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Events at Sea by Carnival Victory

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The events listed have been reported in the public domain or to cruisejunkie by passengers or crew members onboard.  The list is by no means comprehensive.  For that reason it is necessary to be cautious in drawing conclusions from the potentially limited data.  Keep in mind that some companies may be more transparent than others about things that go wrong; conversely, some companies may be better at concealing events and thereby project an appearance that is inaccurate.  With that said, the following list is still interesting, as are the patterns when viewed separately by ship.

3.7.10 CBS News reports a 14-year-old girl was killed late Monday morning at a stop in St Thomas, Virgin Islands, when the tourist-packed safari bus on which she was riding was caught in the crossfire between what is believed to be warring gangs. One of the gunmen was also was killed, and another is on the loose. The shooting has caused the cruise line to cancel all tours to the popular Coki Beach area. Carnival said a second unidentified passenger was also sustained "minor injuries".
Pax killed ashore
15.2.10 The Daily Herald reports the ship cancelled its call at Sint Maarten on February 13th because of sea conditions. It attempted to berth alongside the pier but the ground swells proved to be too strong to allow safe berthing. Cruise passengers had to spend another day at sea.
Cancelled port call
8.9.09 Stabroek News reports six US passengers fwere detained by police in Antigua following an altercation with a taxi driver during the ship’s visit on Friday (September 4).The passengers were released today on bail pending a court hearing on Wednesday. The dispute arose when the passengers refused to pay the fare for a taxi tour because they felt they were being overcharged.The driver then took the group to a police station where a scuffle led to the alleged injury of two officers. The passengers face charges of malicious damage, assault and injuring the officers. Pax arrested ashore
14.5.09 Safety at Sea International Newsletter reports concerns over swine flu have impeded disembarkation in Barbados Wednesday, but the cruise line disputed a report that the ship had been quarantined. Barbados Port CEO Everton Walters said the ship had been quarantined and the cruise port had been closed. Carnival said a female crew member exhibiting flu-like symptoms was recently placed in isolation and upon the ship’s arrival in Barbados this morning, this information was provided to local authorities. Carnival said, “In response to the information, local authorities in Barbados are requiring that all guests disembarking the vessel there be given a screening questionnaire. The process is somewhat delaying debarkation. The ship will extend its port call in Barbados until 1930 to provide additional time in port.” The female crew member was quarantined shortly after the ship left Roseau, Dominica. See Jamaica Observer and The Dominican. Swine flu
The Antiguan Sun reports two guests were robbed. They reportedly took a taxi tour to Long Bay Beach. At about 4:20 p.m., just after they finished swimming and were preparing to return to the taxi, the man who they described as a Rastafarian allegedly demanded money from them and threatened to shoot them if they did not yield to his demand. The guests reportedly started to run to their waiting taxi and the male guests reportedly jumped through the driver’s window while screaming that he was being robbed. This did not deter the man as he allegedly followed them to the taxi and again demanded that they give him all their money or he was going to shoot them. He kept on making his demands although the driver tried talking to him. At this time, the tourists had no choice but to empty their pockets and give him the money they had in their possessions. After collecting the money, the alleged robber escaped through some nearby bushes. He was later arrested.
Robbery ashore
The ship set sail yesterday from New York on a seven-night cruise to New England and Canada has skipped today's port call in Boston to avoid the remnants of Hanna.
Skipped port call
From a passenger:  I was just on a five-night Canada Cruise (July 12-17, 2008). On Sunday night, July 13th we were at the 8:30 show in the Caribbean Lounge.  There were some "explosive" special effects throughout the show.  At the least I THINK it was the end...a spark ignited one of the speakers in the stage floor. It was smoking! After a few seconds a crew memeber came out from back-stage with a fire extinguisher and put it out. It continued to smoke even more. Evenutally, the lounge was cleared out.  The 10:30 show was delayed and the Midnight Comedy show was re-located due to the "fire".
