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Safety Watch

Passenger-Documented Safety Issues

This page is devoted to issues raised by readers with regard to cruise ship safety.  If you are onboard a ship and observe problems related to passenger safety or security, and wish others to be alerted, please send (by clicking here) a  description of your concern and (if possible) photos of the problem. 

July 2009 -- Freedom of the Seas -- A passenger has his pocket knife (measuring less than 3 inches) confiscated, despite it being within limits stated in pre-boarding information. He points out the inconsistency between having 6-inch serrateed steak knives in the dining room and yet confiscating a dull pocket knife. Click here for a copy of the letter the passenger sent to Royal Caribbean International.

April 2006 -- Sensation -- A monther finds her just-turned 18 year old daughter on her third drink at the bar.  Click here for details.

March 2006 (updated June 2006) -- Carnival Triumph -- A passenger wrote indicating that a fire exit had been blocked by the photographer's display and that raising the issue to shipboard management didn't correct the situation. Click here for details and photos.

February 2006 -- Grand Princess  -- Following the ship's severe list, many concerns were raised about the fact that televisions and other heavy items in cabins were not bolted down and went flying when the ship suddenly turned.  This is a problem that is not unique to the Grand Princess.  More information here.

April 2005 -- Brilliance of the Seas -- Passenger suffered an injury that appeared to be related to a safety lapse -- the cruise line didn't deal with it to the passenger's satisfaction (and they chose not to pursue a lawsuit).  See here for more information.