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The table below lists "events at sea" occurring after January 1, 2013, including cruise ship accidents.  It is based on media reports, passenger reports posted at on-line boards and discussion groups, and reports sent to Cruise Junkie. In reviewing the information, please keep in mind that some cruise lines are given less scrutiny by the media than others, and it is not uncommon for events to not appear in the media.  This information reflects only that which has made it into the public domain.

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Cruise Line
Type of Incident
January 28 Not named
Carnival Cruise Lines
Jamaica Observer reports the police are reporting that 43-year-old Shelby Person and 45-year-old Tyrone Rideout, both of Weeping Willow, Maryland in the United States, who were reported missing on Tuesday, January 13 have returned. They are said to be in good health. Person and Rideout disembarked a cruise ship at the Falmouth Cruise Ship Pier in Trelawny shortly after its arrival in the island about 10:00 am on January 12 and left the pier for an undisclosed destination. OBSERVER ONLINE has learnt that the two were located after officials discovered updated postings on their Facebook accounts. They were allegedly in Ocho Rios, St Ann. The men reportedly turned up at the pier on Monday to board an outgoing ship. They were arrested for breaches of the immigration act. Arrest for not boarding ship in port
January 26 Horizon Croisieres de France El Universal reports reports that three people carrying 20 kilos of cocaine were arrested trying to smuggle the drugs aboard the Horizon cruise ship while in port in Margarita Island in Venezuela. Cruise passengers Andreina López Ramírez (26), Mercedes Salazar Benzaquén (22) and Arnaldo Salazar Rosas (34) reportedly intending to smuggle the drugs but a drug dog sniffed the cocaine out at the port terminal. Drug bust
January 25 Boudicca
Fred Olsen Cruises
BBC reports the ship was left without power off Morocco after an engine room fire. Holidaymakers on board the Boudicca put on life jackets, according to the son of one passenger. The fire at 04:00 BST left the ship "listing" and "in pitch black", said Dave Tonkin, whose father is onboard. Fred Olsen, the company which owns the ship, said it was now fully stable and had five engines running with two still not working. Spokeswoman Rachael Jackson said Boudicca listed for "a short period" but was now stable and travelling again, although more slowly than normal. "The fire was in the engine room, but has now been extinguished, and no guests or crew have been injured," she said. She said two main engines and three auxiliary engines were running, while two other engines were still being mended. The ship will aim to arrive in Lanzarote, Spain, on Monday as planned, she added. Fire
January 24 Serenade of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Cruise Law News and WDSU report the ship suffered a major power loss today. A passenger says that the cruise ship was partially flooded during a heavy rain storm. The Coast Guard says a broken water pipe caused the problem. This reportedly caused a large part of the cruise ship to experience electrical problems. Royal Caribbean sent this message to the passengers scheduled to board the ship today: "Serenade of the Seas "Hello, this is Royal Caribbean International. We would like to provide you an update regarding your sailing today onboard Serenade of the Seas out of New Orleans. The U.S. Coast Guard is currently onboard inspecting the ship. We are waiting for authorization from the Coast Guard to begin boarding. Because the cruise terminal in New Orleans is very limited in space, we ask that guest explore the local area until we can begin boarding. We will contact you again once we have received permission to begin the boarding process. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and we look forward to welcoming you onboard."
A few hours later, it sent this message: "Hello, this is Royal Caribbean International with an update your sailing today onboard Serenade of the Seas. The U.S. Coast Guard has given us permission to begin the boarding process. Please return to the terminal so that we may check you in for your cruise. Our entire onboard team look forward to welcoming you onboard, and will do their very best to make your sailing as enjoyable as possible."
Serenade of the SeasOne passenger who was apparently on the Serenade when it returned to port in New Orleans said that power was lost to around 175 cabins. Apparently, according to this passenger, 400 passengers will not been to cruise because their cabins have no power. Nonetheless, the Coast Guard cleared the Serenade to be boarded. The ship is staying in New Orleans until it is cleared to sail. Royal Caribbean has not commented on the condition of the vessel or whether some of the passengers will remain in New Orleans.
Update: Media reports say 417 cabins affecting some 800 passengers have been affected.