CBS in Miami reports a woman alleges she was sexually assaulted on board the ship on  February 4, 2008. The married mother of three said she was in one of the ship's nightclubs when a man offered to buy her a drink. She declined the offer and said she was looking for her friend. A short time later, the man returned and said he saw her friend in another area of the nightclub. When the two walked to the other area, the section was closed and the man forced the woman into a room where he sexually assaulted her. The victim notified Carnival security who investigated the incident, along with the FBI. The suspect, who was a passenger, was identified in a photo line-up. The lawsuit alleges the sexual assault might have been prevented if there had been adequate security on the cruise ship.
Sexual Assault
A 44 year old man was reported missing by his wife. It is believed he fell overboard 40 miles northeast of Cozumel. A rescue crew from Clearwater's (Florida) Coast Guard Station are helping in the search. While the FBI says there was no foul play, family members disagree saying that man was not suicidal. He was apparently last seen in the ship's casino. Person missing
The Daily Times (Knoxville) reports on a 12 year old girl who was allegedly raped by a 23-year-old male passenger and left drunk, alone and semiconscious in a hallway at 1:30 a.m. on a cruise that began November 25, 2007.The girl had disappeared and was found on a search of the ship. According to the girl's grandmother, a 14-year-old girl on the ship was approached by the same 23-year-old male passenger and offered alcohol the day before the incident involving her granddaughter occurred. In that incident, the male passenger allegedly threatened to throw the 14-year-old girl's boyfriend overboard after the girl refused the man's offer to join him for drinks. Rape of Minor
(Pax on Pax)
A passenger has written to say that a crew member (a member of the entertainment staff) fell overboard this morning around 2:45AM. The ship reversed direction and he was rescued alive. He was taken to hospital when the ship returned to Miami, but he is not seriously injured (dehydration and hypothermia). The ship was on its way back to Miami from a seven day cruise of the Eastern Caribbean. This incident  has also been picked up on Cruise Critic.
Fall overboard
The ship struck a pier overhang while docking on the west side of Manhattan, closing down 12th Avenue near 56th Street and causing backups on the Henry Hudson Parkway.  There were no reported injuries.  The ship was completing a 4-day round-trip cruise to Saint John, New Brunswick and was supposed to disembark passengers at 8 a.m. It was unclear which pier the ship was actually docking at when the accident occured. Struck pier
2006 and earlier
From a passenger:  In Grand Cayman, we met up with passengers from Carnival Victory, who were told after they boarded their ship that they were not allowed to go to Cozumel.  They were infuriated when they found out that Conquest was allowed to go.  Missed port
Carnival was fined $65,000 and its ships were turned away from St. Thomas and San Juan because the company had not provided the US Coast Guard with documents listing names of passengers and crew. along with the ship's last five ports of call, per security requirements.  Two ships were delayed 4 hours until required documents could be provided and reviewed.  Carnival blames the problem on a computer glitch that has since been repaired.
Noncompliance with security requirements
First Coast News in Jacksonville, FL reported a Massachusetts couple were bitten by bed bugs while on a cruise in March -- they woke in the middle of the night to find "40, 50, 60 bugs just crawling all over the top half of the bed" and that their bathrobe was covered with the adult bugs.  Carnival Cruise Line acknowledged the bed bug infestation and says a previous guest brought them onboard.
Bed Bugs
Passengers were delayed in disembarking the ship when it arrived at Grand Cayman and was searched for a bomb. None was found.  The threat was traced to a passenger who was allegedly inebriated. She was taken into custody by authorities in the Cayman Islands and was eventually sent back to the US.
Ship experienced a 5 degree tilt when a stabilizer malfunctioned.  No injuries. Unexpected list (tilt)
The ship collided with a pier (her stern brushed the end of the opposite pier and crushed a portion of concrete platform) as it was leaving New York.
Collision with pier

Illness Outbreaks at Sea by Carnival Victory

Reported Illness Outbreaks
Many reports have been received from passengers on the March 26 - April 2 cruise (Eastern Caribbean from Miami) indicating a gastrointestinal illness outbreak.  One passenger was told by the ship's infirmary that over 200 people had been treated for the Norwalk virus by day 5.  There have been no reports yet by the CDC.

Illness outbreaks by ship: