"All the Things that Can Go Wrong On A Cruise"


The table below lists "events at sea" occurring after January 1, 2018, including cruise ship accidents.  It is based on media reports, passenger reports posted at on-line boards and discussion groups, and reports sent to Cruise Junkie. In reviewing the information, please keep in mind that some cruise lines are given less scrutiny by the media than others, and it is not uncommon for events to not appear in the media.  This information reflects only that which has made it into the public domain.

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NOTE: Medical Evacuations (Medevacs) are not reported here. They are common (10 - 20 a week) and a often reported elsewhere.

Cruise Line
Type of Incident
March 19 Carnival Fantasy WKRG reports dense fog over the Gulf Coast Monday morning delayed the return of the ship to the Alabama Cruise Terminal in downtown Mobile. Subsequently, it was announced the ship will arrive in port at 7 pm tonight and some passengers that want to get off will do so, the remaining passengers will debark tomorrow morning at 7 am. No one will be boarding tonight, so folks will be looking for hotel rooms, restaurants and other things to do tonight in town. Regular boarding will commence tomorrow morning around 10:15 am for those passengers who were supposed to leave today. Delayed arrival & departure (fog)
March 19 Carnival Breeze From a passenger: March 16, 2018 on the Carnival Breeze out of Galveston. While at port in Cozumel about 1700 ship time, young male approx 18-21 yo fell from balcony stateroom. Suffered severe head injuries, treated by passengers for about 10 min before carnival medical personnel arrived. Luckily there was an Army guy and EMT within 25 feet of where he landed (head first) on railing of 5th Deck. They provided first aide until carnival employees finally showed up. Carnival Dream was in port on the same side as fall. There were multiple people with cameras taking videos and pictures.  Fall from balcony to lower deck
March 16 Disney Wonder Fox5San Diego reports a Brazilian national who pleaded guilty to embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Walt Disney Co. while working aboard the Disney Wonder cruise ship was sentenced Tuesday to 15 months in prison. Renan Dias Da Rocha Gomes, 32, admitted to making about $260,000 worth of unauthorized charges to a company bank account and loading the value of the funds onto Disney gift cards while employed as a merchandise host on the vessel over a two-year period that ended with his arrest in San Diego last October. During a search of Gomes’ cabin aboard the Disney Wonder, investigators found more than 200 gift cards, a stolen watch and $1,240 in cash, court documents state. According to his plea agreement, Gomes executed the scheme by fraudulently obtaining money through his access to an online payment system. He also admitted that he spent roughly $37,700 of the stolen funds by taking his family on a Disney World vacation last spring. Guilty of embezzling money
March 15 Astoria The Orcadian reports one of the first cruise liners due to visit Orkney this season has cancelled its stop here due to the harsh weather expected over the next few days The ship was due to tie up at Hatston Pier tomorrow morning, Friday, however, the ship’s itinerary has been changed and it will now be bypassing Orkney altogether. High winds and rough seas have been predicted for Orkney from yesterday until Saturday night.  Misssed port call (weather)
March 15 MSC Divina Royal Gazette reports the ship has cancelled its Bermuda visit today because of bad weather. It was scheduled to arrive at Heritage Wharf in Dockyard this morning and depart this evening. The Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre duty officer said the ship arrived at the pilot station on schedule at 7am. He added: “But the captain assessed the weather conditions and with the winds at the time, not less than 35 kts, decided for the safety of the vessel to cancel the call into Bermuda. The vessel continued its voyage onwards to the Azores.” Misssed port call (weather)
March 14 Regal Princess Cruise Law News reports several Princess Cruises passengers informed me that an incinerator fire occurred on the Regal Princess during the week of February 25th (two weeks ago). An alarm was sounded, and cruise passengers were later advised that the incinerator fire had been extinguished. Incinerator fire
March 13 Carnival Spirit News 9 reports a Sydney father who says he was wrongly accused of exposing himself to a young female passenger on a Carnival cruise, then beaten up by her father and interrogated by security before they noticed their obvious mistake, is now suing the company. Passenger John Sun is taking legal action against Carnival Australia after the alleged incident on an eight-day return cruise from Sydney to New Caledonia in December 2016. A statement of claim lodged with the NSW District Court claims that on December 10 onboard security was told a man had exposed and then touched himself in front of young female passengers. According to the claim, security staff showed a particular girl photographs of Mr Sun - who was travelling with his wife and daughter - and the parents of the young girl were provided with details about Mr Sun and then found him in his room. The court documents state that at 10.45pm, in front of Mr Sun's wife and daughter, the girl's father physically assaulted Mr Sun in his own stateroom and accused him of exposing himself to his child. They also state that Mr Sun called security for assistance, but on arrival, they instead marched him to a room where they grilled him for one and a half hours. The security guards are alleged to have stood in front of and behind Mr Sun. He felt he "was not at liberty to refuse the direction to accompany them"."Security staff acting on behalf of the defendant and the captain accused the plaintiff of the conduct the subject of the allegations," the statement of claims says. Mr Sun was eventually shown footage of the incident and noted that - unlike him - the man in the video was not heavily tattooed. After these "obvious physical differences" were pointed out, Mr Sun claims he was allowed back to his room about 12.45am but was not given medical attention for the physical assault. Mr Sun claims he was fearful of further attacks and suffered humiliation and damage to his reputation. "The investigation conveyed the imputation the plaintiff is a pedophile," Mr Sun's statement of claim states. The Sydney father and his family - including his parents - remained on the Carnival Spirit following the incident. He's suing the operator for breach of contract, misleading or deceptive conduct, defamation, unjustified or unlawful detention and negligence. He is seeking damages up to $100,000. A Carnival spokesman told AAP the company wouldn't comment "while the legal process is in train". Pax beaten by other pax - security no help