Electrical loss to 417 cabins; 800 pax have reservation canceled
January 22 Not named
Carnival Cruise Lines
Courthouse News reports an employee of Carnival Corporation followed a female passenger to her room and raped her in front of her minor children, a federal lawsuit claims. Dana Hastings says she and her family were passengers on a Carnival cruise ship in February 2014, when the incident occurred off the coast of Florida.
According to a complaint filed in Miami Federal Court, "On or about February 20, 2014, the Plaintiff was sexually assaulted and/or raped by an employee/crewmember of Defendant, believed to be the pit boss of the casino aboard Defendant's vessel. "The crewmember followed the Plaintiff to her passenger cabin, and he raped and/or sexually assaulted the Plaintiff inside her cabin while the Plaintiff's two minor children, Ramsey Hastings and Trey Hastings, were also inside the cabin," the complaint continues. "The Plaintiff's two minor children heard and/or witnessed their mother ... being raped and/or sexually assault." Hastings says she reported the incident soon after it happened, but "Defendant's security officer(s) attempted to dissuade the Plaintiff from pressing charges and forced the Plaintiff to write a statement stating that she would not press charges against the alleged assailant." Hastings claims that rapes and other sexual assaults occur on Carnival's vessels at an alarming rate, "Yet Defendant failed to take adequate steps or provide adequate security and/or training and/or supervision to prevent such rapes and/or sexual assaults, and failed to warn its passengers of the growing epidemic of rape and sexual assault at sea." She says the reason for this is purely financial -- the cruise line doesn't want to scare potential passengers away. Hastings seeks unspecified damages on claims of vicarious liability for the rape/sexual assault, negligence, and multiple counts of negligent infliction of emotional distress.
Lawsuit - sexual assaul
January 20 Discovery Voyages of Discovery From a reader: The ship left Cape Town on Sunday 18th Jan and was due in East London at 08h00 this morning, 20th January. She is currently mid-way between Port Elizabeth and East London, obviously way behind schedule. No explanation has been given for the delay and she is currently cruising at a mere 11 knots. Delayed - propulsion problems?
January 19 Opera
MSC Cruises

From a reader: Vessel currently outside the port of Cape Town which is wind bound. Three attempts to dock earlier this morning were unsuccessful. Ship arrived early this morning from Mossel Bay and is due to sail for Walvis Bay at 16h00. As at 13h13, she remains outside the port. Subsequently Posted on MSC Cruises South Africa Website: We regret the unfortunate delay in the departure of the MSC Opera which has been caused by very high winds which have prevented the ship from being able to enter the port of Cape Town. MSC Opera will not be able to enter the port today due to prevailing high winds and all our guests are advised of the below in respect of alternative arrangements. Passengers residing in Cape Town are advised to return home and to return to the port at 09h00 tomorrow the 20th January 2015 when check in will commence for the sailing. UPDATE: Berthed in Cape Town just after 05h00 this morning, 20th January 2015, one day late as a result of high winds. Vessel will sail to Walvis Bay at 14h00 today, 20th Jan and omit Luderitz.

Delayed arrival/departure
January 19 Queen Elizabeth
Cunard Line
Cruise Critic reports weather across the Atlantic will result in the late arrival of Queen Elizabeth into New York today, with the ship's next departure to be delayed by 24 hours. According to a spokesperson from Cunard Line, Queen Elizabeth will arrive at the Manhattan terminal around midday on Sunday instead of its original early morning arrival time. "Embarking passengers will still board the ship on Sunday, albeit slightly delayed, and will be looked after in New York until this time," said Jackie Chase, public relations manager for Cunard Line. Queen Elizabeth will remain in New York overnight to ensure passengers are able to visit the city, Chase said. The cruise line is assisting disembarking passengers with their return travel arrangements and those booked on Cunard air will have their travel arrangements changed. Due to the extended stay in New York, Queen Elizabeth will arrive at Fort Lauderdale on Thursday 22 January, one day later than scheduled. Delayed arrival (24 hrs)
January 14 Not named
Carnival Cruise Lines
Jamaica Observer reports 2 American men (aged 42 and 45) went missing Monday after they disembarked a cruise ship at the Falmouth Cruise Ship Terminal in Trelawny. Information received is that both disembarked the vessel shortly after its arrival in the island about 10:00 am and left the pier for an undisclosed destination. Police have conducted checks at various hospitals as well as the surrounding communities but their searches have proved futile. Diappearance ashore
January 9 Pleasure Cruise in Costa Rica NY Daily News reports a catamaran carrying dozens of foreign tourists on a pleasure cruise capsized off Costa Rica on Thursday, killing three people, emergency officials said. The boat, which was on a day trip to the popular Tortuga (Turtle) Island, sank completely about nine miles off the country’s central Pacific coast. Firefighters corps director Hector Chavez said initial reports of an explosion and fire were mistaken. Survivors reported that strong waves filled the boat with water and caused it to sink, he said. Chavez said three people died. The public security ministry said in a Twitter posting that the victims were a US citizen, a Canadian and a man from Britain. Vice-president Ana Helena Chacon said at a news conference that 106 people were rescued, meaning all of the cruise’s 99 passengers and 10 crew were accounted for.  
January 8 Oasis of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Cruise Law News reports A Mexican newspaper reports that U.S. cruise passenger from Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas fell overboard as the cruise ship sailed to Cozumel. The Disney Magic, sailing the same route, then rescued the passenger, identified as Frank Jade. The newspaper reports that the Oasis didn't even realize that the passenger had gone overboard. After spotting the Royal Caribbean passenger floating in the sea, the Disney Magic stopped and lowered a rescue boat. The Magic reportedly docked at the dock of Punta Langosta and transferred the passenger to a private clinic for medical care. Passeneger overboard (rescued alive)
January 7 Empress Pullmantur Cruises Fox News reports a protest by Brazilian fishermen in the southern state of Santa Catarina has been preventing the departure for Uruguay and Argentina of a cruise ship with 1,800 tourists on board, the vessel's operating firm reported Tuesday. More than 100 fishing boats since Monday morning have been blocking the Itajai Port Complex canal, on the northern coast of Santa Catarina, and the fisherman are demanding the nullification of a measure implemented by the Environment Ministry prohibiting fishing for certain endangered species. The cruise ship Empress, with capacity for 1,877 passengers and 645 crewmembers, set sail last Sunday from the port of Santos, in Sao Paulo state, and was scheduled to stop in Montevideo and Buenos Aires before returning to Brazil. Blocked from departing
January 6 Ship unknown DIsney Cruise Line Inquisitor dot com reports a large family decided to all take a sailing together aboard one of the Disney Cruise Line ships right after Christmas. The cruise was heading for the Bahamas, but a few members never made it that far as they were asked to pack up and disembark the ship in Nassau after their baby got sick. According to WPTV, Dave Berg of Naples, Florida, hopped aboard a Disney Cruise Line ship and departed from Miami on December 30. Actually, Berg departed with 31 family members, one of which is his cancer-stricken mother-in-law who was doing the cruise as part of her bucket list. On Thursday morning, Berg’s four-month-old granddaughter began spitting up. She was brought to the ship’s infirmary by Jennifer Moak, Berg’s daughter, and the infant was given medicine for seasickness. Later in the day, the Disney Cruise Line infirmary contacted Moak’s husband to advise them that another checkup was needed for the baby. Once arriving downstairs, Moak said the family was told they would have to disembark the ship. “He said because of her age, she wasn’t supposed to be on the ship and that they would be — I think the word that he used was ‘terminating’ our stay on the ship.” Per the family, the medical staff aboard the Disney Cruise Line ship said that the age of the baby and safety needs were reasons that the family couldn’t stay on board. Early in 2014, Disney Cruise Line had changed the policy for infant travel and pregnant women. Babies used to be able to travel at 12 weeks of age, but Disney did change things. “For reservations made after July 17, 2014, on sailings commencing in 2015 and beyond, the minimum age to sail aboard any Vessel is 6 months of age on most itineraries, and the minimum age for Transatlantic, Hawaii, and Panama Canal itineraries is 1 year of age.” The reservation of the Moaks was not to be affected, which would allow them to travel with the baby younger than six months old. Family evicted
January 3 Oasis of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
