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The events listed have been reported in the public domain or to cruisejunkie by passengers or crew members onboard.  The list is by no means comprehensive.  For that reason it is necessary to be cautious in drawing conclusions from the potentially limited data.  Keep in mind that some companies may be more transparent than others about things that go wrong; conversely, some companies may be better at concealing events and thereby project an appearance that is inaccurate.  With that said, the following list is still interesting, as are the patterns when viewed separately by ship.

18.10.10 A reader writes: My parents just returned Saturday on the Carnival Glory.  My mom has been telling me stories of all the sick passengers and crew.  I also saw a posting on the Carnival forums.  She said almost everyone they spoke with had family members sick.  Crew staffing was way down.  She said the line at the infirmary was long, and they were giving free iv’s, anti-nausea, and were quarantining people to their rooms. Very interested to see how the cruise headed out this week goes – I am sure the boarding passengers are not aware.
1.9.10 The Chronicle Herald reports a crewman today was arrested and charged with smuggling child pornography into the country when he debarked in Halifax. The assistant room steward allegedly had child pornography on a laptop computer. Canada Border Services Agency officers were inspecting crew members getting off the ship at Pier 22 when they nabbed the 26-year-old. He was arraigned in Halifax provincial court late in the afternoon on a Customs Act charge. Judge Bill Digby remanded Putra to the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Dartmouth until Friday, when he'll back in court. This is the second cruise ship employee to be charged with having child pornography so far this year in Halifax. In May, a Filipino who was an assistant waiter on the Costa Atlantica was sentenced to four months in jail for possession and importation (see May 13 below).
Child pornography siezed
14.10.09 The Tribune (Nassau) reports eleven tourists from a cruise ship were on a taxi cab tour of the Nassau's historic sites when their pleasant visit turned to terror as they viewed the 66 steps. Two masked men approached on foot. One threatened the group with a handgun while the other stole cash and personal items from the visitors at around 11am. It was the first robbery in the area this year according to Superintendent Elsworth Moss, and taxi drivers say it happened because there were no police officers securing the site as usual. A taxi driver told The Tribune: "I am shocked it happened because usually the Commissioner of Police has a police presence there." The taxi drivers are very upset the robbery took place because their concern is the damaging effect it will have after the group returned to the ship and complained about it. "We don't like the fact that it will have such a tremendous impact on tourism." Like many visitors to Nassau, the group had been picked up from the port at Prince Charles Wharf downtown for a taxi tour of Fort Charlotte, Fort Fincastle, the watertower and the Queen's Staircase when they were robbed. For more info see a followup story in The Tribune. Robbery ashore
A passenger died during a cave tubing excursion in Belize. The apparent cause of death is drowning. According to interviews conducted by Channel 5 Belize, the Caves Branch River in Belize was running higher than usual, causing the same tour to be canceled just a few days earlier and other tours, such as those run by Jaguar Paw Jungle Resort, to be canceled today; however, Bel-Cruise -- Carnival's shore excursion provider -- chose to run its cave tubing excursion, with over 300 cruise ship passengers participating. According to a description by the 52 year old woman's husband, toward the end of the tour, strong currents pushed the couple toward the cave walls where they were sucked beneath the water. The husband was rescued, but his wife could not be reached in time. Carnival has suspended all future sales of the excursion at this time and an investigation into the accident is underway. See Cruise Critic for more information. UPDATE: WFTV subsequently reported that another passenger had complained to Carnival two years earlier that te shore excursion was unsafe after she found herself in raging rapids and pinned under water as tubes piled on top of each other. All the while, she said the two guides responsible for a group of almost 100 tourists were nowhere in sight. "It was up to my fellow passengers to rescue me," she said.  SEE ALSO September 18.
Death on shore excursion
NBC6 in Miami and Coast Guard News report that a 46 year old Indian crew member failed to show up for work at 6:30 AM and is presumed missing at sea. The crew searched the ship and reviewed security tapes before notifying the Coast Guard around 12:30 PM. The COast Guard search was unsuccessful. The ship was en route to Nassau, the last stop on a seven day cruise embarking at Port Canaveral and that included Belize City and Cozumel.