March 10 Queen Victoria CDC reports 65 of 1,901 (3.42%) passengers and 9 of 968 (0.93%) crew have reported gastrointestinal illness of the 21 February - 9 March cruise. A CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officer and an epidemiologist boarded the ship in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, on March 9, 2018, to conduct an environmental health assessment and evaluate the outbreak and response activities. Illness outbreak
March 7 Norwegian Epic Crew Center reportsa passenger on board the ship was rescued after going overboard on Tuesday night, as the vessel sailed near the Bahamas. NCL has confirmed the incident saying that a female guest went over the rail and into the ocean. Crew rescue teams immediately responded to the emergency and lowered a life boat to search for the missing passenger around the ship. Passengers onboard were reporting the teen was on the top deck with her family when she leaned over the railing to take a selfie and fell overboard. Passenger overboard - rescued
March 7 Carnival Glory Cruise Law News reportsthe ship became stuck near the port of San Juan, Puerto Rico this afternoon after the cruise ship dropped several hundred feet of anchor chain and an anchor after the ship left Old San Juan. A Carnival crew member states that the cruise ship's starboard anchor became stuck after the ship left port. A crew member states that the anchor was cut and the ship finally was able to sail away. Loses anchor - stuck
March 6 Seven Seas Navigator From a passenger: Navigator grounding shortly after getting underway from Benoa, Bali last night. Captain reported cause was unexpected maneuver by fishing boat(s) in channel, forcing his turn to avoid collision. No injuries, but Navigator was grounded until high tide and tugs were able to free her just after midnight. No leakage reported, but Navigator has now returned to Benoa pier awaiting divers and Lloyd’s inspectors to confirm no underwater damage before being released to proceed. This is the Regent world cruise this year - probable result will be deletion of scheduled visit to Java.  Aground
March 5 Grand Celebration CBS 12 reports stormy conditions at sea are causing a big detour for more than a thousand cruise ship passengers in and out of West Palm Beach. The ship is docking at Port Everglades Monday because it can't get into the Port of Palm Beach. The ship has 1435 passengers on board. Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line told CBS12 it has arranged for 22 buses to take passengers to West Palm Beach to collect their cars. Those same buses will take sailing passengers down to Port Everglades to board the Grand Celebration cruise ship. The last buses will leave for Port Everglades at 3 p.m. The Grand Celebration is set to return to Palm Beach on Wednesday. Diverted
March 2 Princess and others Cruise Law News reports an explosion aboard a Mexican ferry in Carmen del Playa ten days ago, followed by at least one explosive device planted on the hull of another ferry which was discovered yesterday, triggered a United States embassy's alert last night, prohibiting embassy employees from using ferries operating between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. On February 21, 2018, we reported on a violent explosition on a ferry in Carmen del Playa which seriously injured around 25 passengers, includuing 7 U.S. citizens. The explosion on the Barcos Caribe, which has been operating a Playa del Carmen-Cozumel route, injured passengers as they were disembarking from the ferry to the dock. Mexican authorities initially said that the explosion was the result of a mechanical malfunction; however, news sources are now reporting that the explosion was the result of an explosive device.      This news comes after a second device was located on another ferry in Cozumel also owned by the Barcos Caribe company, which provides regular service to toruists between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen. At least one cruise line, Princess Cruises, has cancelled excursions which use ferries between Playa del Carmen and Cancun. Narco-terrorism on ferries (Cancun)
March 1 Carnival Sensation Jamaica Observer repor is 3 Americans went missing from the Carnival Sensation Cruise ship, which arrived at a Port in Ocho Rios, St Ann yesterday. Reports are that all three passengers boarded the ship which left from Miami on Monday and arrived in the island at 10:00 am, where the passengers left the ship with baggage said to be for family members. At 5:30 pm, an official from the cruise ship in the evening was making checks when it was discovered that they were missing. Lawmen are currently investigating. 3 pax missing ashore
February 28 Carnival Elation Action News Jax reports a Florida mom is speaking out after she says her 18-year-old daughter with special needs was sexually assaulted on a Carnival cruise ship. The woman says her daughter left on a birthday cruise with her grandmother on Jacksonville-based Elation on Saturday. She said it was a girls' trip, and her daughter, who has the mental capacity of a 13-year-old, was excited. According to a statement from Carnival Cruise Line, staff was notified of an alleged act of misconduct onboard the ship Tuesday evening. "She was in the hot tub with a bunch of kids and she said the gentleman came and got in the hot tub," the mom told Action News Jax. "I honestly believe he scouted my daughter. He waited for that moment." She said the man started a conversation with her daughter before sexually attacking her, leaving scratches and marks on her body. Carnival said an adult male passenger was detained onboard. The FBI and United States Coast Guard are investigating. NOTE: The last analysis of all reports of sex related incidents on Carnival ships indicated one is 50% more likely to be sexual assaulted on a Carnival cruise ship than on land in Canada. Further analysis indicated 34% of victims of sexual assault on cruise ships are under the age of 18. Sexual assault of teen
February 21 Astor

9 News reports the ship became wedged against a Melbourne pier as strong winds battered Victoria overnight. It was blown on to the edge of Station Pier at St Kilda, Melbourne, during the wild weather. Tug boats had to help pull the large vessel free. A reader writes: We had a bit of excitement in the Bay at Melbourne, Australia,earlier this week in fierce easterly gale force winds – very unusual for Melbourne. After pulling the Astor away from the point of collision with the end of Station Pier using tugs it did a series of ‘holding patterns’ for several hours whilst it was examined for damage. Apparently it has a sizable dint but nobody was injured. Both the Astor and the Spirit if Tasmania eventually left Port Philip Bay at reduced speed and continued on across Bass Strait to Tasmania.