10 News reports a child is in critical condition after nearly drowning on board a cruise ship, deputies said. The ship had just left Port Everglades on Saturday when a bystander noticed the child was caught in a wave pool on the 15th deck. Authorities say the child may have been underwater for about five to ten minutes before he was pulled out. Crews administered CPR while the ship was diverted back to port. The Broward Sheriff's Office said the child was revived and taken to Broward Health Medical Center. The child was not identified by deputies. Sun Sentinel gives more detailed information. Child near-drowns
January 3 Not relevant The Press reports Akaroa (New Zealand) police are on the hunt for a possible anti-cruise ship protester who has been vandalising the town's public toilets. Senior Constable Lyle Pryor said toilet door hinges had been removed and toilet bowls filled with gravel on several occasions this summer. The affected toilet block is one of three in the township and was specifically built near the Akaroa Wharf to cater to cruise ship visitors. Pryor said there were some in the town who were against the cruise ships because they changed the character of the isolated community. "These things seem to occur on a cruise ship day or just before," Pryor said. Onshore response to cruise tourism
January 2 Unknown
Heritage River Journeys
Big News Network reports a member of the crew suffered slight injury after a fire broke out in a luxury cruise liner in Calcutta on Friday, a day before it was slated to embark on its maiden voyage. Two fire tenders managed to douse the fire within a short time, fire brigade sources said. A short circuit is suspected to have caused the fire in the ship anchored at a jetty on the Ganga in the neighbouring Howrah district.
"One member of the crew was slightly injured. Some furniture damaged. It was a minor fire," said a fire brigade official. The cruise liner is slated to leave for Murshidabad with passengers Saturday.
December 30 Sea Princess
Princess Cruises
Cruise Law News reports a news station in Australia (Channel 7 TV) reports that "at least 70 passengers on the cruise ship Sea Princess have been struck down by a severe gastro bug." Meanwhile, there are norovirus measures taking place on the Pacific Pearl heading toward Sydney following advice from the Australian Health Department, including not allowing passengers to use the self-serve buffet. The captain told passengers that the ship had no noro incidents on recent cruises but the cruise line decided to follow health guidelines because the number of outbreaks on other ships in the region. Also, the Pacific Jewel reportedly arrived back in Sydney a few days ago with suspected noro cases which required the closing at White Bay terminal for extra cleaning for a couple of hours. Illness
December 29 Quantum of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
CBS reports a Mauritius man is accused of engaging in sexual contact with a sleeping woman aboard a cruise ship. Karan Seechurn, who is a cruise line employee, was detained early Saturday upon the ship’s arrival in Bayonne, New Jersey. Federal prosecutors said the 25-year-old was responsible for restocking the minibars in passengers’ rooms and had key access to the rooms. Prosecutors said on Dec. 23 Seechurn used his key to enter the woman’s room without her knowledge and permission. The woman then awoke to find Seechurn touching her private areas and pushed him off her, prosecutors said. When the woman tried to leave, Seechurn allegedly pulled her back and threatened to burn down the ship if she reported the incident. Sexual assault
December 28 Dawn Princess
Princess Cruises
From a reader: My parents are on Dawn Princess at moment berthed in Melbourne on 13 day Aust/NZ cruise. This cruise is directly after the cruise where a couple of hundred passengers came down with norovirus (see Dec 8 below). My dad confined to cabin with symptoms the same as norovirus. Some passengers have been talking amongst themselves at the lack of cleanliness in public toilets. They appear to have not been cleaned properly or at all since the ship departed Auckland on 20th Dec 2014. Cleanliness / illness?
