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The events listed have been reported in the public domain or to cruisejunkie by passengers or crew members onboard.  The list is by no means comprehensive.  For that reason it is necessary to be cautious in drawing conclusions from the potentially limited data.  Keep in mind that some companies may be more transparent than others about things that go wrong; conversely, some companies may be better at concealing events and thereby project an appearance that is inaccurate.  With that said, the following list is still interesting, as are the patterns when viewed separately by ship.

10.4.09 From a passenger: I just returned from the 7-day cruise April 5-12, 2009. On the morning of April 10th, we were supposed to be docking at Progresso.  At about the time we should have been docking, the Captain made an announcement that we were not going Progresso because of excessive winds (30+ kn).  He told us that the long channel they had to navigate through would not be safe due to the winds.  He went on to say that the safety of the vessel and the passengers is most important and it wasn't worth the risk.  We were also told that we would now be spending 2 days at sea instead of the scheduled 1 day.  Although disappointing, it was nice to actually hear the Captain convey the news versus the cruise director.  We were then told that Carnival was going to give each passenger an on-board credit of $25.  Ten minutes later, we were told that the credit would only be $20 per person. About an hour later, the Captain made another announcement regarding his decision to skip Progresso.  He reiterated his safety concerns and happily informed us that we would be having an at-sea day and then we would spend Saturday, April 11th at Key West.  Eventually, a letter magically appeared in our stateroom telling us that there would not be any credits since we were now going to visit Key West and they had to pay dock fees, etc.  
Itinerary change
Skipped its port call at Roatan due to riots/unrest. Over the last few months there has been a steady escalation of civil unrest by inhabitants of Roatan due to major increases in electricity charges. In the last week, at least two cruise ships have diverted scheduled port visits as a direct result of the civil unrest currently making travel potentially unsafe. The UK Foreign Office has the unrest listed in their travel aware section. The US dept of State has no mentions of the problems. However, as per instruction from the UK Foreign Office, it is adviseable to avoid all large groups of people if visiting Roatan and do not be surprised if you are diverted to another port, such as Progresso, if Roatan is on your itinerary until the civil unrest ceases being a potential danger towards visitors.
Skipped port
The St. Thomas Source reports that passengers from the ship were on an open-air safari vehicle invovled in an accident in which 29 people were injured and sent to hospital. One person was airlifted to Miami; another was under observation when the article was written. 15 of the injured were released from hospital by 8PM. According to the article, at about 3PM a utility truck was returning from a job when its brakes started to malfunction. The truck hit the safari bus -- loaded with 22 passengers from the cruise ship -- from the back. The truck tipped over on its side, crushing a red pickup truck and hitting a smaller white vehicle. Our thoughts go out to those who were injured.
Accident Onshore
A passenger apparently fell overboard and was rescued alive.  According to passenger accounts, sometime around 19:30 ET there were a couple of blasts from the ships horn. "Around 19:50 I noticed the ship leaning to one side and people were asking why. I walked up to the 10th deck and was asked by a crew member to go to the other side of the ship. People were gathering on that deck and there were at least 20 crew members with radios. I asked what was going on and someone said they thought it was a man overboard. I went and got my husband and we went to the 11th deck just as the cruise director announced there was a passenger overboard and we were in search and rescue mode. She also said the coast guard was en route. We also saw a freight liner in the distance with a search light.  The ship had turned around and was almost stopped. From what we observed, around 9:00 pm, the Valor spotted the passenger and sent a life boat from the ship to retrieve him/her.  We saw the person swim toward the boat, a preserver being thrown to him/her and then the person was pulled on board the lifeboat. About 5 minutes later the announcement was made that the passenger was rescued by the Valor staff."  Some observed the man to have been intoxicated.
Fall overboard
From a passenger:  I just got back from sailing on the Carnival Valor.  The cruise set out on June 10th.  On Friday, June 15th we were in Costa Maya, Mexico.  We found out later that night we were making an emergency stop in Cozomel.  A 4 year old girl had a near drowning in Costa Maya and progressively got worse.  The boat stopped and a smaller boat came to pick her up on a stretcher.  I just want to remind parents to keep a closer eye on their kids while on vacations. Reminder to parents
A passenger getting off yesterday in St. Maarten never returned to the ship and wasn't seen until after a newspaper article appeared on March 7.  The 50-year-old woman had last been seen by her mother after they arrived in Phillipsburg and there was fear that something had happened.  As it turns out, she'd simply missed the boat.
Missing ashore?
Two American tourists (brothers aged 23 and 26) arrested in Belize City with 70 grams of cocaine before reboarding the ship on January 23rd plead guilty to charges of drug trafficking and paid fines of $10,000 each.  The two had been busted at 4:30 PM at the Tourist Village.  Based on information they had received, police approached the brothers and told them a search would be conducted on them.  While being escorted to the terminal, 4 bags containing cocaine fell from one brother's pants. He was found holding another 3 bags and the other brother was six bags.
Drug Bust
A 55-year-old woman died after getting "in difficulty" while snorkeling on an shore excursion at Grand Cayman.  According to the tour operator (as reported by Cay Compass News Online), "Somebody swum away from the boat and got a little too far, and they got tired before they got back to the boat."
Pax death on excursion
The ship made an uscheduled stop at Cozumel to let off a passenger who had a medical ermergency.  It was on its return from Costa Maya to Miami. on this seven day cruise, due back in Miami on Sunday.  The delay created by the stop was minor and will easily be made up. Diversion for Medical Emergency
5 - 12.6.05
Reported by a passenger: On June 7, the ship encountered mechanical problems which brought it to a complete stop between Nassau and St Thomas. Then on June 9, after leaving St Maarten, we went back to St Thomas and docked at approx 1:30am on June 10 to deliver a heart attack patient to a waiting ambulance. This delay caused us to sail back to Miami north of the Bahamas rather than south of the islands to make up for lost time. This caused a slightly rough ride in the Atlantic both ways.

Of the 3,300 guests on board, there were 550 children, and they were running loose, falling at the pools, and there was at least one case of defecation in a pool. Kids running down the halls at midnight, yelling. Darting through the shopping areas almost tripping older guests. Just a zoo because of the kids on board.
Propulsion and other problems
From a passenger:  In the Washington Dining Room at the 8:30 seating, after dinner during the dining staff entertainment, a supposedly drunken woman hopped on top of one of the pedestals that are used to hold trays and danced to the music, swaying.  She fell off and landed on top of a round table and everyone commented on how amazing it was that not even a glass was broken.  At that time, there were moans from a woman who had been unnoticed but was laying under the table, having been hit by the woman who fell.  The woman suffered a broken neck and has since had surgery.  (The husband of the woman who was hit has posted multiple times on begging for anyone who may have video or pictures of the incident.) Injury -- Request for witnesses
There were multiple reports that a passenger jumped from the bow of the ship at about 3AM, reportedly after losing $10,000 at the casino.  Crew observed the man going overboard and he was rescued about 45 minutes after the initial "man overboard" alert.  There was an ambulance on the pier when the ship arrived at St. Maarten; his party was apparently not allowed to remain on the ship. Passenger overboard
This one should go under "should of known better" or "Just plain stupid"  A young honeymoon couple was escorted off the ship (they were on our tender) with officials from the ship.  They had brought drugs on and the husband had some sort of overdose incident.  They left them in Belize, not sure if they were handed over to the Belize authorities or just left to their own devices. 
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