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The events listed have been reported in the public domain or to cruisejunkie by passengers or crew members onboard.  The list is by no means comprehensive.  For that reason it is necessary to be cautious in drawing conclusions from the potentially limited data.  Keep in mind that some companies may be more transparent than others about things that go wrong; conversely, some companies may be better at concealing events and thereby project an appearance that is inaccurate.  With that said, the following list is still interesting, as are the patterns when viewed separately by ship.

8.11.10 The Daily Breeze reports a seven-day Mexican Riviera cruise was sidelined today when an engine room caught fire in Mexico. The ship left Port of Long Beach on Sunday with 3,299 guests and 1,167 crew members. A fire was detected in the aft engine room at 6 a.m. Guests were told to move from their cabins to the Lido Deck, which is on the upper level and has outdoor space, she said. The ship was operating on emergency generators. The fire was extinguished by 9 a.m. but a reflash occurred. Smoke remains in the area and crew members were working on restarting one of the vessel's main generators in the forward engine room. Two guests and a crew member suffered panic attacks, but no one was physically injured. The ship is located approximately 55 miles west of Punta San Jacinto, Mexico. Sea conditions are calm and skies are clear. UPDATE: John Heald's blog reports: "given the ship’s speed and current position, we have decided to take the vessel to San Diego where it is expected to arrive late Thursday. Additionally, we are in the process of making all the necessary hotel and flight arrangements for our guests. If the ship is unable to maintain sufficient speed under tow, it is possible that we could revert to the previous plan and dock in Ensenada. Last night, the ship’s engineers were able to restore toilet service to most cabins and all public bathrooms, as well as cold running water. Currently several key hotel systems, including air conditioning, hot food service and telephones, are not available. The ship’s crew continues to actively work to restore other services. Guests are able to move about the ship and food and beverage service, along with some shipboard programming, including children’s activities and entertainment, are being provided." Update: The ship arrived in San Diego Friday at 8:30 AM. According to an article in Travel Weekly, "it was surprising that the fire disabled the ship’s electrical systems to such a degree. On most oceangoing large ships — but above all on a cruise ship, which has multiple generators — having one of [the generators] totally destroyed by fire or anything else should not affect its services in the least."There is a lot of redundancy there. This seems like a very poor design ... When just a switchboard is burned or damaged and even the main propulsion cannot work.... It should not happen. Imagine if the weather was really bad, with 100-foot waves and that ship in the middle of the ocean with no propulsive power." NOTE: The ship will return to service January 16, 2011. Make that February 20, 2011
13.10.10 John Heald's Blog reports a crew member was seen jumping overboard at 1AM. A search was undertaken, but he was not found.
Crew member overboard
18.2.10 At around 7:00 AM, ship's time, as we were coming into Mazatlan, and I was in the shower, the ship made a hard turn that caused the ship to list sharply.  The Splendor turned so hard that I had to hold on to the shower walls to stay upright and our cabin's cabinet drawers fell open and the closet doors slammed open and shut. Shortly after the event, I ventured into the hallways and found the forward elevators flooded with water running down the shafts.  The Aft Lido Dining area under the Rotisserie also had several inches of water flooding the area.  We turned so hard the pools and hot tubs had spilled thousands of gallons of water into the ship. That evening after we departed port the Captain came on the P.A. system and explained that we were going through heavy rain and rough seas that morning and that the ship's radar had missed some small yachts in front of the Splendor, and that last minute they spotted the boats by eye and had turned sharply to avoid a collision.  He said he made the announcement because many passenger thought the heavy rains had flooded the ship and that they felt the Splendor was not seaworthy.
Sharp turn causes flooding
17.12.09 The ship collided with the pier at Puerto Vallarta (see here for pics for damage to pier). According to a statement from Carnival, Yesterday morning, at approximately 7:40 a.m., while the Carnival Splendor was maneuvering in the Puerto Vallarta harbor, the ship’s stern struck the tender pier causing some damage to its stern and to that pier. All appropriate authorities were notified. The Carnival Splendor remained docked in Puerto Vallarta overnight while the repairs were completed. Unfortunately because of the delayed departure from Puerto Vallarta, today’s scheduled call at Matazlan has been cancelled. The vessel is now expected to depart Puerto Vallarta this afternoon at 3:30 p.m. and will proceed to its next scheduled port of call, Cabo San Lucas, tomorrow.
Collision with pier
25.11.09 Posters at Cruise Critic say the Carnival ship bumped the RCI ship while maneuvering in Puerto Vallarta, denting the front of Radiance of the Seas. Collision - "Bump"
8.11.09 From a passenger: Departure from Long Beach left 7  hours late... problem of some sort re a fire door not working and had to be repaired. Next day, ship had to change direction back towards san diego to allow a coast guard hellicoptor to pick up a seriously ill passenger. The ship managed to speed up and no major late  port arrivals took place. The captain kept us up to date on both situations and handled both situations in a professional manner. Delayed departure
27.9.09 From a passenger: Just came back from Carnival cruise on Splendor to Mexico Sept 20 to 27. While in Cabo san Lucas on Friday Sept 25, a storm came up and a person who was parasailing in the bay was thrown into some buildings when a sudden storm came up and the rope broke on the parasail.We were on  the  shore and heard that the person had been  a passenger on the ship, and that the person had died of injuries, and another person with them was injured after dropping into the bay. Nothing was said by any personnel after we returned to the boat. Some people who witnessed it were talking about it, but there was no information from the cruise authorities. I have no idea if the person was on the Splendor or if it was a rumor. All the tenders were suspended for about an hour, and the ship moved toward Los Arcos and put her back to the wind when the fiercest winds were blowing. When the storm was over the ship moved back to her regular spot and the tenders resumed. Pax in parasailing accident
12.5.09 The Daily Mail reports an email identifying passengers who opted out of a pre-paid tip to staff was found pinned to a wall in crew quarters by a passenger on a behind-the-scenes tour of the ship. The company claims this is not standard procedure. Non-tippers identified
5.3.09 Cruise Critic reports a 63 year old male passenger was reported missing by his wife while the ship was off the coast of Chile as part of an 18-day South America voyage. The guest’s wife notified shipboard personnel at 9:30 a.m. this morning after she found a note that suggested a planned suicide. The missing guest was last seen at approximately 4:30 a.m. The ship’s command immediately began a vessel-wide search for the individual and returned the vessel back to the area where the guest was last seen. All appropriate authorities were notified. The Carnival Splendor departed Santiago (Valparaiso), Chile, March 3 on an 18-day South America cruise that ends in San Francisco March 21.
Passenger overboard?
From a passenger: Just got back from the special 4 day sailing on Carnivals new SPLENDOR. Awesome ship, horrible engineering. Ship is WAY TOO TOP HEAVY!!  Ship rolls WAY TOO MUCH!!! Carnival is going to have to re-think having this ship on the west coasts Pacific Ocean, as it is usually rough. Encountered 40 knot wind and rough seas, and ship rolling had me rolling out of bed.  High winds made captain cancel call on GRAND TURK  and substituted NASSAU in lieu. No compensation offered.
Changed itinerary

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