December 28 Norman Atlantic Reuters reports passengers aboard a car ferry that caught fire off the coast of Greece early on Sunday pleaded for help as rescue vessels struggled to approach the burning vessel in high winds and rough sea. The Norman Atlantic, carrying almost 500 passengers and crew and more than 200 vehicles, was 44 nautical miles northwest of the island of Corfu when it sent a distress signal after a fire started in the lower deck, Greek coast guard officials said. It was unclear whether there had been casualties or if any passengers were in the water, though one man on board said strong winds were stopping rescuers from getting close. "We are burning and sinking, no one can save us," Nikos Papatheodosiou told Greek TV by telephone. "Please help us! Don't leave us," he said before hanging up. Cold winter temperatures would make survival in the sea difficult unless rescue came quickly. The fire broke out in the lower deck garage of the vessel but there were differing reports of when it started. Initial reports said the fire began at around 6.00 a.m. local time (11.00 p.m. EST/0400 GMT) but Italian officials put the time at 4.30 a.m. Officials said both Italian and Albanian authorities were taking part in the operation, which was being conducted in extremely difficult conditions with strong winds, heavy seas and very cold temperatures. UPDATE:24 hours later the fire had been put out and there remained 149 passengers to be removed from the ferry. It is expected that the ferry will be towed to Bandisi. According to Rappler the death toll rose to 10 on Monday, December 29 with dozens of passengers still unaccounted for. The Independent reports on January 2 that about100 people are still missing and eleven confirmed dead. Crippling fire
December 27 Prins Richard Scandlines
Cruise Law News reports on Dec 25, 2014, German and Danish authorities coordinated a large scaled SAR operation after a German passenger of the "Prins Richard" had gone over board north of the island Fehmarn. The ship had been underway from Puttgarden to Rødby. The water temperature was 6-8 degrees C. After 3,5 hours the search launched an investigation. Passenger overboard
December 26 Ryndam
Holland America Line
Fox Tampa Bay reports the body of a man who was missing from a cruise ship washed ashore in Pinellas County, officials said Friday. Police had initially told FOX 13 that the body appeared to have been in the water for some time. Later, they identified him as Cliford B. Minej, a 27-year-old whose last known residence was Thane, India.He was a worker on the ship that was returning to port in Tampa on Dec. 21 Minej's body was found around 7:15 a.m. along Sand Key in the 1500 block of Gulf Boulevard. Someone walking on the beach saw it and alerted authorities. According to Times of India, Minej had arrived on the ship for his job on December 6; he was last seen on December 20. Crew overboard
December 24 Costa neoClassica
Costa Cruises
Cruise Critic reports a fire broke out in the funnel of the ship but was quickly extinguished by ship personnel while cruising the Red Sea yesterday (December 23). During the incident no onboard services were stopped and the ship reached its destination port in Aqaba, where it is now berthed. It is not clear whether the cruise -- a 25-day Indian Ocean itinerary -- will need to be abandoned. A statement from Costa said: "Proper investigations on root causes are in progress and situation is normal. According to the assessments now being performed, operations of the ship will be modified if needed." Fire
December 23 Costa neoRomantica
Costa Cruises
From a passenger : I was on the ship on her last cruise between Savona and Marseille. At the entrance of the Marselle port on 21/12, the ship was in total blackout for 1h10. And she leave again 2 hours after the beginning of the technical problem. During the blackout, the ship restart 2 times but with no succes. The 3rd time was good. Passegers did't panic but the ship drifted at the beginning of the blackout because the wind (Mistral) was very hard. The ship tilted really a lot. The anchors were dropped. Finally, the ship arrived in the Marseille Port 2h15 late. Loss of power - adrift
December 23 Queen Elizabeth
Cunard Line
The Telegraph reports the ship, bound for the Christmas markets of Amsterdam, spent four days doing circles in the English Channel without getting to dock in the Netherlands because of weather conditions. Angry passengers staged a mini mutiny, chanting and demanding to speak to the captain, as the decision was taken to turn back early due to bad weather. Some stormed the ship's reception, shouting: "We want the captain." But their protests fell on deaf ears and the cruise got back to Southampton on Monday night. As compensation Cunard offered passengers the equivalent of £48 in spending credits on board the ship. A spokesman said the captain had looked at docking at two alternative ports, but both were unsuitable due to similar weather conditions. Missed port -- pax protests
December 20 Unknown-dam
Holland America Line
Cayman 27 reports the body of a snorkeller has been recovered from the water near on Public Beach. Police and paramedics were alerted after the wife of a cruise passenger reported him missing. The man was pulled from the sea by a Red Sail boat and taken the Cayman Islands Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police tell us the 35-year-old man is from the Michigan area of the United States. He was aboard the cruise ship Holland America, and was travelling with his wife and 7-year-old child. This is the 6th death this year of a similar nature. Death on shore excursion (snorkeling)