Allision with pier
February 16 Carnival Legend Daily Mail reports the savage fist fight which got 23 members of the same family group kicked off a 'cruise from hell' started when someone stood on another passenger's thong, according to a witness.  Shocking footage showed up to 30 passengers beating each other on the Carnival Legend ship while it was 220km off Jervis Bay, New South Wales at around 1am on Friday.  Desperate security guards resorted to violence to stop the alcohol-fulled brawl, which was one of many to terrorise passengers on board the 10-day cruise of the South Pacific. Brawl involving 30 pax
February 15 Marella Discovery 2 Independent reports Marella, the cruise operation of TUI, has told hundreds of holidaymakers booked on an April voyage from Jamaica to Mallorca that they will not visit Cuba, the Bahamas or Portugal.  In a letter to passengers, TUI wrote: “We start planning our future cruise schedule a long way ahead of the sailing date. And, as a result, we sometimes find we need to amend an itinerary shortly before a cruise starts so that we can offer you the best holiday experience possible.” “On this occasion, Havana, Nassau and Lisbon are no longer available for us to call at due to port congestion which means we have had to re-work the itinerary. ”An investigation by The Independent has revealed that the trigger for the removal of the three highlights was a US cruise line being given priority for docking at Havana.  There was a double-booking in the Cuban capital on the day the Marella Discovery 2 was due to call, 12 April. But the city’s Sierra Maestra cruise terminal has only one berth fit for a vessel of that size. Also planning a call in the Havana that day is Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas, which has been given preference over its UK rival. So Marella passengers who were tempted to book for the chance to visit “a city that feels like a film set, thanks to its vintage Cadillacs and candy-coloured old town” have been disappointed. Without the call in Havana, the cruise would have had an extra day at sea. Instead, additional ports were scheduled, but the knock-on impact meant that Nassau and Lisbon were deleted from the itinerary.  Ship displaced from port call by RCI ship - major itinerary change
February 15 Noordam Newshub reports emergency services have rescued eight tourists from a kayak trip in Wellington. Passengers from the Noordam cruise ship were on a guided tour of the harbour on Thursday afternoon when some of the group capsized. An elderly passenger is being treated for hypothermia. Pax in jured on shore excursion
February 15 Carnival Fantasy WEAR TV reports passengers hoping to head to Cozumel, Mexico on the Carnival Fantasy will not make it to their original destination. That's because the ship has been delayed by the heavy fog that settled along the Port City Thursday. The ship docked at 5:45 p.m. Matthews said embarkation for the next cruise is expected to begin later in the evening. At this time, guests are asked to wait and arrive at the Alabama Cruise Terminal between 7:30 and 10:30 p.m. Due to the delay, passengers were told in an email that the ship would not make the scheduled voyage to Cozumel. Instead, they will arrive in Progresso, Mexico Saturday at 10 a.m. Delayed arrival & departure (fog)
February 12 P&O Pacific Exoplorer Daily Mail reports the ship has been forced to turn back to Sydney after a brawl erupted after a girl allegedly 'hit a guy over the head with a bottle of wine'.  Police officers were seen arriving on board the ship at Bradley's Head, Sydney, on Sunday, where they removed six males and one female. There was a 30 minute brawl on the P&O Explorer about 1am on Sunday involving at least 15 passengers, according to witnesses. Pacific Explorer was on a three-night round trip cruise from Sydney when the brawl broke out.  Brawl - Pax arrested
Febbuary 11 Oasis of the Seas

We just boarded Oasis of the Seas and received this letter....


NOTE the date on the letter and the date on the first line of the letter. This must be a common form letter...?

Pic Illness / Health issue?
