cause will be determined Friday because once the boat cools off, it still needs to be inspected by a marine engineer to determine whether it's safe for investigators to go aboard, he said. The yacht was set to leave on May 5 on an Alaskan cruise. One of four boats in the fleet, its destruction means Blanchard is scrambling to accommodate passengers.
Allure of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Shiptracker dot com reports passengers were alerted by a bang on 7.45 p.m. on Apr 20, 2012, followed by development of smoke. Soon afterwards fire instructions were given to the crew. Shortly thereafter the captain informed the passengers that there had been an incident in the engine and that all watertight bulkheads had been closed. The entire section 6, apparently the section that includes Viking Crown Lounge, was evacuated. Some passengers on board were shocked, however, no one was injured. The ship drifted between one and two hours before continuing with the only one functioning machine left after the small and short-lived engine fire was extinguished by using the ship's high fog system which had been immediately activated to contain the fire. The ship was sailing from St. Maarten to Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale. The ship is expected back in Port Everglades on Apr 22. UPDATE: The ship arrived back in Fort Lauderdale early in the morning of Apr 22 as scheduled. In the engine room 2 fire nobody was injured, and the next sailing started on time in the evening. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined. During the fire the ship had to change course briefly on its way from St. Maarten to Fort Lauderdale to keep smoke from blowing back inside the vessel. Black smoke had been billowing out of the top stacks. However, there was no visible smoke in passenger areas. Persons dining at the Chefs Table at the time were asked to move from the area for about 20 minutes, whilst the extract fans did their job. There was no panic around the ship, only a couple of youngsters showed concern, and some parents went to meet up with family members. Auxiliary power was running as at no time did the power, lights, air conditioning or water go out.

