2 Crew Members Jump Ship in Galveston, April 2006

On April 1, two crew members jumped ship from the Grand Princess on its turnaround day in Galveston.  As a result, crew members were restricted in shore leave in Galveston on subsequent visits.  One crew member, ending her contract, writes:

Due to a crew member jumping ship in Galveston a few weeks ago the US authorities have allowed no crew shore leave, so have not been able to get to the internet cafes to get online.  Also due to the crew member jumping ship we were escorted to the airport by the Police. I was the only one on the flight into XXXXX so had my own private Police Officer to make sure I checked into the departure lounge and left the country. He followed me all over the airport which was quite hilarious as people thought I was either a convict or someone famous.....people kept whispering to each other as I walked around the airport with this big burly Police Officer, kitted out in the full gun, handcuffs etc.......who's that....is she famous!!  Especially seeing as though he was only about 5"10 and I towered above him!! Had my high heels on to ensure I got extra leg room as I towered over the check in desk (know all the tricks of the trade!)