February 10 Carnival Elation Cruise Fever reports the ship was delayed arriving and in depoarting because of coastal fog. It was returning from a five night cruise to the Bahamas after stopping in Nassau and Half Moon Cay (Carnival Corporation’s private island in the Bahamas).    The ship is scheduled to leave Jacksonville this afternoon for another five night cruise to the Bahamas. Delayted arrival and departure
February 9 Norwegian Pearl New Orleans Advocate reports things went bad quickly after Brant Aymond was injured in a paddleboard accident, and he and his wife, Danielle, say he received substandard medical care aboard a Norwegian Cruise Lines ship. Aymond had both of his feet sliced by a piece of coral, a bloody and painful experience that got worse when the ship doctor who stitched the wounds downplayed their severity and gave him an antibiotic the Aymonds later learned was for intestinal bacteria. Aymond's worst wound become infected two weeks later. The couple rushed to a Baton Rouge hospital when the foot swelled and a rash crept up his leg. The surgeon found two pieces of coral sewn inside Brant’s foot, along with a severed tendon, the report says. Inadequate medical care
February 9 Azamara Quest San Diego Union Tribune reports the ship that docked in San Diego early Thursday and will undergo a “full barrier sanitation cleaning” after 22 passengers and two crew members came down with gastrointestinal symptoms. CDC confirms the outbreak. Illness
February 9 Igor Farkhutdinov Moscow Times reports a Russian ship ferrying passengers from the Kuril Islands in the northern Pacific to the Sakhalin peninsula has been stranded in ice for days off the coast of Japan. The \cruise ship, carrying 127 passengers and 42 shipping containers, encountered thick ice in the Sea of Okhotsk. The head of the vessel’s maritime company cited the captain’s experience and a week’s worth of fuel supplies and rations to reassure that the passengers aboard the ship were not under threat. He added that sea ice conditions could change within a day and that the passenger ship could arrive at the port of Korsakov in the Sakhalin region by Friday. Stuck in ice
February 9 Sea Princess Cairns Post reports the ship was scheduled to arrive at the Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal at 9am today with about 2900 passengers and crew on board. Cairns Port Development Inc secretary Emma Thirkell said the cruise ship tried three times to dock before giving up at about 3pm Missed port call
February 7 Independence of the Seas NBC Miami reports on a sexual assault of a male child on a cruise in 2015. The family boarded the ship in 2015.The mother says the trip was good until near the end of it. "The two boys decided that they would want to stay out a little later," Tonya said. Surveillance video on the ship shows the attack. In it, you can see two passengers entering the library, Arturo Martinez and Jason Lawson, both from Toledo, Ohio. The video shows the men cornering the 13 year old before pinning him against the bookcase. The victim’s older brother appears distraught on the video, rushing out of the library. Another teen is seen running away. The video shows Martinez taking off his shirt while still having the boy cornered. Lawson can be seen keeping passengers out of the library. The portion that shows what Tonya describes as the worst of the attack was edited out of the video provided to NBC 6 after it was entered into evidence in the case.
    The boys reported the attack to security, who called Tonya. Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies investigated when the ship arrived at Port Everglades. Martinez was sentenced to three years in prison for lewd and lascivious behavior with a child under 16. Lawson was given a two-year prison sentence for child abuse.
Sexual assault of minor
February 6 Sun Princess Yahoo 7 News reports a major class action is being prepared against a cruise ship company for allegedly exposing thousands of passengers to gastroenteritis. Lawyers say the class action could involve up to 16,000 people following a series of eight nightmare cruises between 2016 and 2017 aboard the Sun Princess cruise ship. During each voyage, severe vomiting and diarrhoea swept through the ship. The claim alleges Carnival Australia, the parent company of Princess Cruises, which operates the ship, failed in its duty of care to passengers. It is being accused of not adhering to adequate sanitisation or providing proper guidelines to those on board about the outbreak of norovirus. Passengers say despite having their holidays ruined due to the gastro outbreak, they never received an apology, refund or credit from the cruise liner. Carnival Cruises has told 7 News the suggestion that 16,000 people could have been affected was “absurd” and the company is standing by its health and safety procedures. Class action lawsuit for illness outbreaks
