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Cruise Tourism Related Environmental Violations in Cayman Islands

LETTER FROM Cayman Islands National Trust

Thank you for your information regarding the discharge of oil from the tender Carib Hawk. I have forwarded the email to the Department of Environment as they are the enforcement arm of our marine laws. Discharge of this type of pollution into local waters can carry a fine of up to $2,000,000. Again, I thank you for your concern and hope the rest of your visit was more enjoyable. I will inform you of any developments regarding this issue.

LETTER TO Cayman Islands National Trust

I visited your colony yesterday, January 6, 2006, via the Explorer of the Seas cruise ship.  We were transported to shore via tender.

I am writing you because of the huge environmental disregard shown by the operators of the tender boat I was on (“Carib Hawk”).  I stood at the back of the boat during the trip and noticed an excessive amount of what looked to be oil being dumped into the ocean from the boat’s motor.  This is unacceptable and must not be allowed.  I talked to the captain of another boat about the matter and he told me that the Ministry of Environment had been in the area investigating a similar matter the day before, and also confirmed that the oil-dumping was not normal when I showed him the pictures I took through my digital camera.  (I’ve also attached those pictures to this e-mail.)