December 20 Unnamed
MSC Cruises
Yorkshire Evening Post reports a cruise ship musician has been jailed after being caught downloading child abuse images for the third time. Guitarist Howard Ellis, 60, was arrested by West Yorkshire Police officers when his ship came into port at Southampton after they discovered he had been accessing the illegal images from his home in Leeds. Leeds Crown Court heard Ellis has two previous convictions for downloading abusive images of children dating back to 2010. Ellis, of Priesthorpe Lane, Farsley, was jailed for 18 months after pleading guilty to 11 offences of making indecent images of children. Alisha Kaye, prosecuting, said West Yorkshire officers received information that illegal images had been accessed from an internet provider address linked to Ellis’s then home in Kippax. Miss Kaye said Ellis was a musician on a cruise liner and was away at the time the offences came to light in July this year. Officers went to the south coast to arrest Ellis as he returned from working on board a Mediterranean cruise. Three lap top computers, four hard drives and a mobile phone was seized and found to contain 625 images and movies of children being sexually abused. Three of the movies were at level A - the most serious category of offending. Some of the images featured children as young as seven being abused. Cruise musician arrested for child porn
December 17 Amarco II Egypt Independent reports local emergency crews rescued 29 tourists and 45 Egyptians on board a cruise ship in the Nile River at Aswan al-Malgam bridge. Aswan Governorate task room had received notification saying a cruise ship called Amarco II broke down in the Nile, on Tuesday evening, in front of the Aswan Malgam bridge. River rescue teams and the police headed to the vessel and the cruise was repaired swiftly before it could have sunk. Disabled - Evacuated
December 16 Noordam
Holland America Line
Sun Sentinel reports a night auditor is accused of stealing more than $10,000 while working aboard a cruise ship. Anthonius Novi Hartanto, 42, is charged with 11 counts of grand theft after $10,220 disappeared while he was auditing revenue aboard the Holland America Noordam during three voyages from Port Everglades, according to the arrest report filed in the case. Investigators say there were 11 thefts between Nov. 3 and Nov. 13, with the stolen amounts ranging from $500 to $1,320. When confronted about the missing money, Hartanto confessed. He identified each theft by dates, amounts and transaction numbers, the report stated. Theft by crew member
December 14 Ocean Star Pacific (originally RCCL Nordic Prince) Philippine Daily Inquirer reports the ship was on its way to Singapore when it ran aground off General Santos City on Friday. A report from the Philippine Coast Guard said the M/V Pacific was stranded some 150 meters from the shore in Barangay Bula, General Santos City. The PCG is concerned the ship may be washed closer to the shore, which is inhabited by squatters. The ship had come from Mexico and was bound for Singapore. It however ran out of bunker fuel in the middle of the trip (it presumably does not have passengers). The captain was trying to bring the ship to the port of General Santos but it ran out of fuel in the area where it ran aground. The owners of the M/V Pacific said they would hire a salvor to remove the ship immediately. The Coast Guard said the possibility of marine pollution as a result of the incident was minimal. Update Dec 17: The ship has been freed and is on its way. It is manned by 21 Indian crew members. Aground
December 13 Costa Luminosa
Costa Cruises
Cruise Law News reports a fire reportedly broke out in the early morning hours on December 11, 2014. Around 5 a.m., while the cruise ship was sailing in the North Atlantic, diesel engine number 4 reportedly caught on fire. The fire was confined to the engine room and was extinguished. There is no indication that any crew members were injured. Fire
December 13 Voyavger of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
Cruise Law News reports the operator of a fan Voyager of the Seas Facebook page (not operated by the cruise line) posted the following: "If you where on the Voyager of the Seas relocation cruise from Singapore to Sydney cruise and you have a really bad cough, then I suggest you got and see a Doctor as you may have Whooping cough . . . " A large number of passengers have posted comments in response to this post. Many passengers on the cruise say that they are ill. Many people say that they are having their blood drawn and are seeing doctors to have their throats swabbed. Others say that it has been confirmed that they have been diagnosed with whooping cough. Passengers complain that they have heard nothing from Royal Caribbean. One person who heard back from the cruise line remarked: "I've heard from RC and they told me they are not compelled to notify all passengers . . . " Whooping cough, also known as "pertussisis," is a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by the bacterium bordetella pertussis. Pertussis is known for uncontrollable, violent coughing which often makes it hard to breathe. Pertussis most commonly affects infants and young children. It can be fatal, especially in babies less than 1 year of age. The best way to protect against pertussis is immunization. ?Illness?