February 2 Granbdeur & Allure of the Seas Cruise Law News reports In the last month, two Royal Caribbean cruise ships have received scores barely above the failing score of 85. The Grandeur of the Seasreceived a score of 87 in an inspection which took place on January 5, 2018 which was only recently published. There were deductions for various unsanitary conditions as well as heavily corroded and difficult-to-clean steel counters in the galleys of the ship. The recent USPH report involving the Allure of the Seas shows that it received a barely-passing score of only 86. The acute gastroenteritis (AGE) logs indicated that a Royal Caribbean food handler who was symptomatic with acute gastroenteritis symptoms returned to work before the completion of the mandatory 48 hour isolation period. A second crew member exhibited acute gastroenteritis symptoms continued to eat meals in the crew mess and did not report to the ship infirmary until over two days later. Another crew member who was symptomatic with AGE symptoms proceeded to eat in crew mess and attend a work meeting, and reported to the ship's medical department only later. Even more disturbing is that the USPH inspectors found the following: "Seat cushions had storage under them in the Windjammer and decks 3, 4, and 5 of the main dining room. These storage areas were heavily soiled with debris, had raw wood, and were located above carpet and/or concrete decks. In these areas, the inspection team found: two closed gallon bottles of drinking water, several bags of neatly folded and bagged linen napkins, a bucket full of silverware, a box of gloves and wiping cloths, wrapped salad stands, several bottles of kitchen degreaser, chlorine bleach, biogel, wet plastic containers, and a large bag with dozens of serving utensils. These were also found along with brooms, dust pans, vacuum cleaners, and other nonfood equipment." Near failing health inspections
February 1 Viking Sun NZ Herald reports the ship, was unable to dock at the Napier Port on Thursday morning as wind gusts clocked just over 65km/h. Napier Port services manager Bruce Lochhead said it was the cruise liner's maiden call to the port and a missed opportunity as the ship wasn't scheduled to return this season. Port call skipped
January 30 Celebrity Solstice & Seabourn Encore Otago Daily Times reports sea fog from Dunedin's hot weather kept two cruise ships from entering Otago Harbour yesterday. The mist hung low over Taiaroa Head, meaningthe ships were unable to visit. Port call skipped (fog)
January 30 Carnival Magic Palm Bay Daily reports a Jacksonville man was arrested at Port Canaveral after he allegedly battered a woman and then masturbated in her cabin on a Carnival Cruise ship, according to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. Jozef Fred Senna, 63, was charged with Battery and False Imprisonment on Saturday after the ship returned to report. Details of the assault are included in the linked article. Sexual assault
January 29 Boudicca (Fred Olsen) From a reader: The ship was forced to leave the port of Cape Town and head out to sea for the night last week as the supply of fresh water was interrupted due to Cape Town's worst drought in 100 years. She had arrived ahead of schedule as her tender visit to Mossel Bay was abandoned due to unfavourable weather conditions. More details to follow.  Depature early
January 29 Queen Mary 2 From a reader: The ship was delayed in sailing from the port of Cape Town on Saturday due to the port being closed due to high winds. She sailed at approximately 07h00 on Sunday 28th January and arrived in Port Elizabeth this morning on schedule. She sails later today en route to Australia on her world cruise before stopping at Reunion and Mauritius.  Delayed departure
January 27 Carnival Vista Cruise Law News reports after miserably failing the December 2, 2017 sanitation inspection by the United States Public Health (USPH) last month, the USPH re-inspected the Carnival Vista today at the port of Miami. The Carnival cruise ship passed the re-inspection with a score of only 88, three points above the failing score of 85. Barely passes re-inspection
January 25 Carnival Liberty Miami Herald reports this is the fourth ship belonging toCarnival to fail its sanitation inspection in the span of two months. In Liberty’s Jan. 4 inspection, inspectors found at least three dead flying insects inside a dishwasher, a beverage carton in a refrigerator with a long hair on it, and corroded, dirty or broken machinery. In the Port Canaveral-based ship’s Silver Olympian Dining Room, “hundreds” of previously cleaned items were stored in an area for dirty dishes. In a Serenity whirlpool spa, the analyzer that measures bromine and pH levels was malfunctioning and had to be recalibrated. A crew member who had symptoms of acute gastroenteritis continued working before reporting the symptoms. The violations were among more than a dozen found by CDC inspectors. The received a score of 80. Other than three other Carnival ships, the only ships to fail their most recent inspections are luxury French line Ponant’s Le Boreal, which earned an 84; Peace Boat’s Ocean Dream with an 82; Victory Cruise Line’s Victory I, which earned a 78, and a little-known Caribbean ferry, Kydon, which scored a 61. Failed health inspection
January 24 Island Princess CDC reports 71 of 2,181 (3.26%) passengers and 7 of 898 (0.78%) crew reported ill on the cruise 9-24 January 2018. Three CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officers and one epidemiologist will board the ship in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on January 24, 2018, to conduct an environmental health assessment and evaluate the outbreak and response activities. 
