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Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited Companies -- Environmental Events and Fines

Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises (bolded)


Ship, Cruise Line
Explanation of Occurence
October 2009 Serenade of the Seas, Royal Caribbean International
The ship was cited for violating Alaska Wastewater Quality Standards in August. On August 6, the ship's effluent exceeded the allowable level of zinc.
Pending Wastewater violation
February 2009 Rhapsody of the Seas & Serenade of the Seas, RCI
The Juneau Empire reports the ships were each cited for one air quality violation in Alaska during the 2008 cruise season.
Pending Air emissions
February 2009 Mercury & Millennium, Celebrity Cruises
The Juneau Empire reports the ships have been cited for air quality violations in Alaska during the 2008 cruise season. Mercury had 1 violation; Millennium had 2.
Pending Air emissions
September 2008
Vision of the Seas & Serenade of the Seas, RCI
The Juenau Empire reports the two ships violated visible air emissions standards last year (2007), July 1 and August 9 respectively. Royal Caribbean may be liable for criminal or civil penalties. Past enforcement cases have cost cruise lines $27,500 per violation. The state's air quality standards  are designed to keep people from breathing harmful sulfur and nitrogen compounds and particulate matter.
Air emissions
July 2008
Rhapsody of the Seas, RCI
The Assocated Press reports Royal Caribbean Cruises says it mistakenly broke state law in discharging about 20,000 gallons of wastewater into Chatham Strait in Southeast Alaska. Crew members mistakenly discharged gray water, wastewater from cabin showers and sinks, on June 10. The error was not discovered until a week later. The ship's captain and environmental officer were apparently suspended while a full investigation is conducted.
Illegal discharge of wastewater
November  2006
Mercury, Celebrity Cruises
The Seattle Times reports today that Celebrity Cruises faces a fine for the Mercury dumping 500,000 gallons of untreated wastewater into Puget Sound.  Though it initially claimed it hadn't dumped, shipboard documents contradicted the company's claim.  The dumping happended 10 times over nine days in September and October 2005.
Untreated Wastewater
August 2006
Summit, Celebrity Cruises
The ship pulled into Seward with a dead humpback whale on its bow.  The whale was spotted by longshoremen after the vessel tied up.  A necropsy is scheduled to determine whether the whale was alive or dead when it was struck.
Whale strike
January 2006 Monarch of the Seas, Royal Caribbean International
A US Coast Guard blog reports the ship, while underway to drydock in San Fransico emptied tanks to sea, against Marpol and Royal Caribbeans SQM environmental policy. Tank concern was DD11,used as fixed ballast, contained tons of sediment,chemicals,and bacterias ..the tank had been the source of an accident in San Pedro Sept. 2nd. 2005. Methane gas accident, 3 casualties. Probobly cause of the crime, was to save money and time in Drydock where cleaningwork was scheduled. According to ships stability manual, DD11 was not to be emptied at sea, due to negative stability would occour. Ship had approx. 1000 people onboard, crew and contractors. The ballast repport sendt to USCG does not reflect correct status, as the tank was emptied just before DD.and was free of liquids when entering drydock. Ship was given gas free cerificate by the yard, although over 100ppm methane and H2S was measured when in work was cancelled due to that fact. The most serious action was putting the cruiseship in negative stability jepardizing all lives onboard, in addition to the environmental crime by discharging the tank inside legal borders. This was reported to CEO Richard Fain early may 2006, by mail from Norway, but no action was taken, and it was not reported to USCG.
January 2006
Explorer of the Seas, RCI
From a passenger (in letter to Cayman Islands officials):
I visited Grand Cayman on the Explorer of the Seas and was transported to shore via a locally operated tender.  I write because of the huge environmental disregard shown by the tender I was on (“Carib Hawk”).  I stood at the back of the boat during the trip and noticed an excessive amount of what looked to be oil being dumped into the ocean from the boat’s motor.  This is unacceptable and must not be allowed.  I talked to the captain of another boat about the matter and he told me that the Ministry of Environment had been in the area investigating a similar matter the day before, and also confirmed that the oil-dumping was not normal when I showed him the pictures I took through my digital cameraThe pictures may be viewed here.
None Oil discharge
September 2005
Jewel of the Seas, RCI
A 20-metre  was found impaled on the bow of the Jewel of the Seas when it arrived in Saint John, NB.  The ship's crew spotted the finback whale about the same time as officers in a small utility boat who had been dispatched to help tie up the ship, said Bruce Fiander of the coast guard's traffic operations centre.
Collision with whale
December 2003
Legend of the Seas, Radiance of the Seas, RCI
The Honolulu Advertiser reported there had been at least 12 violations of Hawai'i's MOU with the cruise industry in the first year. 
Violation of MOU
December 2001
Zenith, Celebrity Cruises
A compliance audit under the plea agreement between Royal Caribbean and the US Department of Justice found that one 55-gallojn drum of hazardous waste generated by the print shop was landed at Tampa as non-hazardous waste.
Improper disposal of hazardous waste
June 2001
Rhapsody of the Seas, Royal Caribbean International
Discharged 200 gallons of graywater into Juneau harbour.
(up to $25,000 is allowed)
Graywater discharge
June 2001 Mercury, Celebrity Cruises
Discharged treated wastewater at Juneau without required permits. Tests of the wastewater indicated that it was more acidic than permitted for discharging within a mile of shore.
(up to $25,000 is allowed)
Wastewater discharge
Summer 2000
Celebrity Cruises cited for violating Alaska's state smoke-opacity standards when they were docked in Juneau between mid-July and mid-August
$55,000 - suspended
Air pollution
January 2000
Plea Agreement
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
State of Alaska charged RCCL in August 1999 for seven counts of violating state laws governing oil and hazardous waste disposal.  In January 2000, RCCL pled guilty to dumping toxic chemicals (including dry-cleaning fluid) and oil-contaminated water into the state's waters.
$3.5 million
Discharge of toxic chemicals, oil discharge
Summer 1999
Celebrity Cruises charged by the Environmental Protection Agency for air pollution violations in the waters of Juneau, Seward and Glacier Bay
Air pollution
July 1999
Plea Agreement
Grandeur of the Seas, Majesty of the Seas, Monarch of the Seas, Nordic Empress, Nordic Prince, Song of America, Song of Norway, Sovereign of the Seas, Sun Viking, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
The company pled guilty in six jurisdictions to charges of fleet wide practices of discharging oil-contaminated waste, regularly and routinely discharging without a permit wastewater contaminated by pollutants through its ships' gray water systems, and making false material statements to the Coast Guard.  These practices occurred fleet wide into 1995 and occurred on one ship as late as 1998.  Among the violations supporting this guilty plea were repeated oil discharges from the Nordic Prince into the waters of Alaska's Inside Passage during 1994.  Jurisdictions:
Miami ($3 million), New York City ($3 million), Los Angeles ($3 million), Anchorage ($6.5 million), Puerto Rico ($1 million), US Virgin Islands ($1.5 million)
$18 million
($3.5 million designated for the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and $2.5 million to the National Park Foundation)