December 11 Insignia
Oceania Cruises
St. Lucia Online News reports three people have been confirmed dead after a fire broke out on Ocean Cruises’ Insignia at Port Castries this morning. At a press conference at the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) headquarters this afternoon, officials said the three crew members sustained severe burns. A 42-year-old male is also under observation at hospital for mild respiratory depression caused by smoke inhalation. The names and nationalities of the dead were not disclosed. According to the authorities, the fire started in one of the ship’s four engines. All 600 passengers were evacuated. The ship had 400 crew members. The cruise ship will be docked in Port Castries, until the engine is repaired. In the meantime, reservations are being made for the passengers at various hotels. The cruise ship came from Barbados and was heading to St. Vincent next. UPDATE:The next cruise scheduled for December 17th has been canceled. Thus, the next scheduled sailing is the January 10 Around the World Cruise, however subsequently it was announced the ship would re-enter service on March 22 from SIngapore on an altered world cruise.

Fire - three crew deaths (cruise ended) - Canceleation of next cruises

December 8 Norwegian Star
Norwegian Cruise Line
A poster at Cruise Critic reports: "at about 2.30pm (Nov 17) we watched the dock workers in Miami drop an entire cart of luggage into the water. They got some of it out by using long poles, but eventually they brought in a couple scuba divers to get down to the bottom and get them all. Muster drill got in the way of watching how many sunk to the bottom, but I did see they managed to bring up the cart itself. Ican't really say exactly how it happened as we weren't looking directly at them at that precise moment. We did however see the "oh crap!" look on their faces shortly after it happened. It looked like the guy driving the forklift put a full luggage cart down. That cart bumped the obviously top-heavy cart next to it, which then tumbled into the drink. The Star officer/security were out there taking photos and talking to the dockworkers shortly after it happened. There had to be maybe 15 or so cases that went in the water. Another poster writes: "after the mandatory safety drill, we returned to the cabin to find a message on the phone asking Aileen to call guest services. They explained there was a mishap with a luggage cart during loading and that her suitcase had fallen into the water and was recovered by the divers. She was instructed to meet house keeping staff on deck 4 to inventory all items in her suitcase. A list was made of every item. All clothing was either laundered or dry cleaned and returned to the stateroom closet on the afternoon of the second day. It was all pressed and hung on hangers. The dry suitcase and three pairs of dry shoes of showed up on the third day. Only her favorite pair of 12 year old tennis shoes showed any discoloration. I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism exhibited by the Star's guest service and housekeeping staff during this unfortunate incident that was not the fault of anyone left cleaning up the mess. Hotel Director Hugo Vanosmael's staff did a real good job trying to make it right for the passengers involved. From the facts I gathered on-board, 12 passengers were affected. Luggage falls off pier
December 8 Dawn Princess
Princess Cruises
New Zealand Herald reports about 200 cruise ship passengers have been confined to their cabins after the norovirus bug struck the Dawn Princess while on a trip around New Zealand. The ship, which was sailing around scenic Fiordland National Park, alerted local health authorities to the outbreak. It is now on its way to Australia. Dr Alistair Humphrey, Canterbury Medical Officer of Health said the ship alerted Wellington authorities to the issue late last week. That information was passed onto other public health units where the boat would dock. Dr Humphrey said when the ship later docked at Akaroa, the local doctor was alerted, but there was no evidence any passenger spread the virus from the ship to the mainland. It could take days before an infected person's symptoms were obvious. "Generally speaking [patients] are most infectious when they're symptomatic, which is why it's important to keep people isolated in their cabins..." NZTV reports a Dunedin-based tour operator says the crew of the Dawn Princess cruise liner failed to reveal the true extent of the norovirus outbreak which affected at least 200 passengers on-board. Speaking under a condition of anonymity, an onshore operator told ONE News that it was only when ship passengers talked about the quarantine style conditions that shore staff learned norovirus was on-board. Yahoo reports the number ill was 50% of the 1800 passengers. Illness