January 24 Harmony of the Sea TMZ reports "Storm Chaser" star Joel Taylor died from a suspected overdose according to passengers on the ship. Passengers tell TMZ ... drugs on the party boat were plentiful, and they say 38-year-old Taylor was partaking. We're told among the drugs ... Ecstasy and cocaine. Passengers even posted on social media when they were boarding that several people were arrested at the Ft. Lauderdale port -- where the boat departed -- for possession of drugs. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, "It appears the death could be an overdose and Joel Taylor was consuming controlled substances."A passenger who interacted with Joel tells TMZ, Joel had consumed enough GHB on the dance floor Tuesday that he was rendered unconscious and taken off the dance floor by 2 people and back to his room. Death from drug overdose
January 22 Carnival Triumph NOLA reports Carnival is searching for a 44 year old female passenger who went overboard from one of its cruise ships Sunday night (Jan. 21) in the Gulf of Mexico, according to a statement from the company. The ship was on its way to Cozumel on the second day of a five-day cruise. Pax overboard
January 22 MSC Sinfonia From a reader: The ship docked in  Cape Town on Friday 19th January approximately 2 hours late due to high winds. Vessel arrived from Walvis Bay and was due to depart that evening for Durban. The wind intensified and the ship finally managed to sail at 00h25 on Sunday 21st. Vessel currently en route with ETA in Durban on Tuesday 23rd January 0 4h30 local time. The next cruise will omit Maputo and passengers will lose one day. Normal reimbursement procedures as per MSC terms and conditions available to all passengers who are also urged by MSC to secure their own insurance is applicable. This was the last time the ship called at Cape Town for the current cruise season and she will be based in Durban until the end of the season in April. She is to be replaced by the MSC MUSICA for the 2018/19 season.  Delayed (weather)
January 20 Carnival Sunshine News6Orlando reports multiple people aboard a docked cruise ship at Port Canaveral were taken to nearby hospitals Saturday morning. Officials said the six people on the boat, which was docked at the Carnival Cruise line terminal, were transported around 7:30 a.m. for injuries or illnesses. Crews did not immediately release details about their conditions. A spokesperson for the cruise line later told News 6 that the Carnival Sunshine was scheduled to return to the port Saturday from a 13-day trip, and that the guests were required to be checked out upon their arrival after experiencing a variety of medical issues during their stay. The spokesperson called the incident "nothing out of the ordinary."  6 pax taken to hospital
January 20 Carnival Elation News4Jax reports a woman fell from her balcony on a Jacksonville-based cruise ship and died, a Carnival spokeswoman confirmed to News4Jax. Early Friday morning, the cruise line said, the guest fell from her balcony on the Carnival Elation and landed several decks below. Cruise Law News reports the woman reportedly died after she fell from her balcony on the 14th deck down to the 11th deck. The woman was apparently celebrating her birthday. Another passenger reportedly was seen handcuffed after the incident. Police from Freeport, Bahamas reportedly boarded the ship after the fatality.  Pax "falls" to death
January 18 Multiple ships Cayman Compass reports there were no cruise ships in port Thursday after all four captains decided conditions were too rough to moor in George Town harbor. The skippers opted not to use the alternate landing point on the southern coast of the island, at Spotts Terminal, and headed back out to sea. David Carmichael, who runs Caribbean Marine Services, said his boats were ready and able to ferry the passengers to shore. He said cruise ships had been tendered in worse conditions this season and he was baffled by the decision. “We were all set up and ready to go, then one ship canceled and the rest followed suit. It was the captains’ call,” he said. The Regal Princess, MSC Opera, Carnival Breeze and Carnival Sensation were all due in port but all were listed as “missed” arrivals on the Port Authority website. 4 ships cancel port call
January 18 Swiss Crystal The Africom reports German police say 27 people sustained injuries when the Swiss hotel ship collided with a motorway bridge on the Rhine river. The water level was high at the time and the pillar is usually on land, news agency dpa reported. The crash happened Tuesday and more than 100 passengers were minorly injured as a result, four of them were transferred to the hospital and were later released Wednesday. Another nearby ship helped take the passengers to safety, while a number of fire department boats also provided assistance. As expected the cruise operator of Swiss Crystal canceled the sailing of the ship but has offered passengers to continue their journey on another river cruise ship. Collision with bridge
January 18 Carnival Triumph Daily Mail reports anewlywed couple from Missouri say their honeymoon cruise was spoiled by unsanitary conditions on board Carnival Triumph, including foul-smelling sludge oozing from their shower drain. Christine Parker and John Shoemaker got marred on November 4, 2017, in their hometown of St Louis and booked a five-day cruise aboard Carnival's 14-deck, 893-fot vessel, sailing from New Orleans. But instead of a romantic getaway, the couple say they were left exhausted, angry and 'smelling of poop.' Parker, who has a young daughter, accused crew members of trying to minimize the seriousness of the situation, even as they witnessed the stomach-turning spectacle of black liquid reeking of excrement rising out of the drain. The disgruntled passengers recorded a cellphone video showing a staffer inspecting their faulty drain and saying, 'This is very bad and it smells very bad.'  Jennifer de la Cruz, a spokeswoman for Carnival Cruise Line, said in an email to that the substance in the couple's shower was not sewage, bur rather water that had become trapped in a backed-up drain. Sewage bubbling up shower