Person missing
Passengers on the seven day cruise ending today at Port Canaveral indicate the ship was forced to return to Port Canaveral, less than six hours after departure, to med-evac a 16-year-old passenger who had been injured diving headfirst into one of the pools.  A passenger also wrote that during the day at sea on the way back (3rd of August) the ship came awfully close to Cuba- so close that you could make out the shoreline in the distance and they sent out 3 boats to patrol the border.  Also on the way back the ship appeared to be sailing at reduced speed and there was shaking and it was very rough despite the seas being calm. The ship skipped Nassau (the last port of call -- August 3).  Missed port
?Engine problems?
A passenger on the 14 - 21 April cruise writes that there was an outbreak of illness of unknown size -- In my family alone five us came down sick.  This happened within hours of the first person getting sick ... I tried to find out info and was offered nothing but a "politician's answers."  They would say things such as rough seas, etc.  We all had to fill out CDC forms and were quarantined to our cabin the rest of the  trip.  We also came across about 6 others that had this same experience.  The passenger also writes: It also bothered me that the female dancers came out with nothing but a GO-string going up their backsides.  We were so offended that we got up an left the show.  The really crazy thing is that during "Camp Carnival" that particular night, they were going to take our children to this show. We felt this was very inappropriate on the ships behalf considering we had 7 and 9 year old boys, and and 7 year old girls.  We obviously chose to pick our children up early that night. In Poor Taste?
The Baltimore Sun reports that Naval Academy midshipmen aboard the 10 - 17 March cruise demonstrated behaviour that was misguided/immature, but not criminal.  According to a passenger, "eight to 10 male midshipmen groped women, offered to buy alcohol for teenagers and displayed "lewd" behavior while wearing bikini swim trunks and cowboy boots."  The newspaper  includes the following quote:  "I was 'felt up' by one of the very drunk men and I was given the misfortune of watching them grab and disrespect every woman they could get close to as well as seeing them offer the underage [15- and 17-year-old] girls at our table alcohol ... I cannot tell you strongly enough how EMBARRASSED these "gentlemen" made me feel to be an American. I can only imagine what the foreigners on our ship and in port thought of us."
Sexual misconduct
A 35 year old man was rescued approximately eight hours after jumping or falling overboard from the ship when it was 30 miles east of Fort Lauderdale.  A witness said that the man, who was intoxicated, ran through a window and then fell 60 feet into the ocean -- it is not clear whether the window was open at the time.  The ship was en route to Nassau and will arrive slightly behind schedule.
Person Overboard
Rescued Alive
2006 and earlier
A 30-year-old muscian was found deceased in his cabin.  There were no signs of foul play and the death is presumed to be from natural causes.  See the report in Florida Today.
Death onboard
Carnival was fined $65,000 and its ships were turned away from St. Thomas and San Juan because the company had not provided the US Coast Guard with documents listing names of passengers and crew. along with the ship's last five ports of call, per security requirements.  Two ships were delayed 4 hours until required documents could be provided and reviewed.  Carnival blames the problem on a computer glitch that has since been repaired.
Noncompliance with security requirements
19 - 26.2.05
From a passenger:
I was on the Carnival Glory on its 2/19 cruise to what was to be the Eastern Caribbean. When in Nassau, 2/20 the Cruise Director announced the ship had 'Engine Problems' and we couldn't make it to the Virgin Islands. So we spent the next 6 days off the coast of Florida.
Engine problems / Canceled port calls
Due to dredging operations in Key West, Forida the itinerary will substitute Costa Maya, Mexico for Key West in May through October.

Illness Outbreaks at Sea by Carnival Glory
23.10.10 The CDC reports that 113 of 3003 passengers (3.76%) and 20 of 1169 crew (1.71%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness. The ship arrived at New York City on October 16th from a 7 day cruise.
A passenger on the 14 - 21 April cruise writes that there was an outbreak of illness of unknown size -- In my family alone five us came down sick.  This happened within hours of the first person getting sick ... I tried to find out info and was offered nothing but a "politician's answers."  They would say things such as rough seas, etc.  We all had to fill out CDC forms and were quarantined to our cabin the rest of the  trip.  We also came across about 6 others that had this same experience.

Illness outbreaks by ship: