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The events listed have been reported in the public domain or to cruisejunkie by passengers or crew members onboard.  The list is by no means comprehensive.  For that reason it is necessary to be cautious in drawing conclusions from the potentially limited data.  Keep in mind that some companies may be more transparent than others about things that go wrong; conversely, some companies may be better at concealing events and thereby project an appearance that is inaccurate.  With that said, the following list is still interesting, as are the patterns when viewed separately by ship.

26.4.10 According to 760 AM radio, a spokesperson for Carnival Cruise Lines said an unidentified man died on board the ship during a three-day excursion to Ensenada. The man reportedly died of natural causes. The Elation pulled into San Diego at about 7 a.m. Monday, but passengers were not allowed to leave the ship for about three hours during an investigation. Another cruise set to disembark Monday was expected to leave on schedule.
Delayed disembarkation
16.7.09 News 6 in San Diego reports FBI agents are aboard the ship investigating the apparent murder of a 55-year-old woman. The ship was on the last leg of the cruise Tuesday in Cabo San Lucas when a domestic dispute broke out between a husband and wife, according to the FBI.
Murder (Domestic violence)
2008 and earlier
A San Diego grocer filed suit against a fellow passenger following an incident where the plaintiff was allegedly pushed down a flight of stairs several hours after sailing from San Diego.  The defendant was reported to have been confined to his room for the remainder of the five-day cruise to the Mexican Riviera from San Diego.
Pax on pax assault
Four passengers were injured when a welded piece of the gangway gave way around 12:30 while passengers were embarking at Port Canaveral for a 5 day cruise to Turks and Caicos.  Safety ropes kept the gangway from falling more than a foot, but the jolt was enought to throw four people sprwling onto the gangway.  Three were treated and released from hospital.  None of the injured proceeded with the cruise.
Gangway Slips / Injuries
The Houston Chronicle reports that a 40-year old woman travelling with her husband and three teenaged children went missing off the Caribbean coast of Mexico at 11 AM.   The ship conducted a full search where she was presumed to have gone overboard but was not successful in finding her.   Though not explicitly stated, news reports imply she committed suicide.  Unrelated is that the ship lost power and was adrift for an hour around mid-day on Saturday (June 25).

Loss of Power
A 35 year old woman went missing following a fight with her husband.  She was noticed missing the next morning by her husband when he woke in the morning. 
Cruise cancelled because of problems with the propulsion system that limited the ship's speed (Cabo San Lucas skipped on October 20th cruise).  Sent to drydock in San Francisco and expected to return to service for next scheduled cruise.  
Problems with propulsion system
Two cruises cancelled (Oct 29 and Nov 5) in order to perform preventative maintenance on the ship's Azipod propulsion systems.
A 42 year old male passenger went overboard and missing when the ship was off the coast of Mexico.
Passenger overboard

Illness Outbreaks at Sea by Elation


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