January 17 NCL Escape Jamaica Observer reports police have arrested a St Lucian following the seizure of one pound of cocaine at the Falmouth Pier in Trelawny yesterday. The drug has an estimated street value of $625 million, police have said. Reports are that about 4:30 pm, security checks were being conducted on passengers and crew returning to a cruise ship that was docked at the pier when the man was searched and illicit drugs allegedly found in his possession. He was subsequently arrested. Drug bust
January 17 NCL Escape News.Com.Au reports a 52 year old passenger on NCL's Private Island, a strong swimmer, had found himself in trouble in a strong current and lifeguards from the Norwegian Escape ignored his desperate pleas for help, the family claims. “He remembers waving at the lifeguard, who ignored him, then screaming for the lifeguard, who ignored him again. He was screaming for his life and everyone thought it was a joke. He was 20 feet (6m) deep and 200ft (60m) out in the water, when two kids had found him and tried bringing him back,” Venezia said. “(Eventually) two men brought him out of the water when they called for medical. No lifeguard had helped him through it all. Isn’t that their job?” The man says he doesn’t recall all of the incident that occurred last month, as he was battling for his life but said of the rescue effort: “All of a sudden I lost all breathing capabilities. Luckily two kids around seven-years-old came to help. They helped for a maximum of five seconds. I continued to scream while kicking underwater to stay afloat. I noticed a man 50ft (15m) away and screamed at him but he looked at me like I was joking. In slow motion I saw a man jump into the water and swim for me. I was hanging on for life.” Near drowning on Private Island
January 17 Carnival Breeze & Carnival Vista Miami Herald reports aboard the Carnival Vista, Carnival Cruise Line’s newest ship, crew members hid trolleys of potentially hazardous food, equipment and dirty dishware from sanitation inspectors.  Fruit flies were found by the buffet and in a Parmesan cheese container. Crew failed to appropriately document illnesses on board.  On the Carnival Breeze, another of the Doral-based line’s newest vessels, machinery was found to be corroded or not functioning properly. About 25 garbage bins overflowing with waste were found by inspectors near an area where food was handled.  These violations and dozens of others landed both ships failing grades from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Vessel Sanitation Program, which routinely inspects cruise ships in an effort to control the spread of gastrointestinal illnesses. Ships must score 86 points or higher, out of 100, to pass. The Vista scored a 79; the Breeze a 77. Another Carnival failure reported in November aboard the Triumph brings Carnival’s tally to three failed inspections in the past two months. Failed Health Inspections
January 17 Tropical Breeze Casino Calvin Ayre reports a woman died this weekend after a fire broke out on a boat ferrying gamblers to a casino ship moored off the coast of Florida. On Sunday, a shuttle boat taking gamblers to the floating Tropical Breeze Casino caught fire, forcing its 36 passengers and 14 crew members to jump overboard to escape the flames. At least 15 passengers were taken to Tampa-area hospitals for treatment, and an unidentified 42-year-old female passenger succumbed to her injuries on Sunday night. The fire broke out shortly after the shuttle vessel left the Florida coast, reportedly after suffering engine trouble. Passengers and onlookers reported the fire spreading rapidly, and video of the burning vessel provides a vivid illustration of the inferno. (See bottom of page.) The cause of the fire is under investigation.. Fire - evacuation (one death)
January 13 NCL Epic Long Island News 12 reports two Kings Park brothers are accused of smuggling drugs onto a cruise ship. Police say Gino and Louis La Nasa were arrested in Florida after one of them allegedly sold an undercover agent ecstasy. Authorities say when they searched the La Nasas' Norwegian Cruise Line ship cabin, they found items indicating that the drugs had been smuggled inside body cavities. News 12 is told while agents were in the cabin, Louis also tried to swallow a plastic bag of drugs.   Drug bust
January 12 Grandeur of the Seas USA Today reports nearly 50 people have fallen sick on a cruise ship that departed from Baltimore last week, delaying its return. The ship originally was scheduled to set sail back to Baltimore on Thursday, but now won’t until Saturday, following 46 reported cases of gastrointestinal illness on board. Illness
January 12 Viking Star Daily Mail reportsat 2PM The Fantastic, a ferry, appeared to lose its engine power whilst docking and appeared to drift backwards, without any way of controlling it, until it collided with the cruise ship. At one stage, the ferry dropped anchor to try and stop it moving. A video of the accident was taken from a nearby crane. The Fantastic, 180 metres in length, had arrived from Tangier at dawn and was going to continue its journey to Genoa .At the moment the two ships are still moored in port. In addition to investigating the reasons for the collision, experts have to assess the damage on both ships to see if they can continue their respective trips. Collision
January 11 NCL Escape Miami Herald reports a family traveling on on the ship in February 2017 has filed suit allaedging a crew member sexually assaulted their 12 year old daughter inside their cabin. The crew member acknowledged that “he did, in fact, touch her buttocks and pubic region with his hand, skin to skin, while the minor victim was sleeping on the bed.” Regardless, a Florida jury trial found the crew member not guilty. Child sexual assault
January 11 QEII and Queen Victoria

Royal Gazette reports the shipshave cancelled their calls in Bermuda because of bad weather in the North Atlantic. The two ships were due to arrive in Dockyard on Sunday however the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre reported today that both vessels had cancelled their Bermuda calls “due to weather encountered on crossing”. They will head straight to their next ports of Port Everglades and New York respectively.