Stena Saga
Stena Line

Cruise Law News reports the cruise-ferry , which operates between Oslo and Fredrikshavn in Denmark, was hit by an explosion in its engine room over the Easter weekend. The explosion sparked a fire. A newspaper in Norway reports that "alarmed residents south of Drøbak called emergency services when they saw smoke billowing from the ship and noted that it was off course in the sound leading into the inner Oslo Fjord." A Stena Line spokesman confirmed that the explosion created a lot of smoke but claimed it was contained by the vessel’s sprinkling system in the engine room. The vessel drifted for a brief period but was able to continue sailing towards Oslo, where it arrived around 30 minutes late.
1,392 passengers and a crew of 180 were on on board at the time of the explosion and fire, although no evacuation took place.
Azamara Quest
Azamara Club Cruises
Travel Weekly UK reports passengers were called to muster stations after a fire broke out on the ship in Asia today. The blaze in the engine room was put out and there were no reported injuries to passengers, however Associated Press reports five crew members were injured, one seriously. The 716-passenger ship, on a 17-night cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore which departed on Monday, is running on back up power. The vessel is currently between Manila in the Philippines and Borneo. The ship is currently running on generator power until full power can be restored to the engine room. The remainder of the cruise will be canceled. Associated Press subsequently reports that after being adrift for 24 hours, the ship informed the coast guard late Saturday that its power and propulsion had been restored and it was moving slowly toward Sandakan, its next destination after it left Manila Thursday,
P&O Cruises
The US Coast Guard reports the ship experienced a fire.
Mariner of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
From a passenger: This afternoon my wife and I are starting a 7 night Caribbean cruise. As we were boarding at Galveston Texas, we were told that we had to wait and there may be some delay due to a fault on the ship. So we were transferred onto a coach and took a ride into Galveston; after 6 hours doing nothing but waiting in Galveston we were taken back to the ship and then told that a minor fire had broken out in the Windjammer Cafe, which we knew because there was acrid smell of smoke and smoke staining near the pool. This was a big upset but we finally set sail after 7 hour ! With free complementary drinks for the night but the windjammer remained closed. From a different passenger: Bad report --we sailed on time and ate in the windjammer mid afternoon. No fire as we knew the capt. Need to check out your reports. Only fault of a great cruise was one piece of luggage was delivered to the room two hours after the others that arrived before we cruised. NOTE: I wasn't there ... I only report what I am told...
Fire / Delay
Costa Allegra
Costa Cruises
The BBC reports the ship is adrift in the dark more than 200 miles southwest of the Seychelles, near Alphonse Island. Costa Cruises said in a statement that the fire broke out in the electric generators' room. It did not spread and there were no injuries or casualties. Inspections of the state of the engine room are on-going, the company says. Tugs and "other naval and aerial units" will reach the ship, which has sent out a distress signal, Costa Cruises says. It took the crew a few hours to extinguish the fire. The ship probably needs to be towed to a Seychelles port. There are no electric lights on board the ship as the batteries are being used to keep essential machinery going. The Italian authorities have directed three merchant ships and two fishing vessels towards the stricken liner; authorities in the Seychelles say they have sent two tug boats, a coastguard ship and an aircraft to the scene. There are 636 passengers and 413 crew on board the Costa Allegra, which left Madagascar on Saturday. It was due to arrive in the Seychelles on Tuesday. UPDATE: France 24 reports passengers on a stricken Italian liner used mineral water to wash and fight sweltering heat Wednesday as the ship was slowly towed to port in the Seychelles.Towed by a French tuna fishing boat and accompanied by coast guard vessel, passengers are spending a third night on the vessel since an engine fire knocked out power on Monday. With no electricity and no air conditioning, the passengers are crowded on decks in baking temperatures. "The bathrooms on the ship have not been working since the fire," Italian coast guard spokesman Cosimo Nicastro told AFP. Emergency supplies, food and electric torches have been airlifted by helicopter onto the vessel. The liner was expected to arrive into port in Mahe, the main island of the Seychelles archipelago, by 0500 GMT on Thursday depending on weather conditions.
Fire - Power loss
Holland America Line
From a passenger: I was on the ship Jan 11-27. There was a fire in the engine room. The captain screamed on the intercom that he ran up and down 9 floors. He scared us all but didn't tell us what to do. After an hour at 6AM he finally said fire was out and all was well.
Legend of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
From a passenger: On Friday, 20 January 2012: Just as a parade was due to begin in the Royal Promenade, the alarm was sounded and a voice came over the ships tannoy giving a code then explaining "Cafe Promenade, the bar is on fire". After a moment or two everything seemed to carry on as normal and the ship docked in Southampton two days later.
Allure of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
From a passenger: Just got off the shipthis morning and there was a reported minor incident over the loudspeaker that there had been a small fire in the incinerator area...
2011 (12 incidents)
Bahamas Celebration
Celebration Cruise Line
CBS 12 reports the ship is back in Florida today after a fire on board forced the cruise liner to return to its home port in Riviera Beach. Hundreds of passengers were on board when a fire broke out in one of the generator rooms. The damage was kept to a miniumum. Passengers said the cruise line did a good job of accomodating passengers, but did a poor job of communicating what as happening. Cruise line President Charles Kinnear said the fire damaged wiring and knocked out the ship's air conditioning, making the cabins a little toasty for some. However that didn't stop passenger Nancy Martin from making the best of it. "That gives us something to talk about, for years and the stories to tell the grandchildren ... Paw paw and grammy spent the night on the deck!" she said. The fire happened Sunday as the ship was heading to the Bahamas, just 4 miles off the coast. About 600 people were aboard at the time. The crew performed a safety check while the boat was in the Bahamas before returning to Riviera Beach for repairs.
Sergei Abramov
Russian riverboat
RiaNovosti reports a fire on a passenger vessel moored at a Moscow river port was finally extinguished after a thirteen hour struggle by firefighters on Monday evening. Four people on board were injured and one crewmember is still missing. “The fire was extinguished at 5.27 p.m Moscow time [13.27 GMT],” the source said, adding the boat is underwater at the stern but the burnt-out bow remains afloat. The three-deck river boat Sergei Abramov caught fire early on Monday. The fire quickly engulfed the vessel and caused it to list. Emergency crews will attempt to settle the vessel on the riverbed to prevent engine oil spilling into the river, the source said. According to a preliminary investigation, the fire might have been caused by defective electric wiring or fire-safety violations.
Fire - sunk
Holland America Line
From a passenger: At about 3:45am the quiet of the night was broken by the loud quick bursts of the fire alarm horn. Everyone was awake after the alarm but we had to wait about 5 minutes before the officer of the watch came on the PA system and said that there was apparently a fire in the incinerator room and fire fighting teams were on their way to take appropriate action. Some passengers were scurrying around getting valuables and warm clothing together in case abandon ship was necessary while others just went back to sleep. About 3:55am Captain Eversen came on the PA system and explained that a fire had been found in a hydraulic unit in the incinerator room. An automatic alarm had been set off by a remote sensor. At 4:20am the Captain announced that the fire was put out and we were all in the clear again.
Ocean Princess
Princess Cruises
A poster at Cruise Critic reports: We were all awakened last night around 12:45 or so with a broadcast announcement calling for an assessment team. Nothing else came over the PA system so settled back in to go to sleep, since we didn't hear any Sierra Papa code - but as you can imagine, rumors of all kinds ran rampant until the Captain made an extensive announcement at 9AM today explaining that there had been a small fire in one of the generators, quickly noted, responded to, contained without serious damage. He gave a lot more detail than that, but the upshot is that all is well, damage is minimal, and repairs are being done and the generator (one of four, we can get by on two) should be back online sometime during the day.
The Arab Bridge Company
ABC News reports a Jordanian man died while 1,246 other passengers and crew members, most of them Egyptians, were rescued following a fire Thursday aboard their ferry that was sailing on the Red Sea en route to Egypt's port of Nuweiba. The blaze had broken out earlier in the day in the ferry's cargo section during the voyage across the Gulf of Aqaba. As flames rose up into the sky, a Jordanian rescue ship reached the stricken vessel about 10 miles (16 kilometers) off the coast of Jordan. The rescuers managed to extinguish the blaze but an unidentified Jordanian man died after jumping into the water and fatally injuring himself. Twelve passengers suffered from smoke inhalation and were taken to a Jordanian hospital. The remaining 1,230 passengers — all Egyptians — were placed aboard another ferry that subsequently sailed off to Egypt. The ship's passengers were mostly Egyptian expatriate workers returning home for the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday, which starts on Sunday.
Fire - Evacuation
Holland America Line
The US Coast Guard reporrts the ship experienced a fire. Fire
Tip Top III
Rolf Wittmer Company
From a passenger:There was a fire in the middle of the night requiring all passengers to evacuate the ship. All passengers, 2 guides and 1 crew member were off the ship in less than 30 minutes of the fire beginning. Within another 30-45 minutes, another cruise boat came to help. We boarded the ship The Letty and sat in their common area. It was very cold - most of us were still in pajamas and the boat had the air conditioning on. They served us coffee, water, and crackers. Around dawn, we were transferred to another boat, the Avenger I, which was a dive boat and which took us to our next destination. They were planning to stay in the same area as us. The host on the Avenger gave us coffee, tea, water, snacks, and thick blankets. We were finally warm and could sleep a little. In the morning, after a nice breakfast on the Avenger, we were taken out in the life boat to see the sites. After that excursion, we were taken back to the Tip Top III and told that they were going to sail back to Santa Cruz Island, where we had originally boarded, and exchange boats. The main problems with this plan were that we only had one engine, the boat still smelled like smoke, and since the electrical system had fried, there was no electricity. No electricity means no lights, no cooked food, and no working toilets. But you can sleep in your own bed! That was the benefit to us. It was another sleepless night. I wore my shoes and glasses to bed. We traveled at 5.3 knots per hour, a very gentle speed. It took about 14 hours to reach harbor on the broken vessel. We were then transferred to a sail boat, the MaryAnne. They took good care of us there for the remaining 2 nights of our trip. We essentially lost 2 nights sleep and 1 days activities on the further islands. The Rolf Wittmer Company that owns the Tip Top boats, declined to refund any of our money. Fire
Queen Mary 2
Cunard Line
A post at Cruise Critic states: I have the following on very good authority as of 21:00 Oct 5, 2011: A gas carbine in the engine room of the QM2 caught on fire this evening. Cunard staff were given a 90 minute warning in order to prepare to deploy the lifeboats. Guests had their children dropped off and their animals picked up from the kennels. Apparently it is now under control, but people are understandably shaken up. They are currently in extremely rough seas and my source tells me that "things are flying all over the ship". In one instance a copier machine was ripped from its harnass and destroyed into 8 pieces. That's all I know at the moment. NOTE: The ship will arrive in New York City October 7th at the end of its Atlantic Canada cruise. UPDATE from Cruise Critic: I'm on the QM2 at the moment so will let you know what's being going on. Yesterday we sailed through a force 11 storm. The captain said that two other ships from Silversea and Celebrity had to turn back to safe harbour but we battled through it. It got really bad in the afternoon, plates were flying off tables and we could hear crashing crockery all over the place. I heard all the crystal in the shop smashed and a couple of windows too. I saw a couple of piles of vomit in the public areas. (lovely!). Then as we were getting ready for dinner there was the crew alarm for the crew to muster. The guests on first sitting all had to leave the dining room and guests were told to stay in their rooms. We were told later by the captain that there had been a small fire in the gas turbine rendering it useless. Everything returned to normal apart from our second sitting dinner being delayed by 15 minutes. We have been told that we will be delayed by 2 hours getting into NY tomorrow morning. A very exciting day but I heard some passengers were very upset and distraught. All ok now. From a passenger: Just got off the ship, the fire incident was a little scary,as we were outside of Halifax. We got the first notice to pickup your children from the evening care room and animals from the kennels abbot 7:45 pm. That notice kinda of sent chills up your spine.
Engine room fire
Norway International Network reports two crew members were found dead on board a Hurtigruten vessel hit by fire in its engine room Thursday morning. Passengers and other crew on board the vessel were evacuated, many by lifeboat. The number of persons injured was set at 16. The MS Nordlys is one of the vessels in the Hurtigruten fleet that sails north and south along the coast of Norway. Hurtigruten officials said there were 262 persons on board the Nordlys including 207 passengers and a crew of 55. Around 100 passengers were evacuated in the vessel’s lifeboats before the vessel managed to make its way into the west coast city of Ålesund with assistance from emergency vessels. Other passengers and crew were taken off the vessel on improvised gangways from the vessel to the pier and later to a local hotel. UPDATE: The Washington Post reports salvage teams reported progress on Friday as they pumped water from the cruise liner in danger of capsizing, a day after a fire on board killed two crew members and forced the evacuation of 260 other people. The ship, which tilted critically at an angle of 21.7 degrees in the morning, had slowly righted itself and was listing at 16 degrees in the evening as additional pumps spewed water from the slanting ship’s bowels, officials said.
Fire - abandon ship
Victorian Princess
Victorian Princess Cruise Lines
The Times News reports the 112-foot paddleboat that plies Lake Erie during the warm weather months was seriously damaged by a fire that broke out in the engine room while undergoing repairs. Wortkers were doing welding on the outside of the boat when heat from that transferred to the inside of the boat, where it hit some combustible materials.
Ocean Star Pacific
Ocean Star Cruises
Associated Press reports a generator fire knocked out power to the ship, forcing the evacuation of nearly 800 passengers and crew Saturday. The fire was quickly controlled Saturday morning and there were no injuries; 522 passengers and 226 crew members were being evacuated by catamaran to the port of Huatulco and would then be flown to Mexico City. The ship is about 6 miles (10 kilometers) offshore and will be towed to Huatulco for repairs. The vessel was headed from Huatulco to Acapulco, resorts on Mexico's southern Pacific coast. Tthe ship has a capacity for 1,050 passengers.

