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A Page of Information For and From Crew Members

I receive many notes and much information from crew members onboard cruise ships.  This page will provide links to those messages that have information which may be useful and interesting to current crew members, those looking to work on cruise ships, and those who want to see things from a crew member's perspective.

How to Prepare Yourself for Working on a Cruise Ship, December 2013

My Dream Is Shattered and My Attacker Goes Free -- Sexual Assault on NCL America, January 2009

The Romance of the Cruise Ship Work, Reproduced with permission from, July 2008

Another View of Life as a Cruise Ship Worker (or, You're Not Being Paid to Care),
Received June 2008

Worker reports being sexually harrassed and is fired -- a must read,
  Received April 2007

Worker's Experience Following an Onboard Injury, received January 2007
PDF version   MSWORD version
"Story About  My Wife and her Injury on Cruising Ship"  (Posted on request and as a service to the crew member)    

$3.384 Million Verdict in Crewmember's Case Against Royal Caribbean, May 2006

Story from a former "Customer Service Representative," Cruise West, April 2006

Crew members jump ship (Grand Princess) -- Remaining Crew Members Suffer, April 2006

Letter from a Spa Manager, Carita Spa of Paris, Radisson Seven Seas Cruise, January 2006

Turned Down Job as Purser on Carnival Cruise Line -- Was it the Right Decision, January 2006

Editorial by Officer with Norwegian Cruise Line, September 2005 -- The Shame of the American Maritime Unions: The Untold Story

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