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A Passenger's Account

I was on the Costa Magica, Jan. 2-8
th,  when the 15 yr old girl went overboard.  Part of her family or friends had a room right next to ours on Deck 7 and they had been loud and unruly for 2 days!  They woke me up the first night of the cruise. Wednesday night after we turned our clocks back 1 hour, I was woke up by all kinds of yelling and fighting in that room.  The lady across the hall from us had called security along with our friend that was in the room on the other side of ours.  He had seen a girl being carried by a teen boy, and she looked passed out and they thought she had blood on herself.  They also called Security.  Only 1 man came!  An American speaking boy told him that it would be ok and that he promised he’d take care of it. 

The security guy left and within minutes they started again.  It sounded like they were trying to keep her from doing something.  It was horrible!  We thought they were going to come through our wall!!  I called security this time and the lady was rude and said they already sent someone.  I told her that he was here and left and that they were fighting again and it was bad, to get someone here fast!  The security guy came back pretty quickly and the American boy said he’d ‘get their parents’.  In a few minutes he returned with a couple that looked like they were being inconvenienced!!  Then they all left and some of the kids told us they were sorry.
It was about an hour after, that we heard running and screaming in the hallway  “She jumped, Oh my god she jumped!”  I sat on my balcony from 2am -4:30am thinking that someone would come help search.  They did turn the boat and I could see the lighted life jackets, but no one came.  There were no helicopters, like reports are saying and other boats didn’t come until it seemed like we were already on our way to Cozumel!  We were out there for nearly 9 hours and it was awful!  The ocean was very calm that night despite reports of it being bad weather.  That didn’t come until late Thursday night! 

We tried to talk to Costa about what we had heard and saw, but no one wanted to talk to us!  It was like they were playing cover up!  It was the worst cruise we have ever been on!  It was our 7th, and our first time on a Costa Cruise.  They didn’t do any kind of investigating as far as I know.  We were never asked about anything.  My kids and our friends kids have been affected by this ordeal!  They heard the kids in that room talking on the balcony the next night and they were saying that the cruise ship should not have been serving a 15yr old girl drinks.  They also heard them say that she leaned over the railing to vomit and fell.  They said she hit a lifeboat and they ran down to that level to see if she was on it, and then they ran back up and I’m assuming that’s when we heard all the screaming. 

During the night search, I didn’t see any lifeboats put into the water.  We did see 1 that morning but it looked as if it was just retrieving the life jackets that were thrown overboard!  It was a horrific experience, and one that I feel could have been different if the security did more!  That girl should not have been by herself!  .... Her family didn’t even get off the ship in Cozumel! ... It was unbelievable!  We don’t even know these people and we can’t stop thinking about her!