Fire -

Loss of power

Thomson Dream
Thomson Cruises
A review posted at Cruise.Co.UK reports there was a starboard engine fire early in the cruise that departed Barbados on December 30. Despite rumours of it being serious, there is no indication at this point that it impacted the itinerary and no reported injuries.
2010 (9 incidents)
MSC Cruises
Brazilian media report a fire in the engine room knocked out air conditioning and the water supply. The ship had boarded at Rio de Janeiro and was supposed to leave at 18:00 for an eight-day trip with stopovers in the ports of Recife, Maceió and Salvador. With no airconditioning and no water supply, passengers were angered. Nevertheless, shortly after 18:30 the sound system announced the departure of the ship. Disgusted, a group of about 50 people took to the gangway of the ship, preventing it to be hoisted. The trip was then canceled. The ship is due to re-enter service on Dec. 26 from Rio for its scheduled week-long cruise to Salvador, Buzios, Copacabana and Ilha Grande.

Fire - Canceled cruise

Carnival Splendor
Carnival Cruise Lines
The Daily Breeze reports a seven-day Mexican Riviera cruise was sidelined today when an engine room caught fire in Mexico. The ship left Port of Long Beach on Sunday with 3,299 guests and 1,167 crew members. A fire was detected in the aft engine room at 6 a.m. Guests were told to move from their cabins to the Lido Deck, which is on the upper level and has outdoor space, she said. The ship was operating on emergency generators. The fire was extinguished by 9 a.m. but a reflash occurred. Smoke remains in the area and crew members were working on restarting one of the vessel's main generators in the forward engine room. Two guests and a crew member suffered panic attacks, but no one was physically injured. The ship is located approximately 55 miles west of Punta San Jacinto, Mexico. Sea conditions are calm and skies are clear. UPDATE: John Heald's blog reports: "given the ship’s speed and current position, we have decided to take the vessel to San Diego where it is expected to arrive late Thursday. Additionally, we are in the process of making all the necessary hotel and flight arrangements for our guests. If the ship is unable to maintain sufficient speed under tow, it is possible that we could revert to the previous plan and dock in Ensenada. Last night, the ship’s engineers were able to restore toilet service to most cabins and all public bathrooms, as well as cold running water. Currently several key hotel systems, including air conditioning, hot food service and telephones, are not available. The ship’s crew continues to actively work to restore other services. Guests are able to move about the ship and food and beverage service, along with some shipboard programming, including children’s activities and entertainment, are being provided." Update: The ship arrived in San Diego Friday at 8:30 AM. According to an article in Travel Weekly, "it was surprising that the fire disabled the ship’s electrical systems to such a degree. On most oceangoing large ships — but above all on a cruise ship, which has multiple generators — having one of [the generators] totally destroyed by fire or anything else should not affect its services in the least."There is a lot of redundancy there. This seems like a very poor design ... When just a switchboard is burned or damaged and even the main propulsion cannot work.... It should not happen. Imagine if the weather was really bad, with 100-foot waves and that ship in the middle of the ocean with no propulsive power." NOTE: The ship will return to service January 16, 2011. Make that February 20, 2011
Lisco Gloria The Independent reports more than 200 passengers and crew were evacuated after a ferry caught fire near the German island of Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea. The Lithuanian passenger and car ferry Lisco Gloria was en route from the northern city of Kiel to the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda when an explosion occurred around midnight local time.The ferry MS Deutschland and a police vessel had been nearby at the time at the accident and came to the rescue of passengers either swimming in the water or clinging to liferafts. Several people were injured and three taken to hospital by helicopter. According to a spokesperson, "The vessel is ablaze ... and it is realistic to expect that it will burn the whole day."
Carnival Cruise Lines
The Sun Sentinel reports as the Vessel was at sea transiting from Key West to Cozumel when they had an electrical fire in the Elevator Machinery Room. The fire was extinguished immediately using 10 CO2 portable extinguishers. The origin of the fire was the Harmonic Filter of elevator #17. The result of the fire was damage to the elevator control equipment including all wires, fire detection, and Satellite TV cables. Two passenger elevators and one crew elevator were left inoperable.
Holland America Line
The US Coast Guard reports the ship experienced a fire. Fire
Celebrity Cruises
From a passenger: During our June 18th to June 25 cruise to Alaska  There were two major problems. The first in Ketchecan on June 20.  We were unable to depart for 5 or 6 hours due to the bridge not able to control the engines.  This forced them to skip the Tracy Arm fiords the main reason we took this trip.  They gave us a $200.00 credit per stateroom which was an insult.  Problem 2 on June 23rd in Skagway an electrical fire caused the power to go out for a few hours during the early seating dinner. They did not keep us informed and we left for the second time. They offered no compensation. This was our 10th cruise and the first bad one. Won't recommend Celebrity.
Fire, Engine problems
Peter Deilmann Cruises reports a fire broke out in the engine room while the ship was docked in Eidfjord, Hordalan (Norway). All passengers have been evacuated. The fire, which broke out around 12:30 P.M., was reportedly put out by 4 p.m. Oslo daily paper Aftenposten said the fire flared again half an hour later but was out by 5 p.m. Emergency personnel report the affected engine compartment was isolated by fire doors and crew began fighting the blaze before shoreside firefighters arrived. The ship arrived from Flam and was scheduled to continue to Hamburg at 19:00 tonight. UPDATE: The ship will be towed to Bergen for an assessment of damage. The seven day cruise scheduled for June 25th has been canceled.
Norwegian Epic
Norwegian Cruise Line
USA Today reports a fire broke out earlier this week on the 150,000-ton Norwegian Epic at STX France's shipyard in St. Nazaire, France, where the vessel is under construction. The fire broke out just after 11:00 p.m. Monday on the rear of Deck 4, causing damage mostly to the ship's wiring. A full investigation is currently in process to determine the cause and extent of damage, and that the ship's June 24th maiden cruise is still on track.
Carnival Freedom
Carnival Cruise Line
The Sun Sentinel reports the USCG Sector Miami received report that a fire was started in crew cabin 2-505. The fire did not spread to any other cabin and was contained to a rain jacket on the deck inside the cabin. Watch personnel responded to a smoke detector alarm and extinguished the fire using a wet towel. Sector Miami's Investigating Officer responded and found that the fire was caused by two intoxicated crew members celebrating the birth of a child in which a rain jacket was accidentally caught on fire. Neither of the crewmember involved remember the incident or the fire The vessel sustained no smoke or structural damage to the cabin or surrounding spaces nor was the structural fire protection damaged impeding its effectiveness. The vessel has an Alcohol policy in place in which the Master, Staff Captain and Security Officer followed. Alcohol testing was conducted per the policy and both crewmembers were over the limit for "off-duty". The off-duty limit is blood alcohol level, one crewmember blew on the 1st test and on second test and the second crewmember blew a blood alcohol level. Both members were removed from their cabin and relieved of all duties. Both members work under the Shore Excursion department and are not involved in the direct safety of the passengers onboard the vessel. The master of the vessel is recommending to the company that both members be terminated due to the nature of the incident.
2009 (13 incidents)
Princess Sophie

Novinite (Sofia News Agency) reports more than 150 passengers and crew have been safely rescued from a burning cruise ship near Novi Sad, Serbia. Bulgarian River Shipping Jsc said sailors on the Bulgarian vessel Nayden Kirov helped evacuate passengers from the river cruise ship that caught fire Friday night on the Danube River. The cruise vessel was anchored on the Serbian side of the Danube River when the fire began. The cause of the blaze was not reported. The sailors-turned-rescuers also helped Serbian firefighters extinguish the blaze as the Bulgarian vessel had to be used as a firefighting platform. No injuries were reported, but the rescued passengers reportedly received assistance from ambulance workers.