Deember 6 Oasis of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
A passenger wrote at 11:15PM: On board oasis of the sea and we returned to Fort Lauderdale for a passenger to get off ship due to sickness but still at port 2 hours later. Not sure why we are still at port but no one is really telling us anything. Another reader writes: My In-laws are on board the Oasis and reported that after returning unexpectedly back to ft lauderdale, the ship was met by six police cars and a hearse....and that a body was taken off the ship. Haven't seen nor read any statement from RCC regarding the otherwise unexpected return to port. Delay
Deember 6 Independence of the Seas
Royal Caribbean International
The Daily Mirror reportsvthe ship haas been operating on only two out its three propellers for much of the four years she spent sailing from Southampton, it has been revealed. A bearing failure on one of its three Azipod propulsion units left the 3,600-passenger vessel dependent on the remaining two pods – electric motors attached to the outside of the hull replacing conventional shaft-driven propellers. The failure – and the fact that it had only recently been repaired – was disclosed on the Facebook Cruise Lovers group. A contributor said: “Three years of going forward and back over the Bay of Biscay with only two pods is quite a feat.” Royal Caribbean spokeswoman Jo Briody confirmed the equipment failure on the 154,400 ton vessel. She said the propeller blades were removed to prevent further damage and as a result the ship was limited to 19.5 knots (22.5mph) instead of the design speed of 21.6 knots (25mph). “The removal did not cause any delays or missed ports,” she added. The dry dock repair took place in April 2013 - the ship had been with the failed Azipod since 2010. Propulsison problems
Deember 6 Fascination
Carnival Cruise Lines
NewsJax4 reports dense fog in the Jacksonville area has slowed commuters for several days and now cruise ship passengers are feeling the effects of the unusual weather. A dense fog advisory was lifted at 10 a.m. Saturday, but at noon the "Carnival Fascination" was still waiting to pull into port at the JAXPORT cruise terminal. The ship was scheduled to leave port at 8 a.m. After the fog lifted and an all-clear from the Coast Guard, the Carnival Fascination arrived to port around 2:30 p.m. "Once debarkation is completed for the current cruise, embarkation for the next voyage, a five-day Bahamas sailing, is expected to begin at around 4:30 pm. The next voyage will depart this evening with no expected impact on the itinerary," Carnival released in a statement Saturday. Fog delay
December 5 Diamond Princess
Princess Cruises
Western Australian reports concerns have been flagged about the lack of a designated cruise ship anchor point in Geographe Bay after Diamond Princess moored in the wrong location last Thursday. The Department of Parks and Wildlife admitted the ship did not anchor at the correct site because of a crew oversight, but said it did not come close to any reef. Recreational fishermen claim Diamond Princess moored above reef, potentially damaging the marine environment. "The cruise company apologised for not anchoring in the area suggested by Parks and Wildlife and indicated it was a result of an oversight by the crew," she said. "The company has assured the department it will take greater care in the future to follow advice in regards to anchoring in the bay." Dropped anchor in wrong place
December 3 Expedition
G Adventures
Cruise Critic reports the company has canceled an Antarctica cruise after an engine failed on its expedition cruise ship. The ship was berthed in Ushuaia, Argentina, when its portside engine failed unexpectedly on November 18, and G Adventures' engineers and the engine's manufacturers have been unable to fix the problem. The line made the decision to cancel the ship's next sailing, on December 7, after being told that it was unclear whether the repairs would be completed in time. Engine failure - cruise canceled
December 2 Disney Magic
Disney Cruise Line
Cruise Fever reports the ship briefly lost power and was dead in the water for a few minutes this evening off of the northern coast of Cuba as the ship was sailing towards Cozumel, Mexico. Pete Werner, a passenger who is currently on the Disney Magic, posted on his Facebook page shortly after 5:00 p.m. about the outage and that a “huge puff of black smoke seen from the front of the ship followed by power failure”. He followed this status update with another stating that power was fully restored and they were moving once again towards Cozumel. He also said that he heard the maintenance staff saying that this happened on the Wonder in Alaska. Loss of power

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