Canceled port call
January 10 Grandeur of the Seas WESH News reports the ship has suffered a mechanical breakdown that forced it to stop for repairs at Port Canaveral. Passengers are stuck, motionless, in Port Canaveral. "They didn’t tell us what the problems were. They just said they had a leaking hydraulic hose," Mario Miralles, a passenger on the ship, said. The ship was on its way back from the Bahamas to its home port in Baltimore when a breakdown caused the unscheduled stop. Royal Caribbean did not say what was wrong but said in a statement that, while the ship is safe to operate, in an abundance of safety, it will now make a stop at Port Canaveral. Unplanned stopped - mechnical problems
January 9 Grandeur of the Seas Cruise Law News reports Royal Caribbean is rescheduling the current cruise of the Grandeur of the Seas, in order to begin repairs to the cruise ship for what the cruise line refers to as a "technical issue which limits the operation of one of the two rudders used to steer the ship." Royal Caribbean notified its guests, at the last minute today, who were planning to board the Grandeur on Thursday, January 11, 2018 that the cruise had been rescheduled to Saturday, January 13th. This news was first reported on by the popular Royal Caribbean Blog Itinerary shortened by two days
January 8 NCL Epic News 6 reports two dozen people were arrested on drug possession charges during security checks before boarding the ship for the Holy Ship! 2018 event. Holy Ship denied a comment but on its website states that there is a zero-tolerance policy. Twenty-four people didn't heed that statement Saturday, deputies said. "It ranges from marijuana to cocaine, MDMA or ecstasy. A lot of the drugs are used in a rave scene. A lot of people with paraphernalia," Brevard County Sheriff's Office public information officer Tod Goodyear said.  The port added security this weekend knowing the cruise would set sail Saturday.  Drug bust
January 8 RCL Raw Story reports former Royal Caribbean cruise liner employee is suing the company for mistreatment from supervisors after she was raped by a coworker aboard the Majesty of the Seas in late 2015. According to the Miami New-Times, the woman (who was not named in the lawsuit due to the nature of her attack) was subjected to a brutal assault that lasted nearly an hour around Christmas 2015 that resulted in bite marks and bruises. She then reported her rape to the ship’s captain, security officer and doctor — all of whom reacted negatively. According to the lawsuit, which was filed in the Miami-Dade Circuit Court, Jane Doe’s supervisor discouraged her from pressing charges, the ship doctor told her to “get over it” and she was forced back onto the job soon after. Despite reporting the assault to Bahamian police the day after when the boat docked on the island, the woman, who was “traumatized and at her weakest,” followed her boss’ advice and did not press charges. Sexual assault of crew
January 7 Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Law News reports that an excursion boat with cruise passengers aboard sank last week. The cruise excursion incident took place on Wednesday January 3rd, approximately 15 minutes after the boat sailed from Cozumel with ten cruise guests aboard it. The boat's crew instructed the cruise passengers to head to the bow; however, the boat took on water quickly and the guests had to jump into the water. The cruise passengers reportedly were from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and a Celebrity ship (the Celebrity Equinox). The cruise passengers were reportedly rescued from the water by other boats in the area, Local news sources state that none of the cruise passengers were physically injured. Excursion boat sinks
January 5 P&O Arcadia From a passenger: Lifeboat has fallen into the sea at Azores, Ponta Delgaado. Some crew hurt. Cruise Law News reports a lifeboat has broken from its cabling and has fallen from its davits into the sea while the cruise ship was in Ponta Delgada, Azores. A passenger states that "the back appears to have been ripped off and is still hanging from its cradle......" There reportedly were five crew members in the lifeboat at the time of the accident. One crew member's injuries are apparently serious enough for the ship employee to be hospitalized. Lifeboat accident
January 5 Norwegian Breakaway Cruise Radio reports travel professionals were alerted on Thursday that the winter storm would result in the Breakaway’s return to Manhattan being delayed… with the ripple effect impacting the following sailing, too. Due to winter storm Grayson,” reads the notification, “Norwegian Breakaway will have a delayed arrival into New York on Friday, January 5. As a result, Norwegian Breakaway’s 14-day cruise that was originally scheduled to depart on January 5 will now depart on Saturday, January 6 at 3 p.m. Due to the ship’s late arrival on Friday and the ongoing weather situation, embarking guests are encouraged to arrive to the pier on Saturday morning; all guests most be onboard by 1 p.m. on January 6th ... Guests unable to adjust their travel plans,” continued Norwegian’s missive, “are welcome to board on Friday evening between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.” CBS subsequently reported the ship had sailed through the storm, a scene of hell for passengers. Delayed departure
January 3 Sea Princess ABC News reports about 200 people have been struck down with gastro onboard a cruise ship which is set to dock in Brisbane on Thursday. The ship is completing the final leg of a two-week round trip between Brisbane and New Zealand. Queensland Health confirmed on-board testing found norovirus to be the cause of increased gastro cases. Illness outbreak
January 3 Grand Princess From a passenger: Half of the Buffett dining area was closed upon boarding for 10 day cruise because of flooding. Conditions were chaotic .  No advisory was given at registration. Good news though is that unlimited internet is now available on the ship for the first time although not properly publicized. Hopefully the Buffett will be completely operational 1-8 after replacing all of the damaged carpet. Disruption
January 2 Silver Muse (Silverseas) From a passenger: An 80-year old single female traveler from the UK purportedly jumped from her deck evening of Jan 1 / morning Jan 2, 2018. I was on board.  Silversea made no comment to passengers other than a number of Pages for the passenger. Information obtained from other passengers.   Room was taped off and balcony had roping on rail. We disembarked Ft Lauderdale today, Jan 3, 2018. Pax overboard
January 1 Oasis of the Seas From a passenger: Someone was was stabbed with a beer bottle and New Years Eve night. The boat was diverted to Nassau and docked for several hours 8am to about 3pm. I am on the ship now. The crew is very hush-hush but word has gotten around. Assault
January 1 NCL Jewel From a passenger: Male passenger arrested and taken off the ship in handcuffs by ship security and local police in Wellington, New Zealand. Had his luggage with him but no one else. No idea why. Pax arrested

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