(Pullmantur Cruises)
The Local (Sweden) reports all passengers were evacuated (two crew members were sent to hospital for smoke inhalation) when the ship had a major fire while docked at Stockholm. The newspaper reports some passengers jumped into the water from the ship. It is not known where the fire began (other than in the stern of the vessel) or the full extent of damages - one report says the fire was caused by a welding torch. There was considerable smoke coming from the ship even after the fire was extinguished. UPDATE: The ship sailed at 5:30 AM on August 19th (it had been scheduled to leave yesterday evening). One crewman was released from hospital this morning, and the other is expected to be released later today. The fire had been sparked by welding on a lower deck. Apart from smoke, there was no damage to the ship. UPDATE: Swedish morning newspaper Dagens Nyheter confirmed that the fire was started by two welders doing work at the front end of a lower deck. The two men unsuccessfully tried to bring the fire under control themselves and ended up going to the hospital for smoke inhalation. Fire
Atlantic Vision
(Marine Atlantic)
CBC reports a Marine Atlantic passenger ferry heading to Newfoundland returned to North Sydney, N.S. after a fire broke out on board. Fire was reported in the ship's thermal heating unit shortly after it set sail for Port-aux-Basques at 6 a.m. AT. It returned to port an hour later. The fire, which was confined to the boiler room, has since been put out. There have been no reports of injuries. The ferry will be out of service for at least 24 hours. Fire

Crown Princess
(Princess Cruises)

