Sensation -- April 6-10, 2006

I went inside to find my daughter to make sure she was in her room safely before i went to bed and where did I find her ... at the bar having her 3rd drink.  She had just turned 18 ... she was not asked for ID ... it was just served to her. 

I thought someone else had purchased it for her so i told her to order another one while i was there to witness it (she dosen't look 18; certainly not 21).  She asked for a yeager bomb -- which i had never in my life heard of -- and they give it to her no problem.  It was some kind of liquor with a red bull mix.  I told the lady that servered it to her that she had just turned 18 that day.  The server just said, "oh sorry, couldn't tell how old she was."  This is just unreal.