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The events listed have been reported in the public domain or to cruisejunkie by passengers or crew members onboard.  The list is by no means comprehensive.  For that reason it is necessary to be cautious in drawing conclusions from the potentially limited data.  Keep in mind that some companies may be more transparent than others about things that go wrong; conversely, some companies may be better at concealing events and thereby project an appearance that is inaccurate.  With that said, the following list is still interesting, as are the patterns when viewed separately by ship.

13.7.10 From a passenger: On July 9, 2010 in the afternoon while still docked in freeport, bahamas, my husband and I heard a frantic voice over the intercom system announce "Bright star sports deck" ... later on that night the captain announced there had been an unfortunate accident and a crew member died. The captain said his name was Adam but i could not understand his last name. I tried to ask the our waiter and a few other crew members but they wouldn't tell us what happened... wish i knew more information!!
Crew death
21.1.10 The Press Register reports today's departure was delayed because of heavy fog in the Port of Mobile and surrounding areas. The ship will get under way as soon as fog lifts sufficiently to tow the ship to the Gulf of Mexico -- it could be later tonight, and it could be in the morning. Update from Passenger: We were able to get undeway about 11 PM as the fog broke somewhat. Arrived three hours late in Cozumel two days later, but extended stay by two hours to make up. On the way back, 200 miles from Mobile, passenger with illness along with family members evacuated by helicopter from ship to hospital in Mobile. The previous cruise by the way was two-three hours late arriving back in Mobile and this caused a massive traffice jam for miles at the terminal parking, and delayed the attempted departure by two hours, which was then further delayed due to fog as previously mentioned. The City of Mobile (who handles the parking deck/terminal) is not well equipped to handle traffice at the cruise terminal when situations such as this occur, as the parking garage can only barely hold one ship's worth of vehicles. Returning cruise did arrive back in Mobile on time.
Fog delay
14.12.09 The ship was unable to dock in Mobile today to disembark cruise passengers from a four-night cruise and embark new guests on a five-night sailing. The ship will now arrive, at the earliest, tomorrow morning. Those booked on the upcoming cruise (now four nights rather than five) may cancel for a future cruise credit in the amount of the fare paid. Those sailing will receive a one-day prorated refund of the fare paid, and a $20 per-person onboard credit as a refund of the government fees for the port of Calica, which has been canceled. UPDATE: The ship arrived and departed Tuesday morning. Delayed departure / itinerary change
10.11.09 WHNT-TV (Mobile) reports the ship's inaugural cruise from Mobile has been delayed by one day due to Tropical Storm Ida. The ship's first cruise was supposed to depart Tuesday, but the cruise line announced that the cruise is being delayed until Wednesday. It will be shortened from six days to five days. Passengers can cancel and receive a full refund, or they can receive a prorated refund of the fare paid for the six-day cruise. The Alabama Cruise Terminal reports that that the Fantasy should arrive in port late Tuesday or early Wednesday. The Fantasy is replacing a smaller ship, the Holiday, which finished its last cruise Saturday. Delayed cruise
25.5.09 WWL News reports the Coast Guard is searching for an 18 year old man who fell overboard (some sources say he jumped) from a cruise ship Sunday at around 9:45 p.m., about 150 miles southwest of Tampa. The ship left port in New Orleans and was en-route to Key West when the incident occurred. A search-and-rescue mission was launched by the Coast Guard out of Miami, but the man has not been found. Passenger overboard
A poster at Cruise Addicts writes at 9:51PM: Hi I am on carnival fantasy the ship broke down in miss. River. Severe list. We are drifting. Chairs falling over. Ship is turn we back toward New Orleans . Sorry I type bad am on my iphone. The anchor is now out and all outside lights on toward the river. He reports at 12:05AM that tugs arrived to assist the ship. The ship had just left New Orleans for a Western Caribbean cruise. UPDATE: Carnival reports there was a minor technical glitch a few hours after the Carnival Fantasy's departure as the ship was sailing down the Mississippi River.  The problem was quickly investigated and fixed. The ship resumed sailing and will arrive in Progreso on Wednesday as scheduled.