From a reader: My friend is on board the Crown Princess Mediterranean Explorer itinerary.  She emailed me this morning with the following information: "Yep- we heard it from the head of passenger services - there was a fire on board this morning. We heard an announcement that said "immediate containment in room---" Later we were  in the Sky Walker lounge and the head of passenger services was there to chit chat again and he volunteered the information. Story is- woman smoking in her room was collecting her ashes in a napkin and wrapping them up to put in the trash can. Destroyed her room. She is being escorted off tomorrow and charged for the repair of the room. He then told us about the sensors to pick up candles and then smoke!! The sprinklers do more damage than fire." Note - This clarification was offered by another reader: I was disturbed to read the last sentence. Being a firefighter, sprinklers SAVE LIVES, and protect property. When a sprinkler is activated, it contains the fire until firefighters arrive, then the sprinklers must be turned off at a reasonable timeframe, usually when the firefighters with hoses have contained the blaze. So the sentence, they cause more damage is just wrong! Note: Many cruise ships have fog nozzles rather than sprinklers in the main crew/passenger areas. These are just as effective, but cause less damage should they be activated.
Royal Princess
(Princess Cruises)
Cruise Critic reports a fire broke out in the engine room at 8:10 p.m. local time on Thursday as the ship was departing from Port Said, Egypt. A statement from Princess says that passengers aboard were called to their muster stations and fire teams were deployed. All 733 passengers and 393 crewmembers have been accounted for, and there have been no resulting injuries onboard the ship, which is currently in the middle of a 12-night Holy Land sailing from Rome to Athens. Royal Princess is currently anchored off the coast of Port Said. Princess spokeswoman Karen Candy said there is no word yet on whether the incident will delay any of the ship's remaining calls in Ashdod (Jerusalem), Haifa, Kusadasi or Patmos Island. The ship is due in Athens on the 25th. UPDATE: Princess Cruises released the following statement: In order to fully assess the impact of the engine fire that occurred earlier this evening, we plan to bring Royal Princess back into Port Said, Egypt tomorrow. The assessment process includes flying various technical experts and regulatory authorities to the ship for a complete inspection, and they should be arriving onboard by tomorrow evening. So while our own assessment will occur throughout the day tomorrow, we expect the full assessment to be complete on Saturday. This means Royal Princess will be spending Friday and Saturday in Port Said. UPDATE June 19: Princess reports that the current cruise and the next cruise (June 25) will be cancelled because damage is greater than initially thought. Passengers on both voyages will receive a full refund of their fare, plus a future cruise credit equal to 25% of the cruise fare paid for these sailings. Fire
Vicenzo Florio
(Tirrenia di Navigazione Sp)
The ferry, traveling from Naples to Palermo, was 25 miles from the Sicilian capital when a fire broke out in the car hold early today. The 526 passengers used lifeboats to reach another ferry and a Coast Guard ship that came to the rescue. Initially, most of the 35 crew members stayed aboard to help firefighters extinguish the blaze, however the captain later ordered a complete evacuation because the flames were spreading. The ship is being towed and was expected to reach Palermo later today. Fire
Carnival Pride
(Carnival Cruise Lines)
The Sun Sentinel reports while underway from Freeport Bahamas to Baltimore Maryland, a fire started onboard the vessel in the battery room. The fire was extinguished and a re-flash watch was set. The Safety Officer reported that the area is clear of smoke and the temperature dropped down to acceptable values. The vessel representative notified the COTP by email expressing his concerns of the fire. He also stated that the battery room supported non essential safety equipment onboard the vessel such as internet services. The vessel docked at South Locust Point terminal with no further incident occurring and they refilled all 35 fire extinguishers used during the fire. Fire
Sea Cloud
(Sea CLoud Cruises)
Panorama News (Gibraltar) reports there was a fire onboard a cruise sailing ship at the weekend, as the ship sailed out of Gibraltar. There were 96 passengers on the 'Sea Cloud', which had the fire extinguised by the fire brigade before returning back to the Rock. Fire
Golden Princess
(Princess Cruises)
From a passenger: Just got back from a 14 day cruise to Hawaii. On Sunday March 22nd just before midnight the ship's main fire alarm sounded off. The assesment crew was sent to the engine room. The Captain came on the PA system and announced a reported fire in the main engine room. The crew was scrurrying around with their life vests on. I went up to the top deck to see the smoke stacks. The ship had slowed down to less than half speed and there was a strange burning smell. About 20 minutes later the Captain came back on and announced that a turbocharger on one of the main engines had blown a seal, set off the smoke detectors and blinded the cameras. Within an hour we were back up to speed again. Also we aborted the port docking in Nawiliwili, Kauai. We were told this was due to high winds although they didnt seem all the high? Some of the crew members confessed that this port is missed about 1 out of 4 times?? Had I known this I might have thought twice about booking this cruise. Fire
(Holland America Line)
The Sun Sentinel reportsa fire on board C/S MAASDAM. Boarded vsl and determined source of fire to be in the crew galley. Fire started in a "tilt-pan." Tilt-pan looks very similar to a huge deep sink that is used to cook large quantities of food such as soups, boil large quantities of vegetables, etc. Mess cook poured canola oil into the empty/hot "tilt pan" which resulted in an immediate flash and fire. Crew immediately used dry-chem extinguisher to put out fire, vacated space, closed local FSDs, and notified bridge. Large quantities of smoke were noted and as a precautionary measure vsl engaged Gaylord system and discharged fixed CO2 system into ventilation ducts. Accessed space and noted no damage in area. Fire contained to metal tilt-pan. Vsl recharged fixed CO2 bottle in port and put back into service. Fire
Costa Romatica
(Costa Cruises)
Merco Press reports the ship is anchored seven miles off the Uruguayan sea resort of Punta del Este after having suffered last night a brief blackout caused by a fire in the generators room. It was traveling from Rio do Janeiro where it left February 23 and was expected to reach Buenos Aires early morning today. According to a release from Costa Cruises the blaze was rapidly contained with no risk for passengers, crew or the vessel. Travelers were immediately informed of the incident and electricity was immediately restored with emergency equipment. A team of Uruguayan experts with the support from the local Coast Guard are currently assessing the extent of the damages and helping with the repairs. The vessel is expected to resume its schedule this evening. Most passengers on board are Brazilian, Argentines, Chileans and Mexicans. Update: The Earth Times reports  1,429 passengers and 590 crew members were evacuated after efforts to repair the generator were unsuccessful. Those on board were evacuated in boats to the resort town of Punta del Esta about 13 kilometres from where the ship had anchored and about 120 kilometres east of Uruguayan capital Montevideo. They were then transferred to Buenos Aires for flights home. Update: The cruise scheduled to depart February 26 has been canaceled given the need for repairs. As reported at Cruising Talk, passengers on that cruise were put up in hotels paid for by Costa which is in the process of arranging an alternate vacation at a land-based resort through March 12, when the cruise would have ended. Those who do not want to take the resort option will receive a refund of the amount paid and full assistance with their onward travels, whether they booked their original air arrangements on their own or with Costa. All guests on the canceled sailing will also receive a credit equivalent to 50 percent of the fare paid (for the cruise only) valid toward a future Costa cruise through December 31, 2010.
Fire -- Ship evacuated
(Carnival Cruise Lines)
From Cruise Critic: At 2:30am I got a wake up call that I did not request....I woke up to the fire alarms going off. I got up and immediatatley smelled smoke, I heard yelling in the hall. I opened my cabin door which was E189 on the Empress Deck and there was a lady in her undies yelling that the ship was on fire and for us to evacuatate. I got dressed, grabbed my purse, sail and sign card and my life jacket. There was NO crew members anywhere to be seen! No one telling us if the fire was up or down, foward or aft. All I knew was that the Deck was hazy with smoke and that the smell was horrible. I ended up following others up to the Atlantic Deck to our muster station. Still no crew. It was more then 15 minutes after arriving at the Starlight that the first crew member showed up. She just told us basicly to shut up and sit down. An elderly lady was injured during the movement and another had an asthma attack due to all the smoke. I called Carnival and spoke with a sup. I was told that it was a small fire (how small I dont know, it did cause quite a bit of smoke and several cabins on that deck were not available to their occupants for at least 3 hours and at least one passenger had to be moved - I was in line behind her at the pursers desk - and one couple in line to disembark were not allowed back into their cabin right away and thier carpet was soaking wet). Carnival is stating that they are trying to keep it quiet. I suppose it would be bad plubicity. So I suppose that is why there are not any reports about it. Finally the crew started showing up with medical help. I do not know for sure who or what started the fire, but I was told that some guy set towels afire in his cabin. I did see someone (a male) being arrested before debarkation and being led away in hand cuffs off the ship by Customs agents.
MV Barranda (Tourist Yacht) -
News Agency Trend News reports a yacht carrying 15 tourists caught fire near Ecuador's national park on the Galapagos Islands but caused no injuries. The fire broke out at about 1:00 a.m. (0600 GMT) on Bartolome Island of the Galapagos Archipelago. All 15 tourists aboard were immediately evacuated by another two tourist ships near the scene. UPDATE: The Telegraph reports passengers had to go into the water and wait 30 minutes to be rescued. Shortly before the evacuation they had been told the waters were known to be shark-infested.
2008 (13 incidents)
Pride of Hull
(P&O Ferries)
According to the BBC, the ferry was left drifting 50 miles (80.5km) from port after an engine fire broke out. It was returning from Rotterdam to Hull when the blaze started at about 0530 GMT. Staff on the vessel, which had several hundred passengers and crew on board, quickly extinguished the blaze, during which time the other engine was shut down. No one had been injured and the ferry was due to arrive in Hull later in the day.
Sea Wind
(Tallink Silja)
Helicopters have evacuated passengers from a cargo ferry in the Baltic Sea after a fire broke out in the engine room. All 11 passengers were flown to the nearby port of Mariehamn in the Aland Islands, while the 28 crew members put out the fire. , Robin Lindstrom from the Turku Rescue Centre said on Tuesday. The ship was en route from the south-western Finnish port of Turku to Stockholm, Sweden, when a fire broke out in the engine room at about 2.40am Tuesday (1140 AEDT). The ferry suffered severe fire damage.
(Holland America Line)
A reported has been received that a small fire - believed to be electrical - was reported overnight on the 30/11/2008. It was quickly dealt with and no injuries or damage has been reported.
(Holland America Line)
A blogger reports (here and here) that passengers were awakened at 4AM by a fire alarm and the following over the ship's PA system: "There's not need for concern, ladies and gentlemen, we've detected a fire in the engine room.  No cause for concern, the ship's crew will be taking care of everything.  Fire crews, emergency response teams, emergency elevator operators, traffic control teams, hotel manager (and others) all report to your stations, please." A short time later another announcement was made: "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Captain here. The Fire Suppression System has done it's job, and the temperature is dropping in the boiler. I'm going to stop giving you updates now, do please go back to sleep and enjoy an unworried slumber."
Norwegian Dream
(Norwegian Cruise Line)
From a passenger: At about 2:45 a.m. an electrical fire broke out on deck three in an electrical locker of the ship. It was enroute to Boston on the final leg of her final cruise as the Norwegian Dream. Code Bravo deck three 3019 was called over some parts of the ship including some passenger cabins.The crew responded and succeeded in extinguishing the fire.The captain explained the situation later in the day during His regular report to the Passengers.
Azamara Quest
(Azamara Cruises)
From a passenger:  While docked in Chios (Greece) there was a fire in the ship laundry room. Most passengers were on excursions at the time. It was reported that 5 local fire engines responded but were not needed. The fire was contained quickly and it did not effect the schedule. There was also a problem with availability of hot water in some starboard forward cabins but it was also addressed promptly.
(Carnival Cruise Lines)
A passenger writes: Today we got evacuated from the cabin and made to go to the Lido Deck while they put out either a fire in the crew area or something started by a welder. This ship is not ready to be on the sea y'all. Really. We had to stay up there for about four hours. At least that was better than the ones that were ashore in Cozumel and could not reboard for that time. Fun fun fun.  Another Passenger posted the following from a letter sent to pax after the incident: Our crew was performing a maintenance function on one of the lower decks. The work involved the cutting of a large pipe and during this procedure, residue within the pipe became overheated. This created a significant amount of smoke which then traveled to areas on several higher decks. There was no fire associated with this incident and the crew quickly controlled the source of the smoke. As a safety precaution, we advised all guests to report to the open deck areas and we temporarily limited access to the ship via the gangway. We then made a full assessment of the incident to be sure that there was no safety concerns. After a complete evaluation, we confirmed that this situation was under control and there were no safety issues. Guests were then advised that they no longer needed to remain on the open decks and gangway access was re-opened.
(Holland America Line)
A passenger reports there was an onboard fire while the ship was docked at Dubrovnik. S/he returned to the ship at around 1:30 PM, and during lunch heard a fire alarm. As they tried to return to their cabin, they found a strong smell of smsoke and instead went to the Promenade. Upon arrival at the Promenade we saw that 4 fire trucks arrived and more were beginning to put the hoses on the boat. About 40 minutes after the initial warning, the fire appeared to be under control and 10 minutes later firefighters began to leave. The fire apparently burned some kind of warehouse and had been burning an hour. The degree of damage was not known.
Isle of Inishmore
(Irish Ferries)
The Evening Herald (Ireland) reports more than 200 passengers on an Irish Ferries vessel were put on evacuation standby as firefighters tackled a blaze that broke out on board. A boiler room fault triggered the fire that sparked the emergency on the ferry after it docked in west Wales. All 316 passengers and crew aboard the ferry escaped unharmed. The had arrived at Pembroke Dock and was about to set sail for Rosslare when the fire broke out as a result of a fault in the ship's thermal boiler. Members of the ferry's crew detected the fire while it was still in its early stages, and immediately shut down the stricken boiler unit. Nobody was injured during the incident.
Carnival Victory
(Carnival Cruise Lines)
From a passenger:  I was just on a five-night Canada Cruise (July 12-17, 2008). On Sunday night, July 13th we were at the 8:30 show in the Caribbean Lounge.  There were some "explosive" special effects throughout the show.  At the least I THINK it was the end...a spark ignited one of the speakers in the stage floor. It was smoking! After a few seconds a crew memeber came out from back-stage with a fire extinguisher and put it out. It continued to smoke even more. Evenutally, the lounge was cleared out.  The 10:30 show was delayed and the Midnight Comedy show was re-located due to the "fire".
Queen of the West
(Majestic America Line)
Fire broke out in the engine room while the ship was near Maryhill, WA on the Columbia River. The fire was quickly exteniguished but the ship had to be towed to a state part where it was nudge into the river bank for evacuation of th124 passengers and 53 crew. The only reports of injury were from crew members who suffered smoke inhalation while fighting the fire.
Voyager of the Seas
(Royal Caribbean International)
According to a passenger, there was a small fire onboard that did something to damage the propulsion system of the ship.  As a result the ship's schedule was altered, although it did go to all 3 destinations.  However shore excursions were all shortened. Fire
Star Princess
(Princess Cruises)
From a passenger:  There was a fire in the incinerator room on deck 3 on the Star Princess this morning (Jan 11). We knew that something was up when the captain called for an assessment crew for the incinerator room on deck 3. I was at the purser's desk when a bell sounded an alarm and the captain announced that the crew was to respond to an emergency. The pursers ran out of the room, the gift shops closed and we could see the crew with their life jackets on. In a few minutes the captain came on and announced that a small fire in the incinerator had been put out. I was impressed with how fast the crew responded and that the captain let us know what was going on as soon as he could. The ship left Buenos Aires yesterday and is en route to Port Stanley (Falkland Islands).
2007 (11 Incidents)
Norwegian Spirit
(Norwegian Cruise Line)
From a passenger: There was a small fire in the engine room at around 8:45PM as the ship headed back to New Orleans.  The ship was about 140 nautical miles south of New Orleans.  The ship was adrift for about 15 minutes as all engines were shut down.  The engine shut down caused severe cavitation and “code bravo to the engine room” was announced.  Smoke was seen coming from below the smoke stack which smelled like burnt oil.  The emergency signal was given but was reported to be a false alarm 1-2 minutes later at which time they announced that there was a small fire and it was under control.  About 5 minutes later it was announced that the fire was completely out and we would arrive in New Orleans as scheduled. Fire
M/S Aurora
(Nile Cruise)
Five Egyptians were killed and two wounded when a fire broke out in the engine room on the Nile cruise ship when it was anchored near the ancient Egyptian ruins of Luxor early this morning, forcing the evacuation of 43 French tourists. The five Egyptians who died were either trapped by flames as they tried to extinguish the blaze or drowned after falling into the river. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.
Jewel of the Seas
(Royal Caribbean International)
There was a small fire in the laundry room (deck 1 and 2) that was extinguished within an hour. Passengers were awakened by the 2:30 AM alert to crew, but there was no general call and passengers were not asked to leave their rooms. Some passengers report seeing thick smoke venting by the pool on deck 11. Apparently the only inconvenience, after things were brought under control, was that linens needed to be re-laundered to remove the smell of smoke.
Stena Voyager
(Stena Line)
An alarm was sparked after a fire broke out on a Stranraer to Belfast ferry carrying about 600 passengers and crew.  The fire, in a sealed turbine unit in the engine room, was put out by an automatic system. Life jackets were given to everyone on board in accordance with safety procedures and the ferry continued its journey. Nobody was injured.  The incident was brought under control within less than an hour. Fire
Pacific Star
(P&O Australia)
There was apparently a small fire in an electrical panel that caused a mustering of crew to prepare for a possible emergency. The source of the smoke/fire was located and brought under control. (See You Tube)
Enchantment of the Seas
(Royal Caribbean International)
Reported by a passenger:  Shortly after leaving Belize, about 4:30 in the afternoon, Bravo Bravo Bravo was called for a room on the 4th Deck (4550-something).  From our balcony, starboard all the way forward, we could smell acrid smoke.  We were still under pilot navigating the channel through the barrier reef and we came to a stop.  Captain Ban immediately made informational announcements and asked our cooperation in keeping the area clear. Shortly thereafter, we started moving again. About 30 minutes later it was announced that the fire was out, and that the area would be reopened as soon as cleanup was done.  Later an announcement was made that the fire had started in a closet, and that they were investigating the exact cause - the cabin was not occupied at the time the alarms went off.  We passed through that area this morning to debark, and there was still quite a bit of smoke odor, and many persons working in that area.  The ship was on a five night western Caribbean cruise departing from Fort Lauderdale. Fire
Mariner of the Seas
(Royal Caribbean International)
There was a fire on deck 0 in the incinerator.  Smoke could be smelled on some decks but the captain made a quick announcement that they were investigating and no one was allowed to smoke until further notice - he came back on to report that the fire was completely put out and smoking was now allowed.  There was no disruption of the cruise, which was on its last night of a seven night Eastern Caribbean cruise to/from Port Canaveral. Fire
(San Nicolas Shipping Lines)
Five people died and seven others were injured when the ferry, en route from Manila to southwestern Palawan province, caught fire in Paluan Bay in Mindoro ( Philippines ) Sunday.  Two passing fishing boats and a coast guard vessel rescued 255 passengers.  Reports said some of the passengers and crewmen jumped to the sea after they saw flames had already engulfed parts of the ship.  The fire is believed to have started in the ship’s cargo section. Fire
Norwegian Star
(Norwegian Cruise Line)
The ship was escorted into the Prince Rupert harbour by the a Canadian Coast Guard vessel following a small fire in the engine room. At 3:13 p.m. , Prince Rupert ’s marine communications traffic services were notified that there was an engine room fire on board.  Causing no significant damage, the fire was easily extinguished. The vessel was in U.S. waters near an area called Butterworth Rocks when the problem occurred.  Once docked in Prince Rupert a marine safety inspector conducted a preliminary investigation.  It was determined that a broken fuel line caused the accident. The unit was taken out of use and the vessel was deemed safe to resume course to Seattle . UPDATE: Associated Press subsequently reported that NCL says there was not a fire; they say a component failure knocked out one of the four main deisel engines and that the ship is safe.  Regardless of "the truth of the matter," the ship is due back in Seattle May 19th one hour behind schedule. Engine Room Fire
M/V Butuan Bay Three people were killed and 14 others injured when an explosion rocked the engine room of a passenger ship in central Phillipines.  The ship, with 513 passengers and crew, had last left Cebu City , 585 km south of Manila . Engine Fire
Disney Magic
(Disney Cruise Line)
From a passenger (posted at Disboards):   While doing the fireworks during the Pirates in the Caribbean deck party, there was an emergency code red call to the rear of the boat. My husband went to look and discovered that there was a misfire on the fireworks and appeared to be a fire by Palo restaurant. I am trying to find out more, and will post more later ...  Here's what happened with the fireworks --  about 1/4 of the way through one misfired and hit the side of the ship. The next one misfired and landed right next to palo's and started a fire. That set off the fire sprinklers on deck 10 aft. Our asst server is part of the fire team. He said it was a HUGE mess because the Captain sent everyone to the Pirate buffet instead of Palo's ...  The captain then sent everyone to the right place and everything seems ok. All brunch's at Palo's today were cancelled, but dinners were ok.  No reports of injury. Fire
2006 (9 Incidents)
Seabourn Spirit
(Seabourn Cruises)
Passengers report at Cruise Critic that there was a small fire before arriving in Hong Kong .  According to one:  We went to the Verandah for Breakfast and there was soot on the table settings on the outside. We had a good view of all the fire engines and water craft coming along while we had our breakfast. The crew appeared to have everything under control and the Captain gave the all clear to the crew prior to us finishing our Breakfast. He had some of the crew on standby near where the fire had been and everything for the passengers appeared as normal. Of course one must have known something was up when the Captain called Station Bravo over the loud speaker before 7 in the morning. Fire
Radiance of the Seas
(Royal Caribbean International)
From a passenger:  Just got back from Radiance of the Seas 10/28/06 cruise to Puerto Rico , Antigua , St. Thomas , St. Maarten and Nassau . The evening we were sailing back to Ft. Lauderdale (4 November) a fire broke out in the Windjammer and the captain came on the loud speaker at 2AM to announce BRAVO - BRAVO - BRAVO, we have a fire in the Windjammer -- everyone stay tuned to for further announcements. Finally he came back on about a half an hour later to inform us that all was well and that we could go back to sleep. Fire
( Holland America Line)
A fire alarm went off at 6:00 AM as a result of a fire (or excessive smoke) in the engine room and affected one of the azipods.  The problem was put under control with injuries of difficulty, however one of the azipods was now disabled.  Because of reduced speeds the ship will sail a revised itinerary for the remaining cruise days, skipping Puerto Vallarta .  This is a seven day cruise from San Diego San Diego one day early and passengers will be permitted to remain onboard.  Compensation included a $150 shipboard credit and future travel discount of 25% of the fare paid for this cruise. and the incident occurred the first morning of the cruises.  The ship will return to Fire
Jewel of the Seas