Oil discharge, discharge of hazardous waste,  falsifying records
June 1998
Plea Agreement

Sovereign of the Seas, Monarch of the Seas, Song of America, Nordic Prince, Nordic Empress, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd
After Sovereign of the Seas was found discharging oily bilge waste approximately 8-12 miles from San Juan Harbour, PR on October 25, 1994, an investigation  found that the ship's engineers routinely discharged oily waste overboard instead of processing it through the ship's oily water separator.  In addition, employees on all five ships falsified oil record books and made false statements to the Coast Guard to conceal illegal discharge practices. 
$8 million
($1 million designated to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Oil discharge, falsifying records
June 1998
Plea Agreement
Nordic Empress, Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd
Ship observed and filmed by Coast Guard aircraft as it discharged oil while en route to Miami, FL.  The company pled guilty to the willful presentation of a false oil record book for the ship during a US Coast Guard Investigation.  In addition, investigations revealed that the ship had been fitted with a bypass pipe allowing employees to discharge bilge waste from the ship without first processing it through an oily water separator
$1 million
Oil discharge, falsifying records
December 1997
Nordic Empress, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
1 gallon of waste oil spilled into San Juan Harbour, PR
Oil spill
September 1996

Viking Serenade, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
5 gallons of hydraulic fluid spilled into San Pedro Bay, CA
Hydraulic fluid spill
September 1996
Song of Norway, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
One half pint of oil based paint spilled into Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach
Paint spill
March 1996
Meridian, Celebrity Cruises
Food waste mixed with garbage discharged into Crown Bay, St. Thomas, USVI
Food and garbage
July 1995
Legend of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
10 gallons of oily bilge water discharged into Gastineau Channel, AK
Oil discharge
June 1995
Majesty of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
1 gallon of bilge oil discharged into Intracoastal Waterway, FL when a valve was left open
Oil discharge
November 1994
Britanis, Celebrity Cruises
Plastics and garbage discharged into water (reported by passengers)
Referred to flag state
Plastic & garbage
October 1994
Sovereign of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Discharged oily bilge water 8-12 miles from San Juan Harbour, PR
Oil discharge
September 1994
Nordic Prince, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Unknown quantity of oil discharged into Gastineau Channel, AK
Oil discharge
April 1993
Majesty of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Discharged waste into harbour at Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island containing an unacceptably high level of bacteria harmful to marine life.
February 1993
Nordic Empress, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
7-nautical mile oil slick left by ship between Bimini, Bahamas and South Florida coast (videotaped by Coast Guard)
Referred to flag state
Oil discharge
Nordic Prince, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Leaves a 450 meter (1500 foot) oil spill in St. George's Harbour, Bermuda
Oil discharge