Dead in the water
A passenger writes: Today we got evacuated from the cabin and made to go to the Lido Deck while they put out either a fire in the crew area or something started by a welder. This ship is not ready to be on the sea y'all. Really. We had to stay up there for about four hours. At least that was better than the ones that were ashore in Cozumel and could not reboard for that time. Fun fun fun.  Another Passenger posted the following from a letter sent to pax after the incident: Our crew was performing a maintenance function on one of the lower decks. The work involved the cutting of a large pipe and during this procedure, residue within the pipe became overheated. This created a significant amount of smoke which then traveled to areas on several higher decks. There was no fire associated with this incident and the crew quickly controlled the source of the smoke. As a safety precaution, we advised all guests to report to the open deck areas and we temporarily limited access to the ship via the gangway. We then made a full assessment of the incident to be sure that there was no safety concerns. After a complete evaluation, we confirmed that this situation was under control and there were no safety issues. Guests were then advised that they no longer needed to remain on the open decks and gangway access was re-opened.
Carnival has announced that the cruise scheduled to end Monday (August 4) will disembark/embark passengers at Mobile instead of New Orleans because of uncertainty around the Missisippi River following the opil spil two weeks ago. UPDATE August 6: Carnival announced that all sailings through August will leave from Mobile, citing fears that lingering delays from a Mississippi River oil spill would throw off sailing schedules from New Orleans, the normal port. Guests currently on the ship and those scheduled to board for sailings Saturday and Aug. 14 will be bused to Mobile and back to New Orleans for free. For the four sailings after that, only guests flying to New Orleans will get free transportation to and from Mobile. Other passengers will be told to drive to Mobile. De/Embarkation port change
The ship, scheduled to return passengers to New Orleans from a five-day trip to Mexico will instead bring travelers to Mobile.  Uncertainty about whether the Mississippi River would remain open to marine traffic spurred Carnival to change its plans to arrive in New Orleans.
De/Embarkation port change
Carnival is exploring contingency plans after an early morning accident between a tanker and a barge closed a 47-mile stretch of the nation's major waterway, including the Port of New Orleans.  The closure is likely to go on for days while remediation teams rush to clean the heavy slick of tar that is drifting southward. The Fantasy is scheduled to arrive/depart from New Orleans July 26. UPDATE: The current voyage of the Carnival Fantasy will end in Mobile, Ala., instead of its regular homeport of New Orleans. Disembarking guests will be provided transportation back to the Port of New Orleans or the New Orleans airport. The next voyage will also depart from Mobile.  Carnival will provide motorcoach transportation from New Orleans' Erato Street cruise terminal to Mobile.
Waterway closure
A 77 year old man from Hattiesburg, MS was discovered missing shortly after the ship docked at New Orleans at 4AM at the end of a 5 day cruise to Cozumel and Progresso.The man's room, which included a private balcony, was reported by the cruise line to have been locked from the inside and all of his belongings were left in his cabin. He had last been seen the previous evening at around 7PM when the ship was 28 miles from shore. The Coast Guard was notified at 10AM and a search undertaken of coastal waters. UPDATE:  The Hattiesburg American  reports the search was called off after a suicide note indicating the man was in poor health was found in his room.
Person missing
A barge struck the ship on the Mississippi River near New Orleans, leaving a 30 foot gash (about 5 feet above the waterline) in its hull and forcing cancellation of the five day cruise that followed.  There were no injuries and no reports of pollution.  Passengers on the cancelled cruise received a full refund and a 25% discount on a future cruise of 3, 4, or 5 days.  (See New Orleans Times-Picayune)
An 18 year old male was rescued by a Coast Guard Helicoptor while the ship was 250 miles west of Clearwater Beach (Florida).  The teenager suffered head trauma when he fell from the ship's mast to the deck and landed on his head.  He was last reported in stable condition.  [Med Evacs are not normally reported, however this case relates to an injury suffered onboard.]
Med Evaced Injury
2006 and earlier
Because of continuing problems with the Sensation's propulsion, it has been reported that it will switch itineraries with the Fantasy on April 6.   Both operate out of Port Canaveral.
Ship Switch
A Picasso etching ("Petite Infante Accroupie et Courtisan") valued at $12,000 was cut from its frame in the early hours of the morning.  It was displayed in front of the casino.
A 35 year old man fell over the aft railing from the outdoor restaurant and lost at sea.  Witness accounts conflict as to whether he was standing or sitting on a table when he lost his balance and fell over the railing.
Passenger overboard

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