From a passenger:  Bravo, Bravo, Bravo called during early dinner seating -- area affected is deck 2 midship.  The story onboard was that one of the Platters tossed a lit cigarette into the trash can thinking it was out. Smoke filled several cabins and the automatic sprinklers came on. The captain came on the intercom three times to explain what was going on and let the passengers know when it was under control. No major damage reported, no injuries. Cruise Critic: The staff and crew had everything under control in less than 20 minutes.  Seven staterooms had to be evacuated and people reassigned to other rooms.  The rooms mostly suffered water damage from the sprinkler system. According to a poster at

Enchantment of the Seas
Novedades (local newspaper) in Cancun reports that a short circuit caused a fire on a life boat while it was being lower from the ship while in Cozumel .  The fire was quickly extinguished and there were no injuries Fire
Statendam ( Holland America Line) At approx. 5:30 AM the fire alarm (5 short blasts) went off.  The fire was contained in the “stack of the incinerator that burns garbage”, and a fire crew was kept standing by to make sure it didn’t flare up.  I was partially awake, therefore being able to hear the alarm.  But most of our fellow cruisers did not hear the alarm.  A “survey” was taken later that day asking the question about the speakers in the staterooms, etc.  When I asked fellow cruisers, I found out that like in my room, the “speakers” were not operational.  The captain thanked those who responded to the survey, but nothing was done to correct any of the speakers, and even to the end of the cruise, announcements were barely audible unless you opened the cabin doors. We also had an outbreak of norovirus on board -- at the completion of our cruise we were told we had to vacate our staterooms by 8:00 am so the ship could have a “deep sanitization” done.  We were told by our dining room head waiter that about 30-35 people had come down with it. ` Fire
Calypso (Louis Cruise Lines) A "Mayday" was sent out saying the 39-year-old ship had ship was on fire, 15 miles off Beachy Head on UK coast.  The fire broke out in the early hours in the starboard engine -- it was extinguished by 6AM .  Passengers (462) and crew  (246) were at muster stations in the lifeboats, but an evacuation was not necessary.  The ship was towed to Southampton and passengers disembarked. Fire
Seabourn Pride (Seabourn Cruises) The transatlantic cruise ending today in Lisbon arrived several hours late -- the delay was explained as the result of heavy weather and a fault with the exhaust system which is needing repairs.  But a passenger reports meeting someone who said those crossing the Atlantic were lucky to escape with their lives as there had been a fire in the engine room on the 3rd day as well as an encounter with a rogue wave.  The fire was apparently very bad and there was lots of smoke although it was put out within 15 minutes so pax weren't called to the lifeboats.  Interestingly, the ship moored on the port side in Lisbon to hide the large mark on the side where all the paint was burned away. The captain also moored like this in Madeira but once the passengers got into town the large patch of rust was there for all to see & comment on. Fire?
Star Princess (Princess Cruises)

At approximately 3:10 AM , as the ship was en route from Grand Cayman to Monteg o Bay, a fire broke out in the passenger accommodations, and spread to adjacent cabins. About 150 cabins were damaged by the fire which may have been started by a cigarette.  Passengers were immediately notified of the fire using the public address system and requested to report to their muster stations. The company confirmed that one passenger had died following a cardiac arrest, two passengers had significant smoke inhalation injuries and nine passengers with had minor complications resulting from smoke inhalation. The fire was extinguished, and the ship proceeded to Montego Bay which it reach around noon .  Passengers in the cabins affected by the fire were provided hotel rooms ashore in Montego Bay ; other passengers remained on the ship until their flights home were arranged. The cruise began March 19 in Fort Lauderdale . All cruises are cancelled until May 15th.

2005 (5 Incidents)
Oltenita ( Danube Black Sea Shipping) A fire broke out on the river cruise ship while on the Danube near the Slovak capital of Bratislava .  All 77 tourists from Denmark , Norway , and Belgium evacuated safely.  43 Romanian crew also escaped, though one crew member (a singer in the band) was missing and feared dead. Fire
Costa Classica (Costa Cruises) Escorted back to Athen's main harbour after a fire broke out as it sailed through the western Aegean Sea off the island of Poros .  The fire broke out in a mooring area on the aft side of the ship at 9:30 a.m. and extinguished 35 minutes later.  There were no injuries but a kitchen area was damaged so the cruise was canceled.  Fire
Carnival Legend (Carnival Cruise Line) FROM A PASSENGER:  Around 10PM we looked out of our balcony, on the starboard side on deck 7, and saw heavy, heavy smoke coming from the lower levels towards the front of the ship.  Although I did never actually see flames, there were extremely bright flickering lights coming from the same place.  Within minutes, there was an announcement for everyone to proceed to the upper, open decks.  The late show had to be evacuated ... and people who's room was in that area said their rooms and hallways were filled with thick white smoke.  The Cruise Director announced "there was a problem in the engine room and that something had overheated".  Later it was an "oily substance".  All  I can tell you for sure was that it was heavy smoke.  People had their life jackets on, very unsettling. This lasted over an hour.  No real explanation and of course no compensation. Fire?
Infinity (Celebrity Cruises) From a passenger:  There was a fire in stateroom 7067 that gutted the place – scary for a fire at sea.  Fire
Seven Seas Navigator (Radisson Seven Seas Cruises) A small electrical fire broke out in the generator room at about 1 AM burning some electrical cables to the No. 2 generator and damaging the cables to the control system of the No. 1 generator. The combined damage caused a temporary blackout. Power was restored on a shaft generator from the main engines so the ship is running at lower than normal speeds and is expected back in Fort Lauderdale Tuesday evening, instead of Tuesday morning. The following week-long cruise has been canceled.  According to passengers, efforts at compensation for the final days' disappointments fell short of expectations.
2004 (3 Incidents)
Carnival Destiny (Carnival Cruise Line) A passenger reported that "the ship broke down while cruising from St.Thomas to Dominica. We were delayed 3.5 hours. Also, while docked at St.Thomas there was a fire in one of trash incinerators. Passengers were delayed 45 minutes to board. There was no cause given as to why the fire started." Power loss
Sun Cruz V (Sun Cruz Casino Boat) An engine room fire was extinguished and no one was injured after the ship caught fire with 160 passengers onboard (560 capacity) when it was 3 miles (30 minutes) south of Port Everglades.  It was towed back to Port Everglades two hours later. Fire
Majesty of the Seas (Royal Caribbean International) Passengers were directed to stay at their muster stations for 24 minutes when a galley fire broke out at 5 AM in the Windjammer Cafe. The fire was extinguished in 21 minutes and there were no injuries.  The ship will continue on its itinerary, but the Windjammer Cafe will be closed. Fire
2003 (1 Incidents)
Explorer of the Seas (Royal Caribbean International) A cleaning crew discovered a minor fire at the aft end of Deck 13.  The fire was extinguished 13 minutes later, causing damage to the inline skating facility and the top of the waterslide on Deck 12.  Those facilities will be closed for repair.  Fire
2002 (3 Incidents)
Statendam ( Holland America Line) Five tug boats called to tow the ship back to Vancouver after a small fire in the ship's generator rooms knocked out four generator and the ship's two main propulsion motors.  One  generator continued to operate, so there were lights but no A/C.  Incident happened when the ship was 24 miles from Vancouver , in Strait of Georgia 9 PM ). Efforts to repair the problem took too long so the cruise was canceled. (The Canadian Coast Guard says there was a fire; HAL says that a breaker panel overheated and melted, tripping other generators and the propulsion system.) (call for help came at Fire
Princess of Scandinavia Cruise ferry with 758 pax and 126 crew has engine fire which spread to funnel.  Fire extinguished after several hours.  Plans for evacuation of ship canceled Fire
Disney Magic Smoke stack fire; extinguished within an hour.  Passengers were awakened at 5:00 AM and told to go to their assembly stations with their life jackets.  Arrives at next destination 1.5 hours late. Fire
2001 (2 Incidents)
Arkona Runs into dock after engine room fire causes loss of power – pax flown home Fire
Nordic Prince (RCI) Engine room fire, loss of power.  Passenger flown home from Bernuda. Fire
2000 (2 Incidents)
Nieuw Amsterdam (HAL) Fire in crew quarters while in Glacier Bay – Delayed 12 hrs until given clearance by US Coast Guard.  Fire
Celebration (Carnival) Fire in generator -- Adrift for 6 hrs until power restored.  No toilets or air conditioning Fire
1999 (5 Incidents)

Tropicale (Carnival)

Engine fire – Disabled.  Arrives in port 2 days late – Cancels next 6 cruises.  Fire
SunCruz Casino Ship Engine room fire before it left port – Evacuated Fire
Norway (NCL) Fire in turbocharger room while in Barcelona mid-cruise – This, and next 3, cruises cancelled Fire
Sun Vista (previously Meridien) (Sun) Fire in engine room – Sinks off Malaysia .  Large oil spill Fire
Enchantment of the Seas (RCCL) Engine fire/failure 60 miles from St. Thomas –  6 next cruises cancelled Fire
1998 (1 Incidents)
Ecstasy (Carnival) Fire in laundry room while leaving Miami – 54 injured and 4 hospitalized.  Out for 2 months Fire
1997 (3 Incidents)
Romantica (New Paradise ) Fire 10 mi off Cypress (total loss)  – Evacuated Fire
Vistafjord (Cunard)

February: Fire while in Straits of Magellan - disabled for two days.  Possible arson 

April: Fire in ship’s laundry room – 1 crew member dies.  Cruise cancelled after reaching Freeport (20 mi away)
Fair Princess (P&O) Fire in casino  - passengers called to muster stations - fire contained.  Continues with cruise Fire
1996 (4 Incidents)
Universe Explorer (Commodore) Laundry room fire – 5 seamen killed, 67 crew and 6 passengers injured Grounded
Golden Princess (Princess) Fire in engine room – Towed to Victoria   Fire
Discovery I (Discovery) Fire in engine room – Towed back to Freeport Fire
Sagafjord (Cunard) Fire – Stranded off coast of Manila (listing) – Towed to dock. Fire
1995 (2 Incidents)

Regent Star (Regency)

Engine room fire while in Prince William Sound , Alaska – Disabled.  Passengers transferred to Rotterdam   Fire
Celebration (Carnival) Engine room fire when 370 miles south of Miami – Adrift for more than 2 days.  No a/c or hot food or elevators.  Passengers transferred to Ecstasy.  Fire
1994 (3 Incidents)
Achille Lauro (Starlauro) Fire and sunk in Indian Ocean (near Seychelles ) –  4 die, 8 injured Fire
Regal Empress (International Shipping)

Fire when 30 min from NYC – Evacuated. 

Pallas Athena (Epirotiki) Fire while berthed in Piraeus – Total loss Fire
1993 (0 Incidents)
1992 (1 Incidents)
Starship Majestic Fire – Evacuated Fire
1991 (3 Incidents)

Pegasus (Epirotiki)

Fire while berthed in Venice – Total loss Fire
Eurosun ( Europe Cruise Line) Fire while off Canary Islands Fire
Sovereign of the Seas (RCCL) Fire in lounge while in port at San Juan – Evacuated.  Cruise resumed.  Fire
1990 (5 Incidents)
Crystal Harmony ( Crystal ) Temporarily disabled from fire in auxiliary engine room – Drifted for 16 hours.  Evacuated at port Fire
Regent Star (Regency) Fire and grounded while approaching Philadelphia – Evacuated Fire
Regent Star (Regency) Fire - put under control.  Possible arson. Fire
Scandinavian Star (Int’l  Shipping) Fire while in North Sea – Evacuated 159 die.  Possible arson. Fire
Fairstar (Sitmar) Engine room fire – Not disabled – 1 crew  member dies Fire